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  1. Hey now Rev can ping pong Ventari Shield and pretend their Jalis floor is helping the overstacked FB stability!
  2. Reinforced Potency: (PvE only) Bonus damage per boon increased from 1% to 1.5%. Time to press 1 on power Herald again boys, why would you buff actual active skills?
  3. I'm sure increasing the damage on literally everything won't have any repurcussions. Nice to see Herald shield will still never be used.
  4. 10 warriors would just end up being a mix of Shoutsworns and Bannersworns.
  5. It may not be a perfect system, but it's still the best one there is. https://i.redd.it/sk5p26nj5aq41.png
  6. All they have really managed to do is turn everyone into a Paladin and the better your Profession is at being a Paladin the more meta you are (funnily enough GW2's actually Paladin stand-in has been choking Profession diversity in every game-mode except PvP which it had to be forced out of). Who would have thought that being decent to good at everything and then being able to gear toward one role would just create a mess.
  7. He has to defend the e-spec that is carrying his kitten, please understand.
  8. 3 Mechs in the World first Harvest Temple CM and 4 in World Second, but I'm sure they are just new players.
  9. Almost 25% of the raid playerbase jumped on the Mechanist train for no reason, Thanks for the insight. /s
  10. People gave me confused's for comparing meta's and pressing 1 to punching in at work lol.
  11. Literally just a kit with bloated stats to make dps warrior look decent.
  12. You will have your Wells and be happy, why would you want a unique mechanic when you can just be another boon bot that has to compete with FB?
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