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  1. I Also had my wife run the seraph wings in the raid training area while i had mine off. It still caused an FPS loss, but not nearly as much. The temp fix to that is I had to set both character limit, and character quality to lowest. Not an acceptable solution though in my book, especially if others are having the same performance issues as me.
  2. When Champions first came out I've had really bad stutters during combat. At first I thought it was just time to update drivers. Did so, and no change. After a little bit I started to realize that the issue was only occurring on my mesmer. Well turns out, that on a mesmer, with seraph wing backpiece. As soon as I create too many clones, my fps stutters to freezing every 1-2 seconds while in combat. Its such a weird issue since me and my wife have nearly identical PC specs, and my performance takes a huge hit when my mesmer has this backpiece on. I've also made a video that shows the issues
  3. In Siren's Landing upon killing a Ley-Infused Scavenger, picking up the orb causes a map wide DC as well. Im assuming theres several other items/environmental triggers that cause these DCs
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