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  1. He's talked about it for an hour, with teapot, and his twitch stream. He doesn't say what they should do, other then it needs to be looked at. He even said it's harder then some of the raid content, and trying to get 50 pugs to do it is hard. He's even only trying to do the meta in a pug, as he's yet to complete it. With 12 hours of game time put into trying.
  2. If you're having fun with it, you be you. Maybe it will grow on me over time, but I was "expecting" more. Just feels like more of the same.
  3. You do have the "barrage" or what ever it was called, but like all Engineer underwater it's meh.
  4. This happened to me today, I found a work around in another thread. Go to the Black Lion merchant in the cities, it will open the window up with the TP not the gem store. Then in the search box add "I am Evon Gnashblade" Edit on this "fix" it worked for the time I was logged in, but after logging out and back in few hours later it back to crashing me.
  5. This has to be account related, I was logged in waiting for the store to update. Was even browsing around it before the new items dropped, at 10.01 my time I open the gem store to see the new sale items and crash. I did the (I am Evon Gnashblade) trick and it cleared it up for me. 3rd edit, problem returns after logging back into the game few hours later.
  6. To me Untamed feels very unoriginal, can see myself shelving my ranger. To play one of the other new elites to be honest.
  7. I only learned about the "space bar" while diving the other day, so annoying stuff like this isn't explained to you in game. You know a little blurb on the dive button tooltip........
  8. Seeing as you can get a stat selectable one from a LW season they're pretty pointless, even more so when the season ones are easy to get
  9. Same, been sitting on 700 gems waiting to buy this for a year now.....
  10. Having issue also. Personal story before you get the level 40 BL key reward.After the cut scene I should be given caladbolg, but instead get kicked to character select
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