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  1. I have 7k+ hours, envoy title and every character on 80, almost all of them have world completion and all specs unlocked, plus almost 6000 skins unlocked, grinding fractal cms and T4 almost daily... how did you manage to put 8k hours into it without ever touching end content? Im honestly wondering, what does your gameplay consist of?
  2. If they somehow manage to make housing an integral part of the game like they did with the mounts I'd welcome it, but I lack the imagination for how that could work. Since skins and items can be stored in the bank / wardrobe I don't see how housing could have any depth to it except in terms of a personalized home, which for me wouldnt be enough to justify it. Apart from that I can only say that we don't know. There has been a part of the community asking for it, but there has never been a specific statement on that issue as far as I know.
  3. By building a bridge and then walking over it
  4. Malyck's dead, baby, malyck's dead
  5. More people are faking their KPs. Even despit the fact that killproofme now has become more regular thing i still join a lot of pugs that clearly don't meet their own requirements. Had a group yesterday unable to do enough cc, dying all over the place and so on. When I called them out one of them started to blame me lol
  6. What I dont understand is why a mastery point is locked behind the achievement?As most people already pointed out you dont need it to max the masteries. So why is it there?Imagine someone grinding all 16 weapons, you surely won't do it for the mastery point. Neither will you spend 1000s of gold for a mastery point. You'll do it to get the skins. So again, why is there a mastery point locked behind the achievement?I tell you why: Because ANet knows some people have an urge to keep the achievement tabs clean.It's a cheesy way of teasing their players.
  7. Since the old KPs were removed I experience a lot of issues. I almost daily get groups that can't even beat 100CM despite asking for 150-250 old KPs. They also want to see DwD, which I have obviously, but thanks to selling this title means literally nothing. Imo removing KPs has made fakers and liars less careful. I also think unlike in raids titles in fractals CM runs are more important and therefor selling them is a D-move hurting this mode severely. To be honest doing my daily fractal runs have become so frustrating I have totally lost interest in it.
  8. gwamm, envoy and dwd so people keep their distance XDworking on fractal god / goddess now...
  9. I don't care about the raid selling thing, but I have to say fractals are getting littered with bad players lately. I see so many DwDs that can't even do the first phase of the CM100 boss. It's kinda annoying really.
  10. People always raided with those builds. If you want to raid with your minion necro go create a group for like minded people, but you'll see it won't go well.
  11. Fishing is the most moronic thing ever invented in mmos. Why would you want that? Standing around and rng looting crap?Go play WoW if you want that.
  12. I want the whole planet uncovered and be playable first. Then we can talk about GW3
  13. I don't mind all the shinyness of this game. Tho, I pity the lack of taste some people have when it comes to combining infusions. Some of ya really look ugly as hell.
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