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  1. Grav well does CC on every pulse, on Hunter's Ward the CC and damage strikes do not happen simultaneously. In fact, you can be hit by every damaging strike of Hunter's Ward without being CCed, as long as you don't move. The same is not true for grav well. Hunter's Ward is much more similar to Thunderclap (Scrapper Hammer) where the CC strike doesn't count as a damaging strike because it does literally 0 damage, but the lingering AoE after that does a decent bit of damage on every pulse.
  2. Hey, the page count's made it to the double digits now! What a success.
  3. It's not that any weapon theoretically couldn't do anything (after all, throwing hammers exist) it's just that I feel some stuff fits better than others. With the glaring exception of revenant, most weapon and utility skills generally seem like fairly obvious interpretations of the underlying concepts. For alchemy, Venoms feel more likely as something A-Net would give than Preparations, because there's such a strong thematic tie between alchemical concotions and the animal liquids used for enhancement. Although I will admit, staff does have a lot of very obvious potential associati
  4. Read the thing in brackets in the second paragraph. But yes, yes it does.
  5. Fire would be much more fitting for torch, and alchemy would probably be more appropriate for short bow (alchemical arrows). If you want to make staff fit, you'd be much better giving it a sound theme, sort of like the Dredge Resonators. As for utility skills, an alchemical spec would probably be best suited to get either Venom or Corruption skills instead of Stances. Fire themed (which I also think wouldn't be a good idea, because it overlaps slightly with holosmith's idea of sun and lasers) would be much more fitting to get Preparations.
  6. It's not even like this is a particularly niche bug that's hard to reproduce - it happens every single time you're transformed, be that dismounting, tonics, or anything else. I do hope A-Net are actually aware of the issue, but I'm starting to doubt it, given that they haven't posted in the News and Announcements section about it like they usually do for major issues such as this.
  7. The reason is that turrets, like (almost) every other summon in this game, don't scale off of your stats. This means that turrets do just as much damage when you are wearing full minstrel gear compared to when you're using full beserker gear. They also cannot crit. Because of this, they will never find a place on a DPS build, unless the toolbelt skill is strong enough itself to justify it. The main issue why A-Net don't want turrets to be good though is the same reason they gave for nerfing minions a few months back - their current balance team doesn't like AI-heavy mechanics, and
  8. Intermission: For anyone who managed to make it to page 4, here's some nice, calm, and relaxing (relatively speaking) vietnam war music for you to unwind to:
  9. Let the records show I had no participation in starting the second great forum war.
  10. It was a genuine question, not an argument in defence prot holo. I don't play the build in ranked, nor have I found it particularly fun to play when I was testing it out in unranked (at least compared to explosives). That being said I don't think it should be nerfed into oblivion, otherwise it'll just expose the next sidenoder build that people complain is "tanking 1v3 like a raid boss". Also, while people may still have been complaining in the past, there are more forum posts from May 2021 talking about it than there are from the entirety of 2020. Additionally, the metabattle page
  11. I appreciate the long answer, it does confirm a lot of what I thought was the case. Although there is one more thing I'm not sure on, and that's about when Burn DH was meta. Due to the frequent and strong cleansing potential, prot should have an easy time into Burn DH (at least when that was common, before it received heavy nerfs). Is the reason prot holo wasn't meta as a counter to that just because other sidenoders (like fire weaver) could counter DH and be tankier?
  12. Prot holo has been getting a lot of complaints as an overpowered build across all GW2 platforms, but the real question is where has it been all this time? Prot holo is actually now at the weakest point it has been since the February 2020 megapatch. Since then, the build has only been nerfed. Mortar kit damage/blind has been nerfed, and hard light arena's duration and effect has also been nerfed. As well as this, none of the traits have received any significant overhauls that drastically change their behaviour. So why are people only just complaining about it now? Prot h
  13. If they had a better matchmaking system that was able to take into account your build, amulet, etc, I would completely agree. Unfortunately, that's not the case, and I personally think that unfair matchups by default is a bigger issue than class stacking. One potential compromise to the issue, however, would be for you to select multiple classes you want when queueing. When you press the queue button, you can select 2-3 of your characters that the game will give you the option to swap to in the warmup. This allows players to queue on a class they want, while also letting the matchm
  14. Class stacking, especially of necros, can be a really huge pain, but in my opinion it's a necessary evil. If A-Net removed the option to change your class in the warmup, it would make it possible for the matchmaker to give you completely unwinnable games with nothing you could do to change that. Because you don't get to select your role when entering the game (support, duelist, roamer, etc) it means that the game doesn't know how to give you a balanced team comp, and can limit your team's access to key roles that make the game impossible to win against your opponent. Removing the o
  15. Test it yourself, the first strike on thunderclap (the one that stuns) doesn't do any damage. You can see the target getting stunned, but the damage does not show up in the combat log until 1 second after that. The reason why it doesn't show on the skill description that the first strike has a 0.01 power coefficient is because it doesn't. The stun does precisely 0 damage, unlike skull bash where the stun does 3 damage.
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