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  1. When it comes to scourge vs firebrand you should always focus the scourge first. With two scourges and a firebrand, just out rotate them.
  2. Just add a 10 second internal cooldown to the trait for PvP, no need to disable the entire thing.
  3. As far as I am aware, when it takes classes into consideration for match making it only does it based on the core class and not elite specializations since you can change your elite specialization prior to the match starting.
  4. I run this with vipers and can 1v1 gyro scrappers. Bait out their defensive bubble and purge gyro then burst.
  5. The last hit on the beast is the only hit that counts so they can be easily stolen by the other team. If all players on both teams are off respawn and you go after a beast then you are leaving your team in a 4v5 on the rest of the map. Against any half decent team you'll either lose the team fight mid or have home decapped. This is why it's not worth going after beasts unless the opposing team has players on respawn, your team has no one on respawn, you have both home and mid and you can dps the beast down before the enemy respawns. Beasts can be used to get a clutch victory especially if
  6. The other day I saw gold 3 players in the top 250. If you go back two years ago you weren't making it in the top 250 unless you were at least plat 2. Population is dwindling because very little is being introduced into the game mode to keep people playing.
  7. If there's a commander on the map running an open squad you could always ask for participation to help with getting the mount and in return offer to scout on the map.
  8. Personally I would like to see a new reward system that only rewards players on the winning team. This should include progress for dailies, towards reward tracks, and season pips. The amount of pips and reward track progress should be increased to help balance not having anything in return if the match is lost. To help against groups that want to queue together in unranked to farm pugs, groups will receive reduced rewards depending on the number of players that grouped together. No reduced rewards for duo queues in ranked. The only reason we have an issue with bots is because of the reward
  9. I think that video is worthy of its own thread. Still wouldn't go as far to call it match manipulation--how would one person coordinate with your entire team to stay at spawn? ANET should definitely look into that one though. Off of the video but onto another complaint people (and myself) have which isn't but is commonly referred to as match manipulation are the players (bots too) who are only there for the reward track progress and pips. These players don't care about winning and don't even try which really hurts the other players on the team who are trying to win. A suggestion I have to
  10. Had an important phone call, was in an unranked game, so I answered it. Stopped moving for 30 seconds and got accused of match manipulation. Manipulating with whom? The person who called me who has never heard of the game? This guy is correct, match manipulation only occurs at the very top of the leader board. Match manipulation is when someone pays someone on the opposing team to throw the game. There's a hundred reasons why someone might stop responding during a match. Maybe someone other than a Jehovah witness was knocking on the door, maybe the neighborhood stray cat got ran over by
  11. I like to create a trail of spice coffee around the mystic forge after I get a nice collection of them
  12. I got the following error when trying to enter Sun's Refuge InstanceCreate failed. Error=1036; Product=9; Module=18; Line=624
  13. Just a simple idea that doesn't require a long and elaborate explanation. A trap, placed like the supply and stealth traps, when triggered by an enemy mounted player would force all enemy mounted players within 1200 range off of their mounts and prevent them from being able to mount for a brief (such as 20-30 seconds) amount of time. The trap could only be triggered by a player who is mounted and would have no effect on players that are not mounted. Any thoughts or opinions on the idea?
  14. I know, not being able to use tonics while on a mount--completely game breaking.
  15. Thief doesn't bring anything to the table for fighting with a large organized force. Thief excels at roaming due to it's mobility and being able to disengage from a fight. Even with the mount the thief can still disengage to break combat then mount up easier than other classes such as a necromancer. If you're new to WvW and want to learn I would suggest playing rev since there's only a few minor changes between zerg and roaming builds.
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