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  1. I'll be visiting the forums daily for updates on catalyst. I'm not buying EOD cause of this garbage spec until it has been massively buffed.
  2. I like the gameplay of the catalyst, but there is a lot to work on I think. 1) As said before on this thread the hammer skills themselves are really to slow, the best example is earth skill 2. The dmg output you get from that is just not worth it. 2) the duration of the third skill on hammer could be a bit longer. You can use max 2 skills and you need to swap attunements to activate it again, or it's lost. The reward you get from eventually using grand finale is to low, even with 4 projectiles. 3) I feel like the hammer skills themselves got almost no combo's. Skill nr2 from ai
  3. I feel like hurricane of pain should also be target based, like the 2nd skill of longbow from ranger (rapid fire). Enemies near the target get damaged. But now just 1 dodge from the enemy and your just swirling around there being a sitting duck doing nothing with the lowest health pool of the game. Makes the skill quite useless if your fighting something that moves. Adding a whirl finisher sounds logical and makes the skill a bit more usefull in my opinion or maybe add projectile reflection with it might also be a good idea?
  4. I got some ideas for the hammer skills, these are just some observations i had when i saw the elite spec: Hammer skill nr2 in fire attunement, all flames should be ably to hit one target, so that when you get in melee range you do more damage. Basically get rewarded for going in melee range... Like shackling wave from revenant. Hammer skill nr2 in air attunement, maybe make it target based, like rapid fire from ranger (longbow). People can now just walk out or dodge out of it, meaning you'll just be swinging your hammer without doing much. Enemies that stay near you tar
  5. why nobody talking about a shield as ele? Maybe a shield as a main or off-hand weapon? Just an idea..
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