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  1. well known years old problem with no distinct solution. for me it usually happens when cutscences should happen. there are several threads about this. here is the biggest. you can try out the different solutions but it may not help. there seems to be an issue how packet losses are handled by the game when you are in a story instance. you can open a ticket to support too, they will send you stuff you can check and do. here is the thread: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/20771-storyline-disconnects-merged/
  2. had several crashes in wvw during the last days. some of the people who have multiple crashes use arcdps, some dont. so it is not related to arcdps. Sometimes the whole squad gets a crash, sometimes only a few people of the squad, sometimes only a single person. It seems to be not related to where the people are on the map. you would run together with your squad in wvw and suddenly half of the squad your ran next to has a crash and is gone. the other half is still there.
  3. because gandara players tried to boycot wvw during the last weeks.
  4. another thread necro :). Interesting read. I am on the rep-is-unneccessary-but-i-may-understand-it-side. My plan is to join multiple guilds just like one person explained it before quite well: To have a community/club which focuses on a certain task and thus is very "good" or rather active at this content: fractal guild, raid guild, community/open-pve guild, wvw guild. The PvE guild i am in at the moment is for example not really wvw active and on a quite wvw-inactive-world, but they are nice people and help out a lot each other in pve. But if i want to be active in wvw, as i am, it makes sen
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