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  1. nice! yeah. I wonder if there... could be... Fishing Reward Tracks 😛 ( sending an idea)
  2. What will you stop doing to fish? pve wvw pvp If it is a highly time consuming feature, will you do it if it is not $$ rewarding? I was just wondering! ty.
  3. So, right now noone of the pvp options (ranked and unranked) work for me. They are "free to click" them, but i cant play in any of them.....
  4. Hello, im stuck too in ranked queue.. sigh. iD: trouble.3562 please unstuck me I want to play pvp.. ty!
  5. How do i find this pre-event steps? Im just following my mission. tyvm Blocki
  6. can i do the challenges in the solo mode? i just want to finish the achievement points and i feel, let me know if im right, that if i go public hoping for people and they dont show up, im f'd.
  7. Hey guys, im doing this content because i was out of the game for some months. I see public and private option. Which is faster? any advices in how to run this fast and smoothly? t y ty
  8. seems it only bugs if i do it with a friend. I went alone and it advanced normally.
  9. Primordus Rising Story (bug), I am doing this first chapter of the Dragons Story (Ls5 final section). It bugs out for me waiting for braham to communicate. I can't advance. Anyone had same issue? ty
  10. I just saw this post. I only get dc'd on storylines, come on. ITs a freaking joke. IM so pissed. And we have to redo almost the entire game? ahahah .. in pve, wvw, pvp ,everything im fine, on this cr4p im not.
  11. I get the point that we could "make them" for the skin. But, then again.., now its 2 pieces of leggy when only 1 is enough. But i get it,. Guys, tyvm for the info. I hope your answers also clarify others on the same issue.
  12. Now thats a great sentence i needed to read. Tyvm. I was thinking "skins" or "items" or what...
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