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  1. They could continue by calling the new engineer spec "Sentinel", odd as that is. 😛
  2. I also prefer the asura GS1 animation over the floaty one. It feels physically satisfying along with how asura perform all their other animations, especially given their relative size. Playing power shatter on an asura feels more like a warrior with butterflies (also preferred old "by the power of greyskull!" GS4 animation) due to how they swing their weapons around. Charr animation is also cool. One solution would be animation packs on the gemstoee and let players choose.
  3. I was thinking to pick up a couple of storage expanders but changed my mind given the reduced discount - have managed so far with only one storage upgrade to 500 and default bag/bank space so not much inconvenience to wait until a better sale discount. Probably will also pass on most things unless a specific glider/back skin comes on sale.
  4. Thanks, yeah I can see that Dagger in principle should function as GS1-3 with the flexibility of being paired with a choice of offhand, and so should be all offensive in contrast to sword or even scepter which has additional utility. The issue I have is again 2 and especially 3 are pretty much melee range skills - but unlike core mesmer, which while GS having one "melee" skill in skills 1-3 (GS2) that benefits shatter combos in point blank range, none of virtuoso's abilities provide much incentive to want to come into close range (things like F4 could be seen as proccing blade trai
  5. This is great! I've been using an add-on to make the page dark when reading this forum anyway, but it's nice to have a built in option. The red is very red though - maybe that could also be a little darker/less vibrant. The rest of the theme is fantastic!
  6. Yeah I messed up with that a lot as well - double tapping 2 thinking it was swap to target only to waste the cooldown. Given the leap travel time it ought to immobilise on successful hit of a target at least.
  7. I'd prefer if it was a blink with cast time (so opponents can react to the animation) that could still be used untargeted like staff 2, which would allow you to go upwards on z axis ports rather than only being able to go back to where you started. But that may be a bit too strong. I am surprised how long swap lasts for, that part is quite strong not having to rely on survival of a clone.
  8. My favourite bug was definitely the audio: Casts Unstable Bladestorm... ... ... 2 hours later ... ... "BLADESTORM!" Kind of ironic given how slow the thing moves anyway. xD
  9. I don't know what else to add that everyone else hasn't said in some form. So will just reinforce a few things: Number 1 is to address all core traits (and some skills) that don't work properly with virtuoso. It's difficult to judge how well it performs otherwise. Second, regarding target facing etc - on one hand there's little difference between this and eg Magic Bullet or Confusing Images, where naturally you may momentarily pause moving in order for the character to snap to face the target to cast and not be interrupted. On the other hand all other mesmer
  10. I love the floating/rotating symbols when casting F skills, utilities or the elite - though maybe the overhead symbol of eg rain of swords could have some visual reduction for other players. Dagger auto feels a little off given it is essentially slinging a projectile attack, whereas the reverse grip slash seems like it should be some kind of instant strike on the target rather than something with travel time. Not too fussed though. The rest of it looks great. Audio for F skills could be a little more impactful. I love the audio overall for the spec.
  11. I find the darker outline confuses me a bit as it can almost look red under certain lighting. And the gap between that pretty solid boundary and the inner circle is a bit weird.
  12. I wonder if Blade Renewal should be the elite skill instead of Thousand Cuts?
  13. lol I thought it was strong enough with BD and illusions but ineptitude as well... yeah gonna give that a go next. So far wvw as expected. Very little gtfo options, high risk mediocre reward. The condi burst is surprisingly spectacular when it happens - especially as you can prestack blades for massive torch or pistol into F2, but the moment you get focused by a few players there's barely anything apart from blink/stealth or sword 3 to get out. Which isn't always enough. Edit - in comparison, mirage, even with one dodge has significantly more options for sur
  14. Yeah initially I wanted to build power but given how paper the spec is, and how well bloodsong and jagged mind synergise it seems a no brainer to use tankier gear. That and I hate how the top GM trait messes up stealth... I can accept if Blade Renewal stays channeled even if the blade generation is slow as kitten (faster to just dodge with DE and keep chucking blades tbh), but F4 really needs to be fire and forget - so at least we can perform other actions during it, and being a block people can counter with unblockables etc.
  15. Psychic Force - needs to be on 35s cooldown maximum. Maybe even 30s. It's a nice breather and setup for F skills, but it does not justify a 45s cooldown, especially with no evade frame or any additional benefit. F4 and Blade Renewal - as these are both channeled there's very little available in terms of eg securing stomps or similar apart from stealth (or more niche stuff like stab or blind from bountiful disillusionment of blinding dissipation) but virtuoso is so squishy you can't exactly tank anything during this kind of action, which leaves it very one dimensional in simply pew
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