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  1. On that note I was going by the same rumour that ele will get longbow, taking that into account.
  2. I would also like to see either 5 or 6 stat gear to bridge the gap between 4 stat and cele at 9 stat.
  3. It does seem a bit like tempest overloads, just wonder how gimmicky the weapon swaps/dodges/shouts etc mixing in while channeling would be. More curious is how all shatter traits would work with it. Yeah a kit style F skill instrument selection would be interesting, though the rumour seems to emphasis the vocal nature of the spec. I'm excited to see what we get anyway (if there is any truth in any of it) as the mechanics sound like they would be fun. Just the weapon choice looks to be unfortunate. This would be kitten awesome! Anyt
  4. Yeah I saw that and tbh not excited if another offhand. That would mean yet again stuck with either scepter or sword to use with too many offhands... and I've gone off sword since they sped up the BF animation when shortening the evade duration, so it doesn't look as good as it used too. I think mesmer would be the only class that didn't get a new 2 hand weapon on any elite spec (going by the rumours for other specs also)? Though of course I'd prefer a hammer control spec, I'd sooner take shortbow on a music spec over warhorn. Unless they do something random
  5. All the best to you also - I agree with apharma, given gw2 is one of the more flexible and forgiving games in terms of time demands, as well as the effort you've put in to your account so far, it can be relieving to come back to every now and then as an escapism. But you know best your way forward so well done for making this decision.
  6. At this point it's almost a glorified delayed clone summoning skill. 😛 I'd take any improvement, especially given they focused on staff so much in the last patch - it's odd how they didn't touch staff 3 at all. Unless there's another big phantasm rebalance on the horizon when EoD drops.
  7. Still needs cooldown reduction. 30s base is ridiculous for what it does (or often fails to do because of the long windup animation). 25s at least would be good, if they don't want to go further because of how good torch 4 is.
  8. They could just reduce clone ambush condi duration, then buff staff 3 to do something useful. Of course, exact numbers to be figured out etc... Staff 3 is currently one of the most useless skills and further cements staff into being a 1111 spam. On the other hand they did an amazing job changing chaos armour to apply blind and 3 confusion (feels like traited F2 almost), so just need to have staff 3 do something useful and it spreads out the actions required to apply damage. But they need to be careful because any other spec than mirage would suffer from severe baseline
  9. Yeah this is what I don't get - staff auto only nerf, affects core/chrono/future espec, but doesn't have that much affect on IH mirage using clone ambush all the time. I could sort of see they want ambushes to be impactful - but again this is moving back towards just dodge and let clones do the work for you (only change from past is incentive for mesmer to cast ambush themselves for the boons, which at least is good). Sure 5 seconds was ridiculous for clones to be applying, but chopping it down to 2 seconds seems overkill. 3 seconds would have at least allowed some flex
  10. Certainly a more interesting name, though nowdays the first game related thing that comes to mind when hearing the word Siren is Borderlands.
  11. Reflecting further on the state of Mirage, I think regardless of any particular solution there are three key aspects that must be addressed at some point in the future: 1. One/Two dodge disparity 2. Unique shatters 3. Clone ambush design I think we've all given many possibilities which way these things could go, and given this recent patch it seems the least expected thing can happen (ie I imagine most people did not anticipate alacrity) - so not wanting to cloud anything with more details and let Anet deal with that.
  12. I reckon the torment/confusion duration should go down to 4s (maybe clones should go down to 3?). Would be nice if some of the damage was offloaded on the iWarlock so it isn't all 11111.
  13. It's worth noting the modifiers to power and condi damage in combat. Within a very short time you can build 10+ might, very high regen uptime, vigour, and with chaotic potency - boosting to over 2.4k+ power and 1.7k+ condi. More if taking into account staff clone auto bounces, F1 might from Bountiful Disillusionment, nevermind BL bloodlust, objectives, or allies/other situation to build higher might. Also with regen boosts to over 50% boon and condi duration which is nice for the boon synergy. The tradeoff is not having access to instant high damage without
  14. Really depends how you want to play because many possibilities. In some brief testing of different options in wvw I currently settled on this last night after defeating a couple of condi mirages despite playing pretty chaotically (been a long time since having played): http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?Pi0Ac+ZlJkwuybSJNogmZoWsP/PXA-zVRYVhnN6myIzUt3qy1TQA/tUlZF-w (Edit for updated gw2skills.net). It's not optimal by far, but it suits my playstyle best because despite power nerfs on axe and staff, F1 is on a low cooldown with alacrity. Taking EM frees up utility slots so I
  15. I think there should at least be some kind of requirement to build for boon duration in order to maintain... boons.
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