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  1. My guess is that they have an ammo management system and they have a close range AoE that works like decapitate, and explodes hitting 5 people since it's kung fu themed they will be able to do acrobatics and mobility with the explosions. A very high skill ceiling with very high dps output. Utilities would be like traps since warriors never had any traps, and some support.
  2. Lmfao you are skipping everything what I said, it's obvious that you need more help than the new player. But you can keep re reading what I typed, bye felicia.
  3. *you aren't ever going to be able to use Berserker in the situation the OP is asking about anyways, so what are you suggesting here? * You obviously don't know what you are talking about it's really funny, and it's obvious that you are mad that you didn't read that I suggested warrior. Not only that, berserk can be activated any time they have full adrenaline which can be easily maxed by 1 headbutt, and attacks. Even without berserk mode berserker can do around 10k damage with their skills and great AoE with dual axes. Which also can be used on core warrior.
  4. Warrior, especially berserker can do 20k with each decapitate and arc divider without any boons and you can keep it up until about 11 times in like 30 secs. Arc divider is the big damage AoE so if you got a ton of mobs around you then you can destroy them so fast. Plus the mending gives you the extra burst and great healing when dealing with multiple mobs.
  5. What exactly does this mean? Did it have more than the intended damage reduction or less? Is the reason why everyone use necro scourge just because you can be so tanky than any heavy armor classes, and this was the reason?
  6. Yeah gold was my first rank with warrior berserker and it carried me to plat so easily.
  7. There is no "solid build" for ranger pretty much anything else is better than ranger.
  8. DH: Hahahah hey guys, I am gonna go put traps and hope they don't dodge it and melt me like butter. 🤣
  9. Yeah berserker warrior is a spec that barely creates any boons while having so extreme high damage, it's basically very good to fight against necros of all specs.
  10. Oh the one that admitted himself as a troll is back. 🤣
  11. Actually necros still try to corrupt and no matter what the pulsing stab will keep berserkers from getting feared. You expect the berserker to be standing still taking all those pulsing corrupts, that is where your problem is. Berserkers have way more mobility than necros no matter what you say, berserkers will always win against necros with my build.
  12. Like I said I never gotten feared by a necro during balanced stance, competent or not plus they wont do anything to me during that because of my immunity to crits.
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