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  1. The EotN story was focused, let us be able to experience the Destroyers' menace, to stop them coming to the surface and fight the Great Destroyer in the end. Since they are hive mind creatures they don't have much fun to write other than being a huge threat. The ending was amazing to lead into GW2 as well. But the actual Primordus plot was a big meh. The destroyers are still boring as hell because you can't interact with them. Nor do they have any personality. The commanding structure wasn't detailed like the Risen or Mordrem. Nor was the plot really focused enough. Primordus didn'
  2. True, and it shouldn't be instant 100% boss revived when one pod was restored.
  3. Sword, nearly all of my characters use it as firsthand.
  4. I did them long ago and more than once, now I redid them again with my new character. My thoughts didn't change much: Zhaitan's overall theme and scenes were epic, however its own fight was too simple and the dragon's strength wasn't shown well. I think Anet simply missed the focus. They spent that much effort to let us fight Zhaitan's minions again in the last mission, which should have been focused on Zhaitan itself. Have they discarded those pointless minion battles and focus on Zhaitan, it would have been a great ending.
  5. I think we should get a few "shards" after each run and could combine them into one. Also make us able to exchange right and left.
  6. I could never forget how buggy and terrible it was years ago, how is it now? Gonna try it tomorrow with my character.
  7. And that was already after the war. No, the Mordrem didn't massively invade Norn homeland other than a few tries. The Destroyers as well, they just had to close the gate and later they did send their forces in the Destroyer Depth mission. Jormag obviously was not staying there to wait for them come by 1-5, which would take like 200-1000 groups, does it make sense? It just cast a huge storm to tear apart their home, are you saying they just come 1 by 1, when the rest just do nothing, stay there in the freezing storm and die?
  8. Wrong again, did you even read what you quote? Here, Jormag already cast a huge storm to tear apart the Norn hometown and caused them to go South. The full scale war already happened before Asgeir went to fight it. You think Jormag would stay there to wait for 1,000 norn to challenge it 1 by 1, or they would wait like idiots, just 1 person to go fight it when it cast huge storm on their home? Eir's quote also proved that they've had a massive war before they were beaten.
  9. Also we've seen Sons of Svanir members could turn others into Icebrood in short time(Honor of Waves) even summon Icestorm(The shamans) and open portals. Which only a few high rank champions like the Dragonspawn and Drakkar could do.
  10. They were when fighting Jormag. The book also said clear about the battle, it was large scale war which torn apart the entire town of Norn. There is no way the fight would be one on one. Bad try here. "We fought Jormag—gladly we fought it, for norn are made for battle. But never had we fought a beast like this. It was a living blizzard. It and its minions froze us where we fought and buried our lands in snow and ice and tore apart Gunnar's Hold with a massive glacier. It took our lands. It drove us south. "And despite the destruction, there are still foolish norn who he
  11. No, the Norn united together to fight Jormag to run off. No, The Nornbear was tracked down and slain with group work, Jora was one of them. No the Dragonspawn was killed by Eir and her group. Before that many ppl tried to kill it. Did you even read the book? And the Pact got Norn members. No, never said they were not in the Far Shiverpeaks, obviously you didn't play GW1 otherwise you would not bring it at all. The Jotuns firstly show up there. And they were a b
  12. I can't believe someone is openly denying Sons of Svanir's importance in vanilla. Other than the dragonlike champions, the most common seen Jormag champions are SoS members, most of the important action the Icebrood took were leaded by SoS members. They even have opened portal to invade the mist. Just since Icebrood Saga the Frost Legion has replaced their duty.
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