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  1. I have looked all over in the EOTN for the vendor that is suppose to sell the Shiver reward track with no luck ...... Were is the vendor?????
  2. It is not about the mastery points I have enough already its about the path they are taking the game, because it use to be fun to play now it is just grindy and most do not like grindy content just read some of the posts in the forum's and no you can not have my stuff
  3. I am sad about the direction that Anet has taken with the last few story's. This game used to be fun and I enjoyed spending money in the game to improve my enjoyment but that has all gone to the side these days because the game is no longer fun. To stick mastery points at the end of a collection to which the items to not drop is just one of the many sad things from the last releases, and the latest is about the worst ever if Anet is going to continue with this direction they will not have to worry about people buying another expansion I know for myself I will not I am currently looking for a f
  4. does anyone know if they did a reset to fix other issues because I was on the last mastery when this happened
  5. and the mastery points are hard to come by so I need this fixed I had mailed to Anet for help and sent screenshots but still it is not fixed
  6. I had one and I trained Tier 1 of the last one and than I got another mastery point and when I had enough xp to train the very last one I did and than I had 0 but it did not train the last one and all the xp I had earned was gone also and the mastery point I had applied to the first one also disappeared so I lost two mastery points and I can not gain anymore xp in the new area at all
  7. I was able to train the first tier of the last part of the Vigilance Essence Manipulation Tier but when I added the mastery point to the last one my points disappeared so what do I do because I only had those left so what do I do now????
  8. same here I purchased the what I thought was mount skins and clicked on each one and now they are gone
  9. The first 2 locations worked for me but since I finished the story when I try to contact Tami at the other locations I get Councilor Phlunt saying ....Yes, Who is This.... so it is blocking me from completing the achievement
  10. The one at the Skritt's Audience is not there I look again after this latest update
  11. I agree worked on this boss for 2 hours and could not kill him so now I have a story I can not complete. I used to do all my chars through the story lines because I enjoyed the story but now I wish I had never purchased the new expansion and will for sure NOT encourage anyone else to buy it ...I Need A Refund
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