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  1. Also, any idea who voiced the DRM boss https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bors_of_the_Ice_Gavel?
  2. Anyone have any idea who voiced Bear Spirit in Icebrood Saga?
  3. Still, it has a purpose, it's useful, most likely was originally intended to be dropped from karka. It's not like there's no reason to make it available again.
  4. Despite that, they can be seen on the Trading Post, and karka still drop grawl sigils to my knowledge. At the very least, them dropping Grawl Sigils is a bug.
  5. As can be seen ingame, karka incorrectly drop the recipe for Sigils of Grawl Slaying as opposed to Sigils of Karka Slaying, the latter of which are now only available from the Trading Post. Unlike most NPCs, karka also drop the Sigil of Grawl Slaying recipe after it is unlocked.
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