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  1. Had to reset my password but could get in afterwards. Just adding this for more data. It looks like a bug to me...
  2. A lot of very confused people on here, it seems. Well, this concludes my foray into the forums this year. See ya in 2025.
  3. And you are missing the point that the map isn't complete yet. For reference, check your progress on the achievement "Skyfarer" No complete map, no map completion reward.
  4. I probably missed your thoughts about this when the first part of the map released, then. My bad. I don't frequent the forums all that much. In my experience, it's mostly complaining about insignificant things, which is, frankly, very tiring to read sometimes... Back to the game...
  5. Isn't it just a tiny bit possible that the reason we don't get map completion reward is because the map is, you know, not complete? I know. Wild concept...
  6. I don't know. It feels like someone doesn't like that their Bolt cost them twice as much to craft as mine cost me. Well... Here's an idea: most people don't care about Legendaries, and even fewer people care about how others obtain theirs. I bet there are some who swiped for a whole set of Gen 1 and Gen 3 weapons. And? Does it make my Bifrost less valuable to me because I crafted it "the hard way"? Absolutely not.
  7. Event completion DAILIES. Did you read my post carefully? You can do any event you want, it's just that max level characters overwhelm the starting zones when there is a daily event completer there and low level characters, especially new players have a hard time participating when mobs are one-shot killed by dismount abilities. So either balance the level adjustment stats for higher level characters (has not happened, although has been complained about many times, mainly ingame) or don't give max level characters daily event completer achievements on low level zones. I don't think that's stupid. /s or no /s This confused this fast? Man, I love these forums...
  8. Exclude accounts with at least one level 80 character from the event completion dailies in low level/starter zones, the same way accounts with only low level characters are excluded from dailies in level 80 zones. (Although this might be moot, if there are drastic changes coming to the recurring achievements with SotO.) Edit: If you feel confused, don't be afraid to ask. The first step to solve your problem is admitting you have one. Have a nice day. 💜
  9. I really hope that there are plans to fix parts of the game that are made way too easy with the power creep and mounts. Specifically, the Dragon's Stand meta, I think, would greatly benefit from not being able to mount, at least during the last phase with the Mouth. Also, it is now perfectly possible to finish the map TWICE in the two hour window between resets. I don't think that was ever intended.
  10. I'd be surprised if it wasn't mentioned before, but update the loading screens to higher resolution ones. Some of them are glaringly low quality on a 1440p monitor, let alone on a 4K one. Even an automated upscale pass in something like Gigapixel would do wonders without much effort, I think. That's what I did with the ones I liked enough to use as desktop wallpaper.
  11. I would love to be able to set a behaviour pattern to the snow leopard cub in the home instance to either have a way to interact with it, or to set it to passive to be like all the other cats that don't run up to me every five seconds.
  12. AI, in terms of video games, is a decades old terminology. The Radiant AI from Oblivion comes to mind immediately.
  13. Let soulbound items, namely the 24 and 28-slot bags, be usable in recipes from the bank. I don't even understand why they are soulbound on use.
  14. As long as they make it optional. I wouldn't like to be attacked in my personal guild hall by something I can't defeat on my own. Or, you know, at all...
  15. Another that's not new: I wish I could lock the order of the character icons on the character select screen. They very often don't even retain the order of loading, at least for me. Possibly being able to individually select which characters to lock and into which positions starting from the left would be nice, too.
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