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  1. Just to elaborate a bit on this a few days later: most of the episodes have only ever been free during their original release and the "Return to..." event this past year. For Season 2, for example, that means 2014 and then 2021. I wouldn't anticipate ANet to offer them again any time soon, especially in the kind of time frame you have in mind. The only reasonable option now is to buy them, which you can even do with in-game gold that you exchange for gems. If this is something you are interested in, do check out the complete season packs in the Gem Store. They are cheaper per episode and
  2. Why, exactly? Apart from Dragon's Stand, none of the maps that have meta events are only about the meta events. And so, not everyone on those maps participate when they are happening. (Not even in DS, I bet.) And just to give you an example, even if a squad of 50 players are doing HPs in Auric Basin, it should not be the cause of failing the Tarir meta on a full map. In comparison, I've never seen even half as many RP-ers in one place. Ever.
  3. My immersion breaks much more when the game gives me control of my character while the map is still loading... Especially visible in Lion's Arch or Divinity's Reach during Wintersday.
  4. Your wording ("I don't remember using Oakheart's Reach for a Jumping Puzzle.") suggested lack of information. I found it weird, as well...
  5. That means you didn't do Searing Ascent. At least, not the intended way.
  6. To unlock the mastery "Oakheart's Reach", you need 2.5 million XP and 17 HoT Mastery Points if you are starting from zero. The XP should be very easy just by doing meta events in HoT maps, especially if you have boosters. There are some quite forgiving adventures, too, that you can reach gold on fairly easy. Once a day they give you a nice amount of XP, as well. The Mastery Points should be straightforward, too. There is a pool of 198 points you have to find 17 of. 40 of them are Insights and 21 are Strongboxes. You don't even have to do a single event to gather all that you need for this.
  7. Is the exact launch day and time set already?
  8. This is the weirdest "non-criticism" I've read in a while.
  9. This wording is a bit odd. Do the tooltips cause distress when they show up? Why? Anyway, the tooltip contains information about whatever your mouse is hovering over. Why would you not need it in the process of figuring the game out, especially when it comes to your skills? Which, by the way, unlock as you level up. As in a skill every 2 or so levels. I don't understand how that's hard to keep track of. Maybe if your friend used a Level-80 Boost, then I could see how they'd feel overwhelmed. That's not a good idea for new players.
  10. It's a Legendary. There are/were numerous threads about how easy it is to obtain compared to other Legendaries, specifically Transcendence. Where is the middle ground here? The Skyscale is considered the Legendary of the mounts. Many who have it rarely, if ever, use anything else. It is also entirely optional, much like the amulet.
  11. You do and maybe OP would do, as well. Chances are, though, that the random players OP wants to set their Home Instance up for will not.
  12. The issue is that the game accepts key strikes within a short window of time which might not sound bad but because of that three players can have three slightly different timing and still achieve perfect score. Add mistakes and latency to that mix and you might just get a headache by the end of the round. Turning the volume down to very low is the way to go for me. I still like hearing something. Interestingly, the games own timing is surprisingly late compared to how I normally "play". It can be heard best when you are the only one on your platform.
  13. I would always go for the one that sells for the most. It could be useful to note that the home garden nodes are the only ones in the Home Instance that benefit from gathering modifiers (chance for additional strikes or rare materials) you get from boosters, guild banners and the Glyph of Bounty.
  14. Those are only good if you have non-exclusive dyes still locked (most of which are dirt cheap on the TP) or if you use the 2-hour primers you can craft with them. Otherwise, they seem like a waste of time.
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