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  1. I'm happy to hear that GW2 will be available on Steam in November. With this recent news, I feel that there are a few things that need immediate attention in order to ensure that new players acclimate to a coherent game-play experience. Because the game has been out for almost a decade, people can tend to overlook major structural issues with the way content progression is set up in the vanilla game mode. It's obviously in the best interest of both ArenaNet and the greater GW2 community to have a game play pipeline that is easily communicable and understood by new players. With this in mind, I
  2. I find opinions like this often come from people who have no connection to the first game at all. Who else would feel threatened by GW fans enjoying some franchise nostalgia? It would be great to have a content release where we get Fissure of Woe and The Underworld as raids or some kind of strike. I'd really like to see a sink for Obsidian shards since I don't really care for most legendary weapons. Obsidian armor should be available in a way similar to the Runic set, but it costs ecto and obby shard just like in GW.
  3. Remember, this game is monetized mostly by cosmetics so ArenaNet really doesn't have to design content in the same way that a sub game like woW has to just to keep people logged in playing for as long as possible. It actually makes a lot of sense for ArenaNet to invest into the fashion wars endgame by making a new race to market cosmetics for in the cash shop. You have to think about their monetization structure -- they are going to build features and systems that help them sell cosmetics to excited customers. And playable Tengu is exciting because Avian races are not really common in MMOs plu
  4. PvP and Fractals are some of the most fun, repeatable content in the game. I'd honestly urge you to take a different approach to them. Maybe you dislike them for the wrong reasons and should give them another shot. By far, they offer some of the best rewards in the game for your time invested. I can't imagine being someone who refuses to purchase the expansions, yet complains there's nothing they like to do in the game.
  5. I'd like to see: Ele - Greatsword (Ranged AoE)Warrior - Scepter / Focus (Alacrity support build)Necro - Rifle or Longbow (Fast ranged AoE DPS)Revenant - GreatswordGuardian - 2H ShieldRanger - Rifle or Pistol (Fast ranged AoE DPS)Mesmer - Main hand focusThief - Longbow (Fast ranged AoE DPS)Engineer already gets offhand pistol, let's give them a staff and make them a Robomancer with Quickness support so Warrior and Engineer break up the FB/Rene monopoly. +1 to playable Tengu!
  6. I'm not a developer, that's not my job. These are things that most people who play GW2 have told me they want or posted about constantly on Reddit, this forum, etc. Expansions sell incredibly well for GW2. We're long overdue for one.
  7. When players see investment into systems that create longevity and meaningful group experiences, they're more likely to spend on the gemstore. Plus, lock elite specs behind a $60 expansion and market it well, they'll easily have players banging down their door to give them money.
  8. -Cantha expansion -Playable Tengu race -New elite specs -Demonetize build templates -Overhaul core dungeon explorable paths with strike mission mechanics and add incentives for vets to help new players learn how to play properly with achievements and rewardsDungeons are the first group content that the game encourages players to check out. Right now, the dungeon system in this game is a liability. It scares more people away from the game with a dead LFG when these instances could be used to teach new players how to play correctly and create a pipeline to fractals and raids. When you get a mail
  9. I've been playing the Guild Wars franchise since 2005. What I'm most disappointed about with regards to this recent announcement is how ArenaNet doesn't seem to try at all to innovate anymore. It seems like the developers have settled into a formulaic pattern of behavior that gets the best results for their bottom line rather than trying to invent ways to deepen the player experience. Some of this blame rests with management and some rests with capitalism as a system of production that gives incentives for companies to actually ignore consumer feedback as long as they're still making money fro
  10. We'll find out. :) The only thing that will be super annoying will be the queues from all the PVE players trying to get the mount, but that'll die off. At least we might get to keep some of the PVE players who find they enjoy WVW and otherwise, have not bothered with it.I'm assuming this was their rationale. I'm also assuming they're trying to get PvE players into WvW before the alliance update. People may panic, but ultimately, I think they're trying to make WvW appealing to those who otherwise never touch it.
  11. There are several references to the "heroes" who helped Kormir vanquish Abbadon and so on, so the game does recognize the legacy of the player character, but as for any claims of lineage, I think they leave that up to the player to conceptualize, which, I think, is the most tasteful and open-ended way it could have been handled.
  12. Play anything but elementalist Elementalists are in a decent place right now. Both of their elite specs are meta-viable and have well-distinguished roles in support, condi-dps, and power-dps. Staff could use some attention and they could do more to make varied weapon sets viable, but there's really no reason to avoid the class if it interests you.
  13. Passive game play can be fun if it's not something that over-centralizes the need to counter with class or sigil specific features like boon ripping. In order to adequately handle this Rev build and keep it from decimating in team fights, you basically have to focus boon rip and even then it's still very powerful. Not all classes have access to reliable boon rip to handle passive elements of a class. It creates game play situations that aren't engaging and show that there's a selfish element to the class design since devs seem to care more about how OP they can make a class feel to the player
  14. Riposting Shadows is Shiro's signature skill from GW1. It's disgustingly powerful and a callback to the actual legend. I think that it should be powerful, but the ability of the Revenant to stack so many boons that buff the damage to insane levels without any real game play investment (like blasting might for example) as a passive is what should be looked at and adjusted in PvP specifically.
  15. Hey, thanks. Did not think that the subject line would be much of a spoiler, but I like it better this way. :) Dialogue and music are "similar aesthetics"? :o I don't think so. They are aesthetic features because they embellish existing content or underlying game play and they are similar in that they are related to audio or narrative design. You've made 3 different topics about the latest release today. I'm not sure if you just think that your take on everything is that important to everyone that you need 3 separate topics for what could be summarized under one with bullet points or perhaps
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