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  1. I'm the original poster and I never once said I wanted a different way to get the turtle mount. I want the friggin meta FIXED. I want it to be rewarding and not create such a toxicity in the player base... toxicity certainly on display right here, in your message. You're the reason I want it fixed. Enjoy that.
  2. Did you (or others posting here) even read the original post on this thread before you started lecturing everyone? This is not just about it being too hard for open world groups. It's also about the complete lack of rewards for failure, and the toxicity that the meta has brought out in people (strict raid requirements, required buffs/classes, calling people out for not leaving the map). The level of challenge of the meta, good or bad, is completely overwhelmed by the collateral damage.
  3. That is absolutely NOT what we experienced when I wrote what I wrote yesterday, though, several hours after the so-called nerf. The leaders of the squads I was with all said that it was exactly like it had been on the weekend. We had a lot of tail time and a LOT of RNG-based swapping.
  4. That's the thing with the elitist snob players here who have done the DE meta 14,392 times and beaten it every time with 876 minutes to spare and counting... they don't care. And they don't recognize themselves as being in the minority, even though they are. Still nothing from ArenaNet today about this stuff. Sigh.
  5. Good for you. That doesn't make my feedback, or anyone else's feedback, any more or less valuable.
  6. And according to a developer earlier tonight, they're going to add a different method to get the turtle egg next week. Ugh.
  7. Yeah. I cannot believe that their answer to this is "we will just remove the siege turtle precursor from the meta," as if that's not going to stop half the players or more from doing the meta in the first place. Sigh.
  8. I've been playing since before HoT came out and I've loved this game, I have one of every class at max level, I got all of them through PoF and enjoyed the bounty trains and open world stuff, love world bosses. I tuned into every live stream from Guild Chat, I was there watching Rubi host the devs and designers. I was watching when Connor killed the cat (noooo!!!!) I'm your target demographic, someone who plays a lot and buys a LOT of stuff from your shop. But I have now reached my limit... the DE meta has completely broken my spirit. I just spent almost two hours on an organized m
  9. And again, not just the issues with RNG, but the fact that you get nothing for failing it. I wish more people were talking about that. To me, that's the biggest problem.
  10. Honestly, NOTHING in the game is as hard *and unrewarding* as a failed Dragon's End meta. This is the real problem nobody wants to talk about... it's really tough for open world groups, and we can debate back and forth on whether it's too hard or not (I think it is), but there's NOTHING to show for failing it. From start to finish, we're talking about an hour or more. I'm leveling my second character through Cantha because I did the DE meta four times on my primary character, and failed four times, once with literally about 1% of health left. Got nothing. That was soul crushing, s
  11. And let's remember that there is NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE WHATSOEVER for this game. Buying DLC items is a thing in other games (like Elder Scrolls Online) and there's no reason why it shouldn't be here, for a game that doesn't have a subscription.
  12. My Review Pros: I love the maps, they're absolutely stunning. I had a great time exploring them. I think New Kaineng is my favorite. Can't wait for the next season's additions. Story was magnificent. The climax in Dragon's End was so fun, it reminded me of the Balthazar stuff at the end of PoF. (Bonus points for the amazing epilogue in Divinity's Reach. Thank you for going all in on the you-know-what-that-I-won't-spoil with M & K... haters be damned, it was beautiful.) I really like the Jade Bot addition. Still getting the hang of the fishing & skif
  13. This. Every map I've been in, I've seen people saying this... it's way too hard and takes too long, with no reward if you lose (and most people lose.) Dragon's Stand takes a long time, too, as does the Octovine meta, but people didn't burn out on those because there were lots of tasty rewards to keep playing it. I think ANet needs to take a hard look at the combination of factors here -- incredible time sink, high chance to fail, and no reward if you do fail -- and come to terms with the fact that this isn't sustainable. It's a wonderful meta, it just needs to be tweaked to reward peop
  14. Here's the problem with this meta being so tough: People are going to get tired of failing it and stop caring. Seriously, I've done it 3 times now (I just came to the map yesterday). We just failed my third attempt with literally around 1-2% remaining, and that was with a very well organized group. And we have NOTHING to show for it. I like challenge, but I don't think that a meta should live or die based upon everyone doing exactly what they have to do at every moment... that stuff requires real organization, which is fine in a guild group, but not with random open w
  15. I'm really not sure why you're not seeing other players. Just this morning, I did the meta event to spawn the world boss (and killed said boss) in Echovald Wilds TWICE, both with pretty large groups. I didn't do anything with the LFG tool, I just saw that meta events were being done and I joined them.
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