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  1. And im over here wanting ways to actually tone the games shinyness down to the bugged levels without resorting to outside stuff >.> Game burns my eyeballs in some places, even with my monitor at 5% brightness its obnoxious.
  2. I think thats a legacy design decision. The first map can only hold 5, the second 10, then 25, and so on, the maximum amount of players a guild hall map gets bigger each time it closes a map, not sure why it does that tho.
  3. I was gonna say, bladed guns, or swords with guns started being made almost as soon as guns got invented. They are old, and a gunblade is a perfectly fine name for them. -shrug-
  4. They got a ton of angry and negative feedback about missing releases and never being able to go back to them. Thats why they stopped it. Not to mention player burn out, due to the rapid release cycle they wanted to do. Ultimately what had me stop right when the probes went up around Tyria was the burn out. It was so bad i didnt come back till a month before HOT went live. Im still not happy i cant experience lws1 in its full extent. I hope they keep bringing some of it back like they have(scrying pool, and adding in the events like marionette to a rotation in eotn.). Im also down to remaster older content/armor/weapins etc. Bringing the entire core game up to the visusl level of the expansions would be nice to see.
  5. I have no foot in either race ^^ It would be cool if it happened but i understand the amount of work it would be.
  6. "Its already bad, it doesnt need to be worse" i believe is the thought behind those responses.
  7. Even being aware of it, itz turned a few friends of mine off from trying it. They have no issues paying for the expansions, but they way they see it the living world seasons are part of the expansion and should come unlocked with it. I cant really argue with that. Each one aside from IBS is tied to an expansion.
  8. Ive had some experience rigging and my own experience lines up with what i said earlier, and its also why the models phsyically break when they are equipped with heavier or lighter clothing in modeling programs. Shoot, ive got a ship i made that has 3 different variations and a majority of the points dont line up with the kther variations. They share some common ones, but specific points are all different.
  9. For scepter/dagger: its largely due to the animations on fire and earth regardless of tempest or base ele. For dagger/dagger its sadly due to them not feeling good, im not sure how else to describe it. They just dont feel good as a weapon they feel weak, and anemic. Ive yet to check numbers but a p/p thief feels better than ele d/d For staff: its just plain weak now. They nerfed alot of its damage due to how weaver interacted with it(before the pvp/wvw/pve skill split started) and they never undid the nerfs for pve. Some of the changes happened because of raids(meteor shower, lave font, and the ice bows barrage skill), but they overdid those nerfs and havent bothered touching the weapons sense. For focus: focus has always been a bad choice for pve, its a weapon type mainly for pvp/wvw but they could make changes to focus to make it useful in pve too. For sword/any offhand its the rotation. NOW when it comes to the class as a whole Core ele is weak now, and i think alot of trait lines need to be tinkered with, and so do alot of core skills. Tempest is fine? Ive only used the meta build for it because it *is* the viable build for tempest. Not alot of room to play with tempest. Weaver has a durability issue, its not to bad damage wise for sword(i cant use the rotation as ive said, im glad others can, but i doubt many are even approaching the levels of damage my condi sb can pump out with one weapon and one skill.) i dont disagree its a tough design choice to make. But the weapons im targetting for buffs are already bad and underused in pve due to past nerfs because of other game modes, which isnt an issue now. the rest of what i said, is just a fantasy that will never come to pass. Id love to have a weapon swap in combat in pve for ele and engineer. For ele id love for ele to focus down to two attunments to gain that weapon swap. Just a dream though.
  10. Sounds like they got the skills confused. Dragon Hunters Deflecting shot has a knockback on it. Regardless getting stuck in walls from knockbacks has been an issue in pvp for years.
  11. It was, yes. Back when all of eles weapons did a decent amount of damage and all were ranged it wasnt a big deal, but the changes they did to make Sword weaver changed ele(for the worse). Tempest scepter/dagger is good for pve yes, but not enjoyable(also the animations for scepter are awkward to watch to the point i only camp air/water on it). Sword weavers rotation is way to hard to even get close to doing for me(hand issues.), my other classes with easier rotations do more damage AND have better durability than ele to the point ita obnoxious. Id rather lose two attunments, and have weapon swap. Like revanant, than keep four attunments, of which i only use two anyways because im not traited(armor and skill wise) to use the two properly. Granted they could also buff some of the worse off weapons/skills for pve(some would need some really major rework though for pve.) but they seem to be looking at benchmarks and assuming every player can do that, and its not even close to possible that every ele is that skilled.
  12. Id be fine with that across the whole class. Always thought it would be better to have two attunments with a weapon swap anways. My biggest gripe and hate with ele (and ive got 2.5k hours on mine) is not being able to switch between ranged and melee weapons. I used to run the ice bow for that, but its not worth it it anymore. Really hampering when it comes to open world pve, and honestly just for pve they could enable weapon swapping in combat, big ol QOL feature for ele in pve 😕
  13. As cool as it would be theres a more practical issue they have said is the reason its not possible(without overhauling ALOT of stuff and anet has said as much.) Each armor weight is set to be on a particular skeleton for that race. Ele, Necros And Mesmers on Charr(as an example) have entirely different rigging points for their armor. When someone pulled a heavy armor character out of the game and threw light armor on it it actually broke the model. Previewing those heavier(or lighter) armors actually forces the game to load that races skeleton of the appropriate weight in the window, which is why you load nakked. Outfits also have a unique skeleton per race, but not per armor weight, which is why they cannot set them up as individual armors. Would it be cool? Yes. Are they aware of this as something players want? Yes.
  14. Id rather they not touch the cinematic scenes they have(at least the two characters talking ones.) I enjoy them alot more than the current standard which forces me to mute the game and do other things. Also the original Zhaitan fight was alot harder than it is now. It got toned down quite a bit, but i think theres some sTuff they could do to make it better. HOWEVER: the final story used to be the Arah dungeon story mode, and i doubt it will ever be touched, as much as i would love to see it get updated, just like the rest of dungeons. I would love to see the older maps/armors/weapons/pets etc updated to the level of detail scene on newer content. For season 1 theres a decent chunk of the character plot currently in the EOTN scrying pool not all of it mind, but it gives a better depth of intro than the current and i plan on playing through my next character a little different. Personal Story -> scrying pool scenes for lws1 -> then lws2 onward.
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