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  1. What's worse is that if you did go for those 5 kills, another sPvP achievement would likely replace it. Even the same achievement, because it thinks it is so close even though you haven't progressed that tier. In that same vain i love having the achievements i cant even work on be stuck in that window(HOM achievements, Extra Life Community goals, etc.) These story achievements are just as bad.
  2. Let's hope the drop rate isn't as disgustingly abysmal as the invisible shoe box or the Raven chest piece. On that, they seem to have done something to the drop rate on the Raven chest piece, overnight it's gone from having one available on the TP for 7,800g to having 12 on the TP, cheapest at 646g. I can only assume it was bugged before. https://www.gw2bltc.com/en/item/92790-Reliquary-of-the-Raven-Ceremonial-Garb It'd be great, if they did the same to the invisible shoe boxes.12 pieces aren't terribly much though. At least 11 were sold between the release and now. There is also 13 currently
  3. Tengu was suppose to be the 5th playable race when they changed to be the charr. The intended stuff always first, please! Largos are so elfish/human, ugh...Kodan looks good but there is better customization in an aviar race than a bear one.More variety with Tengu than the other 2. This is truth. It came down to the chopping block of either Charr or Tengu if i recall correctly. Also, Largos being customizable would be a nightmare due to requiring the re-breather thing all the time, also the fins on the back.
  4. TBH i do think open world should get a version of legendary armor, while yes it would require WVW and PVP like most of the weapons, it wouldnt require doing raids, which would actually make it obtainable for far more people. But if they dont its not an issue either. stat swapping is cheap.
  5. I don't know why you're so condescending and rude to me. You just continue to make assertions about my intentions. This isn't worth the time. Have a good day. To be fair, hes right about alot of what he said. You can do all of what you want without a dedicated mode or server, the devs dont need to spend time or money making something that can be done already. Further, he is also correct about skins.
  6. Yup. I run around on a Condi SB or a power ele and actively look for players, far easier to avoid them if ones looking for them. Also Mindcircus, i know time = currency, but in PVE you need a second currency always, you dont just get clovers for the currency of time.(monthly rewards i suppose, but you earn far less from that then from wvw/pvp tracks.) Karma, Materials, coins etc are always required for PVE along with time spent getting those materials. One could argue that its because wvw/pvp are more dangerous, but considering ive made 14 legendaries without fighting many players, i dont thi
  7. Minions do things on their own too and they are way more useful than turrets.
  8. If you mean the WvW reward tracks, yes, I agree you can get them that way, but for some of us, WvW is pure torture."pure torture"... indeed.I find it really hard to empathize when the request is for a "non RNG" method of acquisition... then someone points out no less than three methods... and the response is hyperbole and over dramatization. The most efficient way to many shinies in this game will be via playing a variety of content and game modes then leveraging the rewards towards your goals.This is very clearly by design and impacts players of all three game modes.Ask that PvP player how t
  9. My elementalist can already run around in full plate fit for a Guardian, and my warrior can march around in a frilly dress. Outfits already throw this argument to the curb and stomp it into dust. At this point, saying no is just being difficult for the sake of being difficult. Also at this point, I think the issue is what the game does in transmuting items. We're more transferring stats to a different item than changing the appearance of said item. So... the issue is largely to do with armor values? Because I'm not seeing where clipping would be a massive issue. Gloves and boots generall
  10. Ive posted heavily on these threads as i seem to be the only person who was willing to go dig through the old forums to find the posts. Due to design decisions -years- before the game was even released anet made it so that each skeleton on each different race had different rigging points for different armor weights. When you try and preview a heavy armor piece on a light armor character it clears the skins due to have to load an entirely different skeleton. Players back in the early days of the game ripped the models out of the game including skeletons and put different armor weights on differ
  11. Same here. Client dropped me out no longer able to connect. Build: 103632Error Code: 58:11:1:812
  12. Just do unranked and do not do ranked/tournaments to avoid toxic players, in many contents you have the chance to learn and to enjoy things, doing things not avoiding them, at different levels, using mounts it doesn't mean avoid the JP, and at the end if You avoid them, well You will do one time and stop, where it's the problem? what's different from taking a port and stop? btw this example it's not even near the argument of this post Doing unranked PVP is the only way i play PVP Anymore, better yet i only do rooms with progression. Daily rooms are wonderful things. I get to get the rewards o
  13. People might have given up doing SI in favor of doing Forged with Fire since it's the same reward. When I was on the map frequently I saw them both being done, sometimes by the same group. Forged with Fire probably succeeds more often because it can be completed by fewer people (my personal record is starting it solo and going up to 5 or 6 by the end) and with less coordination, but it seemed to be that people were doing whichever was up when they were there.really depends on which server you are on. NA vs EU, the differences in the events and groups that do them, and when they get done is pr
  14. TBH i agree with this. Any Account Bound drop should be far far easier to obtain. Tequatl, Scion and Wurm boxes specifically. Rare drops are okay, i love them, but they should be rare and tradeable. Not, rare and not tradeable, thus creating the problem of players never obtaining them.
  15. Problem with this thread is nobody really cares about people obtaining the rewards through a mesmer portal, but a mount and glider is to far for some reason. i mean you can ban helping, sure. will it be a good sign? doubtful.the thing is that you can get other achievements by their equivalent of a mesmer portal. if somebody gifts you 2 legendaries to bind them, who would deny you the twice told legend achievement and title? who would deny it if you bought 2 legendaries? that is a lot of gold to farm. but can you just click a button and have the achievement unlocked without ever having had a
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