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  1. I'd like to at least try a few days of no downstate in pvp.
  2. I am gold 3 with this ftp alt acc. How is it possible for me to lose 12 points facing TWO duo queuers, one of them being the #12 and #15 on the rankings? I am genuinely curious about how do I even lose any points for a match we had ZERO chance of winning from the beginning. How long until we get a fairer system? gw206.jpg (1920×1080) (ibb.co)
  3. There is this guy in top 10 NA playing core mesmer and he can have 3 or 4 distortion without almost any CD whatsoever between them. What is this build? He ALWAYS has distortion available.
  4. And remember you guys are not even considering duo queues. It straitgh up f the already bad matchmaking.
  5. At this point, I dont even care. Imagine having the same half dozen maps for almost ten years now. What kinda game does that...
  6. That would make more sense.
  7. gw185.jpg (1920×1080) (ibb.co) This is just silly at this point LOL. I am low plat with this acc and for some reason I am against top 10 player duo queuer with no duos on my team. Guess there is no logic behind the matchmaking after all.
  8. That is just asking people to abuse it. What is stopping high ranked players to duoQ with a friend in an alt acc who threw a lot of games and is in silver or smt? 1800 player and 1250 alt friend = 1525. So the legendary player and his friend in an alt acc who is also a very skilled player are now farming 1525 rating people.
  9. That would be ideal, but I gave up on hoping for it. We had a few seasons where duoQ wasn't allowed above 1600 ratio and, at least on NA, not a single player got legendary on that seasons. That shows how much of an advantage duoQ gives you.
  10. LOLANET.png (916×319) (ibb.co) How hard it is to put one duoQ on each team?
  11. True. It is the last match though. 2:43:00 I guess. I almost cried from laughing.
  12. Ok, the last game of this RIP's stream is the f perfect example of what I was saying. LOL. Rank 1 EU | mirage ranked matches - Twitch Go to 2:59:20. Watch it. It is priceless OMFG.
  13. Yep. Welcome to pvp. It wont change. Have a nice stay. To OP: just change your presence to invisible and dont mind chat.
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