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  1. Other games guarantee you to get a specific legendary reward by doing a specific content just once? Wow, where do I have to go for this kind of luxury? ArenaNet gave us the choice between 3 different game modes: WvW, PvP and PvE. It also didn't make the journey based on RNG; the goals are calculable (including the time frame).
  2. Woot? I am pretty sure that price is heavily miscalculated.
  3. I am certain there are games out there that fit the taste of people who want high-tech in their fantasy world. But GW2 didn't start out like that and I didn't commit to it for so many years only to have it turned into something else. Sorry, just sad and frustrated with the status quo.
  4. I wasn't talking about GW2 compared to GW1 (though GW1's Cantha is dear to my heart). I was talking about the original GW2 compared to the direction it seems to be taking gradually. I started playing GW2 because I love traditional, classic fantasy, not because I wanted some super high-tech setting. Steam tech was okay up to a certain point, as well as a basic amount of magi-tech... but then we started to have Asuran technology with computer terminals and monitors everywhere, even in ancient spots like Tarir, and the addition of annoying comm devices (only so that they could economize on t
  5. Unfortunately, that's only reason for doing that dreadfully boring meta. You're right, they won't change anything because of this.
  6. I found the story with the Zephyrite Master quite dramatic as well. I am sure there will be a big bang at the beginning of EoD... I just don't have much confidence at the moment that it will lead into a story I will like, seeing as they've turned Cantha into a futuristic cybertech-like world (with all the dragon jade technology and the consoles attached to beautiful old buildings), which for me doesn't mix well with the traditional parts or the fantasy setting of GW2 in general (and I am scared the game will generally go in this direction from here on). I could be wrong, of course. We'll see.
  7. I didn't say it needed it, I merely responded to the comparison, as someone mentioned LWS2 as a dramatic lead-in to HoT.
  8. The Local.dat has nothing to do with DX11. You asked where it's located and I gave you a link that contains the precise information on its location.
  9. You can have both windows open, see what you're still missing, then look it up on the TP. Or you could sort the TP items by category and price and hover over each to see if you've already unlocked it. These are the only two methods I know, there is no faster/more efficient way. Sorry.
  10. Your bank has a Wardrobe tab where you can preview most skins, but not all. For some unknown reason they didn't add everything in there.
  11. Yep, they said on the live stream that you had to be in the same party with your co-rider. Well, they did say that possibility wasn't off the table, so...
  12. You just need to collect a couple of things by redoing a heart and harvesting some Winterberry bushes etc: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Thaw_Elixir The character needs to have finished the episode, though, in order to gain the ability to produce another Thaw Elixir, as mentioned in that GW2 Wiki entry.
  13. Well, a conversation doesn't equal a full season. 😉 I am certain we will get some lead into EoD, as you suggested, it just won't feel as dramatic.
  14. That's terrible. I hope they will be able to fix it permanently to spare people the hassle.
  15. Pick a character you enjoy(ed) playing the most and continue with the core story and map exploration until the character reaches Level 80 (and beyond, if you have the time). Read up on the story, if you are in a hurry and want to skip right to EoD. Otherwise, just continue playing the story in chronological order and don't spoil the fun for yourself. You can pause any episode at any time and continue on later, but jumping between the story releases could be a bit confusing. The inventory bags (and bag slots) you add are limited to that character. Here is what type of bag
  16. I hope not, because that would make legendaries ordinary gear with nothing special about it. While I don't mind the LW Return legendary amulet reward, I would have preferred if it was given only to players who have completed all existent episode achievements already there and not the easy few from the Return section - that would have felt more like a reward well deserved. (shrugs)
  17. Mobs: You could kill them once and they would be gone for good, a luxury we don't have in GW2's open world. 😉 Story: Not good?! What? It was a fantastic story. No GW2 story so far comes even close in quality. Nightfall was also so much better than PoF, but I have a feeling that the story quality gab between Factions and EoD will be huge. So much this! 👍
  18. Hmm, okay. I had the same issue a couple of months ago. I am using Firefox, which I have properly configured and security add-ons and blockers installed as well. I couldn't log into the support site at the time. When I opened the site in Google Chrome, which I never use and which doesn't have as many tight security settings, I could log in just fine. That's why I assumed that might be the issue here. Sorry then.
  19. You will find all required information on this other thread:
  20. Could be an ad-blocker or tacking block that is causing it. Either deactivate them for the particular site or use a second browser if you have one installed.
  21. What does "3X" mean? "3 x" (as in "three times"), per chance? And even if so, I don't understand the question. Who is "we"? Have you just started the human personal story for the first time? If so, locations depend on the story paths you choose.
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