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  1. I liked it a lot myself!! One of the best passes they've added so far. Well worth the 1000 gems, especially if you don't own any passes from previous releases. If your curious to what this place looks like and what it has to offer. I made a video for you all. https://youtu.be/migBx4blFPw
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXHvpICdc8A&t=1s Here u go mate!
  3. There's a few different variants you can run. My two favorites are the one Amadeus mention with the Drake, also you can run tiger/owl with axe/dagger instead of longbow for the permanent chill gameplay, very annoying to play against. And your pets do nasty damage.
  4. I'm so glad to hear that Tulkas! Thanks for responding. I'll make more of these - feedback has been good so far. I can do Hammer next. No problemo! 😁
  5. Hello all PvPers! πŸ™‹β™₯️ I've been trying to improve on my DH gameplay as of late. I recorded a couple of close matches because I wanted to look back at what I was doing wrong. Oh and boy was my mind blown. I made a lot more mistakes than I thought, and I could've easily deleted the video and told no one about it. But I'm hoping this can be both educational to you and to me. So here it is, the DH Guardian PvP Commentary (Numero Uno?)
  6. Thank you for the lovely reply! πŸ₯° Appreciate it. And thanks for great ideas on further videos! I've written all of it down, and I will get right to work! I probably would want to section this into multiple videos so it's not too much information at once for the new player to consume. That was my initial idea with the New Player Guide. To go over "everything", but in absolute basics, to let the new player get a grasp of all the core features, but yet not be confused by the depth that is available within all those features. Makes sense? Expect to see more from me soon. πŸ’ͺ
  7. Hello guys! ❀️ There are so many new players coming to Guild Wars 2 these days, with the hot mess going on in the MMO industry right now, both the Blizzard lawsuit and the delays of New World. So, as a content creator I need to take care of these players! How do I do that? Well- A complete (and updated for 2021!) new player guide is a good start. πŸ˜„ If you already play Guild Wars 2 or have friends that want to get into the game, you’re more than welcome to share this guide with them. #shamelessselfpromo
  8. I get what you were saying. Although I seemed to have been right. Willbender looks absolutely crazy. πŸ˜‚
  9. I think the punching and the kicks look cool, asian style combat flavor fits the cultural theme of Cantha. But I agree that the swords are somewhat distracting us from seeing exactly what skills and effects are being used in the trailer. But maybe that's sort of the point? To hide it a little? I'm pretty sure the cone skill with the blue fist animation replaces F1, and the jump+teleport that smashes into the ground looks to give aegis on impact, so that might be replace F3?
  10. That is correct! I made a video yesterday breaking down what I could find of abilities and mechanics in the trailer. It looks like we have a very exciting spec coming our way. And it looks a lot different from DH. I truly believe this will shine in WvW Roaming. Hopefully the traits are just as good. Crossing my fingers for an alac source. But we'll see.
  11. Celestial Signet Roamer is pretty good and fun! If not I like a good old Power Chrono for one shot memes.
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