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  1. Is this getting fixed at any point? To recap: Binding keys 4 or 5 to a mount skill makes skills 4 or 5 on skiff, raptor taxi and tortoise gunner position no longer react to keyboard input.
  2. If that was the case, the mobs would be attacking the pet, but they're always attacking the skiff first. Only when the pet starts engaging them, do they change targets. Also I've had numerous mobs attack my other characters' skiffs. I don't see any difference in the frequency of getting attacked between having a pet outside or not. An yes, killing the mob myself would be quicker, but then I'd have to enter the skiff and anchor again, or try to get back on the skiff using the skimmer. I'm still waiting for a skiff skin with a ramp, so you can easily climb back in.
  3. Honestly? It's the reason I'm using my ranger for fishing. The pet is currenlty the only way to get rid of mobs attacking your skiff without jumping in the water. Pets spawned by armor runes show the same behavior. So add a golemancer rune and you have two pets getting rid of pests beneath your skiff. Sadly this only works while seated, so you have to wait for your pets to finish up before fishing.
  4. I wouldn't just want to see the chances, but also how much the item effectively (on average) costs. I've done the math for the skiff skin: Uncommon drops have a chance of 8.3% according to https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Black_Lion_Chest/Drop_rate There are 20 possible uncommon drops, so the chance for this particular item is 0.415% This means the skin drops on average every 1/0.00415=241 chests opened. 25 keys cost 2100 gems. This puts one key at 84 gems. 241 chests then cost 20244 gems. The skiff skin is currently priced at 20244 gems or 253$.
  5. First of all, you're NOT buying the stuff for free. You're buying it with someone else's cash. Someone paid real money for the gems you're spending. That's how the gold-gem exchange works. Second, no one asks for everything to be free. No one even asked for this particular skin to be free. You're arguing that a lot of ANet's revenue comes from the gemstore, but I don't see anyone arguing against the gemstore either. Who are you arguing against? The only thing that's being criticized here is making items exclusive to loot boxes. Just because other scampanies use loot boxes does n
  6. All the way back in 2012 PvE mobs would walk out of aoes. Then ANet scrapped this mechanic and made mobs pure hp bags. I believe the reason given was that it was too easy to manipulate mobs and prevent them from attacking players. Still, as long as ANet doesn't make the dps golem dodge and cleanse, I doubt your suggested changes would have any impact on balance.
  7. I use a Qwertz keyboard. I haven't tried rebinding skill 4 and 5 yet. Currently my mount skills are bound like this: Mount skill 1: 5, ctrl left Mount skill 2: 4, shift left I left the primary binding as a number because I like having them show up on the ui. The secondary binding is what I usually use when controlling a mount.
  8. Imo There should be a substantial fishing buff for fishing from the shore. The reason is that all fishing spots can be reached with a skiff *1 but not all fishing spots can be reached from the shore. This would also reward players for having the increased range mastery. As it currently stands, the increased range is utterly useless because you can park your skiff as close to the fishing node as you like. *1 Except for a very few that are located in no-mount zones.
  9. When you delete a character, all items on that character are deleted with it. You usually don't need to keep collectible items around. As soon as you obtain them, they are checked off in their respective collection. There are some exceptions where you still need the item to build another item. I don't know about the "dark harvester" and I wasn't able to find an item with that name on the wiki. As for legendaries: Since the introduction of the legendary wardrobe, legendaries are no longer items you can delete. They are account unlocks that can be equipped on as many characters of your
  10. Update: Skill 4 and 5 still can't be activated via keyboard. The problem persists for Skiff, Turtle (passenger only) and raptor taxi. On second thought the jade bot might not have anything to do with this, since it uses the slots 3 to 5 and skill 3 is unaffected.
  11. Another possibility is that one of you downloaded a patch that the other one didn't download yet. Players with different versions of the game can not play together. When the Teleport to Friend fails, check if there was a patch within the last 2 hours and if you might be on a different version than your friend.
  12. It's based on the in game time. You can check it with this link: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Day_and_night#Day-night_cycle
  13. Just wait until we get the legendary jade bot core to add to our wardrobe.
  14. Or you just kick people off the map into their character screens if they don't move or use a skill for a certain period of time.
  15. When riding the raptor taxi or the skiff, pressing 4 or 5 on my keyboard does not activate the skill. The skill can still be activated by clicking on it with the mouse. Character skills and mount skills are not affected. The 4 and 5 position is also the position for the Jade Bot up and down skills when flying the bot via a terminal. Both of which use completely different keybinds (v and space), however those keys don't activate the skills either. Still, Jade Bot controls could have something to do with this.
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