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  1. Of the same meta and same pof and hot builds because these elite specs have no place in a player vs player competitive game mode. At least for the vast majority of the playerbase. The first beta event was littered with harbingers, now, we I rarely even see anyone on a beta spec in matches or in the free for all arena. Maybe a few warriors and some revs trying them out. I haven't even been able to enjoy playing any of them in pve this beta weekend because they're just way too needlessly complicated or boring, or they were designed to have flashy animations and not much else. I sincer
  2. Resolved? Holo says hi. But yeah, these new specs have all been pretty kitten. Harbinger was alright, virtuoso had one build that played like burst condi mirage I enjoyed, and willbender and catalyst feel like a downgrade from core. Vindicator is probably the only one so far that seems interesting. And the new warrior spec just feels like it's going to be a meme or revolve around ammunition and shout abuse to be semi viable. Even then I doubt people will be using the actual profession mechanic or dragon slash. I'm assuming that all the new specs are made entirely for the new challenge mo
  3. Hammer feels awkward. Some of the skills are neat, primarily fire and air. Water has a nice heal and cleanse if you hit targets, but they're extremely slow, telegraphed, and it's difficult to stay in range. Weaver has this issue as well even with the traits granting swiftness, superspeed, and air sword 2. Toggling between mid and melee range just doesn't make sense. Really none of this spec makes sense. I'd rather the f5 skill be somekind of temporary transform with new weapon skills changing with your attunement. Instead, we have a well that has a timer, a resource to build, is station
  4. I honestly haven't been thrilled about any of them so far. I mean, harbinger was alright. Virtuoso was just boring but I found a condi build that plays pretty much exactly how mirage plays. These specs.. I haven't had much time with them but I just don't really get it. I mean, Rev seems like it could be kind of fun.. but at the end of the day it's just some weird amalgamation of renegade and herald. With fires from above being baked into greatsword 5. It's decent enough I guess. Bladesword was... clunky and it's cool you can charge big damage in pve.. but didn't seem that practical. C
  5. I found an enjoyable condi shatter build with it. But the thing is, it plays almost exactly like every other condi shatter build I've played. Chrono/mirage. scepter/torch dagger/pistol. Only thing different is dagger and you have to trait for bleeds. As far as power goes, it's not there. Synergy with other weapons... not there. Everything being projectile attacks with cast times... okay.. neat. It feels pretty aimless in design just for the sake of pretty animations and not having clones. Woohoo. Mesmer was one of the most unique professions in this game due to the clone/phan
  6. I mean, I've played the build. I know how it works. A 3 year old could pick up the build and be successful. Why would you play a risky playstyle like Willbender when you can just camp stealth with superspeed and traps and do more damage? But I'm not even going to argue with you because it's obvious you would be lost without this cheesy build. So have fun!
  7. Hmm, maybe make sword skill 3 an aoe spin attack that reflects projectile instead of a root that blocks in front of you? Quickness is definitely needed for this build and I'm not sure why Harbinger gets an instant cast dash on shroud 3, but virtuoso's elite and willbender's virtue 2 require you to select a direction first. It feels like they had one theme going for this spec, and then read forum posts about Almorra's fight mechanics and the flame trail and dashing and were like.. oh.. well let's add that. I've found like ONE nuke condi build for Virtuoso that's pretty much the same
  8. How are you going to sell people on the half-baked idea of Willbender if you can't even do anything about one of the easiest, most mindless, toxic builds in the game?
  9. And when your f4 is a block that can be interrupted.. uh.. why am I casting this? I'll just wait for my utility and ignore this button. And firing it at someone, them getting out of range, and my cooldowns going up.. yeah.. not fun. It's basically just every shatter getting renegade shortbow 2, yet it's like.. designed 1000x worse.
  10. Gotchya. They got tired of the "mesmer one shot me from stealth" threads and really thought of everything this time around, huh? At least necro gained some spammable disengage skills though! I'd complain less with this being beta, but a lot of the mirage beta was people talking about the shortcomings of the spec their solution was to remove a dodge. Guess my hopes of them salvaging this spec this late in production are pretty low.
  11. Why does it seem like anytime I use stealth I'm just instantly revealed? Is it awkward timing of the blade shatters? Is it the projectiles from daggers coming back to me? Is it me gaining a blade from my phantasms finishing my chain? From what I can tell it seems like running anything with stealth with Virtuoso either takes some extremely methodical gameplay or is a general waste of a utility.
  12. 11 pages of comments on this thread versus... 6.. on the others? Coupled with an arena filled to the brim in the Mists at all times with at least 4 harbingers is a clear sign that necro is overperforming, imo. And it won't take long for people to find builds that make this new elite spec seem like it's cheat mode. I like the fact that it seems more single target oriented but the self-sustain is pretty insane right now. That being said I think this is pretty balance and I don't want to cry about it being insane right now because it's definitely something that will take getting use
  13. I did some living world maps on a power Willbender and it felt like a really fun build. I stepped into pvp and it felt like it had no identity. The damage isn't there, even when full glass. It has mobility but you have to double cast most of the virtues which often are too short of range and stop before you actually land on someone. You have to land multi-strikes to make the most use of your virtues. It felt like they borrowed a lot of things from other classes and I think it works in open world pve, but that's it. A shadowstep and teleport back? Where have I seen that before? Oh,
  14. I'd agree that going with a different elite spec weapon like bow or giving them dual daggers would have been a better choice. As it is, you either run pistol for slight burst and a stun, or focus for the pull to get them in line with your aoe. I didn't even bother trying scepter, staff felt terrible, and greatsword is just... greatsword. It felt like it had little identity. Attaching "song" at the end of every shatter and tossing "blade" into the word of every skill but giving them little synergy with anything else in the traits does not cohesion make. If I had constructive criticis
  15. Running pistol for the stun just to have the slight opportunity of landing any of your 15 projectile attacks that are slow. You can also run focus, it seemed to work decent. Torch seems only decent for some condi cleanse that the build desperately needs. why harbinger gets elixirs that give them full boons, condition removal and resolution, and has better damage with their projectile autos is beyond me. it seems like you pretty much have to run inspiration and even then landing a shatter feels like far too much work right now.
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