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  1. I was standing in the center and the curtain was to the left of me, so theoretically I shouldn't have been pulled into the portal. But given the misleading range on curtain, especially on things like walls, I suppose it's possible. But given they were on the INSIDE of the keep and there was another gate before the one I was standing at, I'm not sure how the mesmer managed to land a curtain on the outside of the keep. Unless they were on the wall above and jumped down, but then it should have pulled me into the middle section not all the way through both gates. Pretty stupid regardless.
  2. I would understand if it was TWO curtains, one pulling to the top of the stairs and another pulling over the wall, but no, numerous times I have been pulled from the bottom of the stairs over the wall by ONE curtain. It's just that certain mesmers that have been using it for a long time in wvw know how to position it to abuse it. And that's what it is, abuse of a skill that needs to be looked at. But there's really no point in defending a keep these days anyway with server imbalance, siege being useless unless you have 6 people on an arrow cart and they don't get pulled or bombed, and blobs
  3. I doubt it. Focus pull doesn't require los and has an extremely vague and seemingly inconsistent range.
  4. Assuming I'm lying. Go get a buddy and test it out. I was standing near the middle of the outside gate, curtain showed up and BOOM, pulled inside both gates to entrance near waypoint of the blue keep in ebg. Nice try though. And no, I don't have a video because it was a split second and I don't stream like 80% of the rest of the population, apparently. If you don't believe me you can easily find someone on another server and test it yourself. As far as how, no clue. The keep was owned by us and it may not work if the keep wasn't ours, but I find it really hard to believe that it
  5. Or instead of having it be score based we could have a system that balances based on population. I shouldn't be up against Maguma or Jade Quarry on a server running MAYBE 20 (10 of which are chasing butterflies or afk'ing at spawn) people going against two servers that have map queues seemingly 24/7.
  6. I was standing OUTSIDE THE SECOND GATE OF OUR KEEP AS WE ARE GETTING FARMED, and a temporal curtain somehow pulled me THROUGH both gates to where they were nuking the entrance. You NEED to fix this broken ability. It ignores los, it pulls people from the stairs of a tower ALL THE WAY OVER THE WALL, and it has no business being in this game mode. Excuse me for thinking I would be safe standing 3 feet away from the OUTSIDE OF THE KEEP waiting to enter. Nope, focus pulled THROUGH walls now apparently. This has gone on long enough and it's no wonder this game mode is rapidly dying.
  7. You would think Aurene would be able to "brand" her and conserve her somehow. She may still walk with a limp but you'd think if she had a crystalline body she wouldn't have to worry about muscle decay. Maybe she has a plan to transfer her consciousness or get branded but is holding out because she wants to have Gorrik's babies. Imagine those hairless sharp-toothed little runs running around performing experiments on people. We'd never have another problem we couldn't solve with a few more of them running around.
  8. I have my cats in the market of Windswept. I wish I could take them with me when I switch guild halls though when new ones come out in Cantha. I'll just pretend I put them in my home district. lol But yeah, adding ambient creatures even as decorations could be cool. But they didn't even add Path of Fire music to the anthem/song vendor so fat chance we'll ever see that. Also, to the op - if you check out the Luminate's throne in Tarir and jump out the window you'll see a flock of birds fly out. It's pretty neat.
  9. There was an interesting post on Reddit showing a close-up of Kunavang's eyes. I went looking for something in the past but somehow missed it. It looks like the silhouette of the Mai Trin looking girl in the concept art in Kuna's eye. Interesting to think of who it is if so, and more so if that is the voice that's talking to Kunavang. Nothing insisting that Kunavang is looking at the speaker towards the end of the trailer so it could just be Kunavang looking at the new commander placeholder.
  10. I am curious as to how it will work given we have cultural armor that has to be transmuted before it can be passed to another character of a different race. But I'm assuming that once we add the items to the armory, duplicates will be created on each character with whatever their base appearance is. Just a guess though.
  11. Oh, I see. He's referring to the scriptures of Abaddon that Joko had stashed. But one of them is stated to just be a map to a "powerful wish granting Djinn." So, kind of but not really.
  12. His imagination, best I can tell. Unless I missed something we never got any explanation and only had minor hints here pointing toward the Djinn theory.
  13. It is a shame that we never got to learn more about how Joko became the way he is. I think it's presumed that a Djinn granted him his immortality, but it is pretty weird to think that a lowly Djinn could grant a being so much control over versus an elder dragon of death.
  14. I mean, Guild Wars 2 doesn't even have marketing and the only players it pulls in for expansions generally are veterans. It's also not a subscription so people can purchase the expansion and play it simultaneously or park it while they play something else. I'm just going based off of past releases. I've never gotten the impression that they INTENTIONALLY held back on a release because they were afraid of it competing with some other game or expansion pack or patch of a game.
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