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  1. Yeah idk i bought an equipment slot and found that out the hard way. Shit design if you ask me. Meanwhile most games give you unlimited space for free 99.
  2. Well congratulations are in order for getting it right. Guess ill start playing again now that you came to your senses. I haven't pkayed since the template roll out now you got me with the carrot again.
  3. If you need a ingame item to give you covid19 awareness perhaps you should take a sec and rethink how to spend some of your time.
  4. Well i was thinking about jumping back in after a 5 month hiatus to get me some legendary. But after seeing the requirements online i figure nope. I always hated this forceful play. Here's a thought how about make 3 different sets of legendary trinkets for the 3 modes of play. Fuck pvp, fuck wvw and as a matter of fact fuck you for trying me with this moldy, stale, and stinky carrot.
  5. No. I find it quite easy to get into other games. Right now im playing monster hunter world iceborne. Excellent action/mmoish hybrid. Capcom released a roadmap thats very satisfactory. In the spring i plan to jump to Phantasy Star Online as my next mmo. ill play gw2 after the season is over so i can binge play thru all the new "content." Thier hype machine is shit and the only reason to play is to see how the story will end.
  6. Legendary armor has that "oh shit this mofo is hardcore and earned that shit." Your way is more like "im lazy and dont want to learn or put in the time to get better to get something i want." Stick to the gem store, they have better looking armor for your kind of play. This kind of thinking that everyone deserves everything is bs and is what made this game shit in the end. So much potential wasted. Good luck surviving 2020.
  7. They got it right. Idk who is running the show behind the scenes but they are in fact destroying it slowly but surely. When most of the important dev leaves there must be a problem internally. I enjoyed tyria and dont feel my time is wasted, but this new direction is not for me. Ill probably jump ship to PSO2 when it drops in the spring and be playing MHW IB in the mean time. Their build templates are free.
  8. Yeah i must agree. So bad that i hated myself for buying some the last time. But with that lesson i learned its better for me to buy games on steam, and cheaper, then to support a game thats going in a direction that i dont agree with.
  9. Idk if its a dead game but i find myself playing something more challenging than gw2, which is Monster Hunter World right now. Maybe im just burned out. I will probably play the new ls this coming week. And probably complete it with ease as thats what i expect from gw2. I think that is why so many stray away from gw2. It is just too fucking easy and there is no penalty for being bad at it.
  10. Anything would be good at this point. Elven midgets, catpeople or even a duck billed platypuss, anything new would be nice right about now.
  11. Most titles are meaningless in this game imo. Congrats on having to endure so many painful hours to get it. Actually im envious for i dont have the patience, or the time, for such an endeavor.
  12. Quiznos what a joke. It says i have 10 in my area. Guess google didnt uodate because they all have gone for years. Chucky cheese would have been better. Maybe next time.
  13. Gw2 is a great pay for entry game. You can literally enjoy everything without paying a single dime. No sub fee no and pay to win is great business model.
  14. I wouldnt play any game if the experience is shit and since i wouldn't be playing thus game no money would be spent. I dont understand this question. Seems like a nobrainer.
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