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  1. you already use the conjure skills for 1 or 2 skills in most cases, the way they are currently is just needlessly bloated. ele already has 20 weapon skills (more if weaver) and is the class requiring the most apm to be competitive with the other classes. why add even more onto that?
  2. core utility skills also need a massive rework. conjures are probably on the top of my list for utility reworks, make them more like guardian spirit weapons for the simplicity and purity of purpose. arcanes could use more, as could cantrips. trait wise, catalyst in general feels like it someone did their homework last minute to turn it in on time. i will die on the hill that combos should have been the primary thing to do in the spec (like change the quickness trait to comboing in any field grants allies quickness, and the ele more catalyst energy), and will die on the hill that hammer 3 orbs should have been part of the catalyst mechanics. instead, the catalyst apes tempests auramancer gig.
  3. only had about half an hour to play the beta so far. main issues i wanna point out is the etchings are way to short of a duration, a 2.5s-5s increase would be nice. water spear 3 evade is pretty long, good for mobility but it takes you out of your etching touching back to my first point, you need to be in your etching to charge it. biggest issue is the VFX on the etching completely covering enemy aoe vfx.
  4. i will die on the hill that hammer 3 orbs should have been part of the elite spec mechanics. i think the reason im so keen on the ele spear mechanic of the etchings is because it's coming off as so much less punishing than screwing up hammer orbs (and less punishing than ele pistol bullets too).
  5. yeah, this is probably the biggest complaint i have from the teaser. hopefully it's listened to.
  6. im hyped, even if it does have a gimmick (the spell etching) it seems actually reasonable (just use any 3 skills after placing it to get the most out of it) and not tedious like hammer orbs or pistol bullets. heck the spell etchings based off of what im reading sound like they are essentially mini catalyst spheres (that may only effect the player, will have to see if fire etching grants might to allies too) that turn into mini tempest overloads. im most curious about the weaver and the #3 skills. the double radius aoe skills on the #4 skills also have my intrigued. can see a lot of quality experimentation with the elite specs, as well as taking some less used utility skills for the insta-cast to charge the spell circle faster. main criticism so far is the visual noise of the etchings, they dont need to be fully colored in, worried it might cause some visual issues in group content. it also seems to rely on you staying more still so might be a bit hard to use in wvw, especially in zerg battles. in pvp can see the etchings being useful for point control.
  7. half of alac tempests alac also requires you to complete the long channel time of the overloads. if you get interrupted for whatever reason you lose all of that alac. quick cata almost entirely relies on being able to hit many many times in a short duration to generate energy (kinda the same issue alac willbender has). both of these are major shortcomings that need to be fixed to make them more reliable. such as adding energy gain on utility skills for cata, or small alac generation on auras for tempest.
  8. i like tempest, but dislike how alac trait directly competes with the most consistant healing output trait ele has, as well as the alac being on the most interruptible skills in the game catalyst energy mechanic ruins the entire thing and you're constantly struggling to gain energy. both are pretty flawed in their iterations as there are specs that are just better at providing those boons (either being able to provide it more consistently, better access to the boon itself, or able to move with the group as needed), some of which require significantly less effort to do so.
  9. i will DIE on the hill that the hammer orbs should have been part of the catalyst class mechanics instead. unfortunately seems a fair bit of the spears revealed already have some kind of gimmic on them, so ele spear might get one. hopefully it's not garbage like pistol bullets were.
  10. that's where im putting my money. im guessing a good number of targeting like how lightning orb is aimed. but much quicker and without the auto aiming orb. probably a few normal aoe targeting that has a delay due to projectile travel so you'll have to aim that rather than fire and forget. pve wise should be super easy to use. pvp however is gonna be a lot different. give me lightning spear like the souls games have. and a "praise the sun" emote too!
  11. ele needs a lot of reworking. but can see boon strip being added to maybe some arcane utilities or future new weapon. anet really just needs 1 entire balance patch to just reworking the entirety of ele reveals issue is that it is way to short. make it last like 10 seconds and it will be much more valuable.
  12. because the catalyst is pretty much the equivalent to "doing your month long project the night before it was due" kind of deal. atleast that's how it feels design wise. as for the theory that it's the equivalent to warrior adrenaline. like warrior, catalyst energy is generated most efficiently by hitting targets, the faster you hit them the more energy is produced (for cata it incentivizes using the hammer orbs to help generate energy, which is why most other weapons feel MEH on cata). However catalyst energy isn't lost at the end of combat, and warriors have significantly more ways to quickly gain it through traits, utilities, and even weapon swapping. warrior with some of their utilities can even generate it out of combat, as worthless as it is as you begin losing it almost immediately lol. catalyst only has the attunement swapping trait as an alternative to gaining energy, and that is only while in combat. personally would love to see anet either get rid of cata energy and make orbs an ammo skill, or bolster the methods of gaining energy, such as putting energy gain on some of the stances augments, and other methods of energy generation such as healing people like druids can.
  13. plus, i'd be willing to bet that it'll be in the legendary starter kits when next expansion drops.
  14. on a side note: can we get a relic that converts overflow healing into barrier? but yeah, if EB and PA are combined, it would be easier to prioritize the healing portion of it. honestly always wanted a GM that allows you to cast your overloads as a range cast
  15. personally, i want them to move heal aura to water trait and move powerful auras from water to arcane. that way heal tempest and heal catalyst auramancers could be a thing while at the same providing their unique boons. with how powerful heal auras are i feel it should be on a core traitline.
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