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  1. been saying this since first beta, i feel they could get really creative with combo based traits. even suggested at one point something like an F6 to detonate your orb for a new "super" finisher
  2. since at the moment im trying to make legendary runes/sigils 1) more sources of provisioner tokens 2) a significantly better drop rate on symbols and charms for sigil/rune crafting (the drop rate is atrocious, even with runecrafter salvage kit) aside from that -More account wide build/equiptment tab unlocks - fix charr tail clippin on t3 light armor pants
  3. beta 1 catalyst for me was an F tier spec. the fixes for this beta puts catalyst at C- for me. pretty big jump up in how much i enjoy it. issues i have currently are the traits, hammer, and some minor nitpicks starting with traits, most of them feel boring as well as the aura based traits definitely still feel like they are stepping on tempests toes. the jade orb traits are mostly fine but imo the master tier trait does need some tuning. Hammer time, hammer 3 is still my biggest peeve with the weapon mostly because it feels out of place (feels like a weaver thing) in a close second
  4. Jade sphere is so much better now as are augments. now my biggest complaint is the inconsistent range on hammer, hammer 3 in general, and the traits. first off with the hammer, it feels clunky with lack of movement skills to switch between 130 range and 600. only attunement this is even touch on is air with the backwards movement. the only other weapon with inconsistant range is dagger but they have numberous movement skills as well as a smaller range threshold (400-600-240-300 on each attunement respectively) hammer 3 is just an annoying skill to juggle, hard to tell which ones are a
  5. while i like the idea of ele getting more sources of quickness, i feel that would be something more applicable to a grandmaster trait, not an adapt trait. perhaps on a reworked grandmaster 3 trait (lightning rod), i feel like that trait is severely outmatched by fresh air and bolt to heart (maybe it's more useful in pvp in its current state idk, i dont pvp much)
  6. glad to see the biggest issue i had fixed, Jade orb working kinda like scourge shades seems like a good fix to bring functionality up more. 5 second duration seems short though imo. however, i see that the hammer 3 remains the same (minus the orbs being closer to the player), imo the orbs should have been replaced and move the orbs over to weaver. though im curious to see how it'll work now. as for hammer see some minor tweeks were done, however i still believe it should have a standardized range of 600-900. getting tired of ele getting melee weapons. also nice to see grand finale becomi
  7. while i woulda prefered longbow, i'm fine with getting hammer.....main gripes with it atm is an inconsistent range across attunements & lack of combo finishers . if it had a standardized range of 600-900 across all attunements, i would love it a lot more. no reason for fire/air to be ranged but then water/earth to be melee, just felt awkward. other weapon i woulda liked to see is pistol (duel pistols preferred)
  8. im honestly perfectly fine with getting a hammer, it's the jade orbs functionality utilites and traits that need changing (specificly to be more combo field/finisher focused). some of the abilities on hammer could use a tune up/finisher (and get those hammer orbs outta there, that deserves to be on weaver)
  9. my idea for catalyst would to be full on diving into the combo system. especially with the recent rework where ones own fields take priority. f5 would remain jade orb, but no longer has an energy upkeep. now lasts 30 seconds, follows the player like scrapper gyros and builds energy as you do damage and swap attunements to build up to something like a warriors burst (maybe like some kind of super combo finisher so it doesnt come off like tempest overloads) . hammer changes would to be to standardize the range to 600 range (i feel that is a fair range for hammer to be), add in more combo f
  10. atm in terms of how i like the new elite specs virtuoso: A only elite spec so far that made me make a new character just for it (so far, im a sucker for psionic weapons so HEAVY bias with that in terms of presentation), dagger feels a little underwelming. willbender: C+ pretty average, could use some scaling and imo the virtues should be ammo skills (2 uses). nothing to really say about offhand sword harbinger: C life force pool buggy due to blight effect (more blight you have the less life force you have), utilities kinda boring. pistol felt meh. Bladesworn: A
  11. indeed, catalyst wins the prize of biggest loser elite spec
  12. personally i like the idea behind the F5, execution was garbage though. if the traits were also more in line with executing the combo fields and hammer had more combo finishers then yeah a combo based spec would be great. other then the fixes to catalyst i keep suggesting, i would like a spec with a shroud like mechanic or something like scourge shades, maybe something that lets you create elemental walls kinda wattsons fence in Apex Legends. could also have a spec where elementalist loses 2 of it's attunements (you choose which 2 attunments you want to have equipted), gain weapon swap a
  13. anyone else think the virtues should be ammo skills? that's how i feel after fighting harrower veltan
  14. where's the utility options for "if i could fix?" lol, but yeah the foundation of the spec is just bad. F5 is trash, traits are mediocre and encroaches on tempests niche with all the aura based traits, and the utilities are uninspired, boring, and rely to much on the F5.
  15. im back and now im going to talk about my criticisms of the traits (you can find the rest of my criticisms and potential fixes on page 12) now for the traits. IMO the minors and the middle line "Vicious Empowerment" "Evasive Empowerment" and "Empowered Empowerments" are fine enough the way they are. another fine trait would be "Energizing Elements" and would be great with my proposed jade sphere fixes in my previous post (again page 12). now for the traits that imo need fixing and my proposed fixes. first off, i still feel catalyst should go full force into combo-ing, so i think the to
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