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  1. but there's frost aura, which you get by comboing when attuned to water. the fields are 5sec duration and 5sec cooldown in PvE by the time of this Beta, as stated by cmc. in PvP is 15sec cooldown, which can indeed get in the way of hammer combos, but we'll see for sure during this beta. 5seconds duration is the same as most of staff's fields and we can still confortably combo them while swapping attunements
  2. and what's the major issue? cooldown management? if you're used to elementalist, that's not a trouble at all, 15sec cooldown is not punishing when you still have access to another finisher in each attunement. You just need to be smart with your rotations If you still thinks thats not enough, you can always run Arcane utilities, Conjured weapons or fire trait line to make sure you can upkeep the auras.
  3. Hammer's Water Attunement actually has 3 finishers now 😄 Projectile, Leap and Whirl - #3, #4 and #5 Fire, Air and Earth now have 2 finishers each - #3 and #5, projectile and blast respectively. With the changes to jade sphere, I agree that hammer got it's Aura Generation fixed , and it's now the first Ele's weapon to cover all types of finishers
  4. They added two new sources of Finishers, in Water #5 and Grand Finalle. Now that we can cast our jade Fields more reliably, we could possibly circle through attunements and combo to get the auras. We'll see if that's enough, but we'll probably be running Fire trait line too in that case, for the extra aurawhen attuning to fire, and Conjurer trait + Earth shield to get at least two additional auras in the rotation (four if you pick the weapon of the ground after Earth Shield #3 refreshes)
  5. They didn't get the Elemental Empowerment buff's stacks during the stream. I wonder if they got rid of it
  6. I would also reccomend the Celestial Gear, it's a Jack of All trades kind of stat that can be used with almost any build. Just be mindful that might generation is very important for this kind of gear and that you'll ALWAYS do hybrid damage. You can focus on power or condi via traits, but overall those damage types complement each other on your final DPS output. Celestial also allows you to build for support and still have relevant damage, you'll not heal as much as a dedicated healer, but you can provide a nice sustain and defensive boons to your group when paired with Water and Arcane t
  7. I love it overall! I just think the name contradicts the concept in regards of how much you can command your pet, can we have the name changed? I'll try to keep short on the feedback :I think Untamed tryes to fixes the Pet interactions to make them more reliable and have more damage, but it does nothing for it's defenses (and a dead pet still equals to no Pet at all). To correct that, the Cantrips (and maybe some traits) could affect your pet as well: maybe the cleansing one could cleanse the pet too; and the healing one give it invulnerability, block stacks or barrier instead
  8. The combo indicator icons are not appearing when you combo a field with Fire 5, Air 5 or Water 4, the aura pops up but you don't get the indicator. Earth 5 works fine.
  9. sometimes my circling spheres from hammer 3 keep up endlessly when I get downed with them active (new downed dps rotation?) And air 4 just lauched me in Tarir and I got stuck INSIDE a pillar 🤣
  10. Here are my impressions so far: HAMMER Is a fun weapon, I'm enjoying using it, but I think it could use some fine tuning. First of all, it's missing a field on the weapon set. It has a lot of finishers, but we can only combo them with our sphere field, which isn't up most of the time. D/D, Staff, S/F and S/D feel better than hammer in that regard. A fire or ice field could do wonders for the weapon. Second of all, Earth skill 2 needs to be a little bit faster so we can keep the momentum of our skill 3 stack. Right now it feels like a trap skill, which will lock you in teh
  11. if you're refering to using a Leap finisher on a Fire Field, in that case I think you'll get 2 auras, but one will overwrite the other and you'll get 2 stacks of the new trait buff, but they probably won't stack duration (just like aura durations don't stack). EDIT: if you run the stability on aura trait, you'll get 2 stacks of stab
  12. I think you should probably wait until to play it on beta to point out your concerns, and preferably in the BETA Feedback thread, so they'll actually read. Aura generation looks fine, you gotta remember Fire Traits that give you an aura on Fire Attunement and casting and picking up conjured weapons. Earth shield will be amazing with that build, it's 3 extra auras to pop and help you keep the momentum. There's also arcane wave to help with blast finishers. About the survivability, it's not just the aura traits that reduce your received damage, the +%stats one also reduce damage and m
  13. They could've made our Sphere Energy bar more like Druids, my only concern is that is looks too small and we already have multiple things to visually track in our AI. But other than that, we don't need much more complexity anyway. And as a side note, at least our new skill icons are GORGEOUS, I loved them all! thankfully they didn't get the Hargbinger's Elixirs treatment 🙏
  14. Guy, this spec is everything I've wanted since I've returned to the game. It rewards both D/D and Staff gameplay SO MUCH. Stability, Quickness, Fury, the +%stat on aura use, it's clear how they've built for Catalyst whith the last balance patches. Celestial is going to be beast and combo fields are extremely relevant to this gameplay. It brings me joy ❤️ Old D/D vibes all over it! PLUS THE UNBLOCKABLE GUYS!!! and the Water Augment that will make staff's AoE hard hitters again The stab on auras could def be a pain to tempest role, but I think tempest will still be better at
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