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  1. I don't like jumping puzzles, but I've gotten through a couple by using the "Teleport to Friend" item and finding a post in LFG where I could use it to complete the jumping puzzle and get the chests I normally couldn't do. Timing of course is the key because the JP (in LFG) you want has to be available when you are so you'll have to be patient and probably do other events until then.
  2. One way is to salvage items from enemy drops. I don't recall needing to buy ecto because I've gotten it from salvaging alone.
  3. Have you tried opening the map, seeing the Commander then right-clicking on it and select Join? It's an alternative to using LFG.
  4. By "enjoy" I'm guessing you mean the playing aspect of the game, so maybe yes because GW2 in general is a fun game and SOTO is enjoyable too. But if you care about the story, jumping to SOTO can be a little confusing. It would be like watching Return of the King without seeing Fellowship of the Ring or The Two Towers first. But I think there may be new players who did just that and don't mind. This all really depends on the player. SOTO is the only expansion that I could complete with all the achievements (as indicated on my Hero panel). I couldn't do that with any of the others, so having said that, for me, SOTO is probably the easiest compared to the others. The other expansions are more challenging, at least that is my opinion since I'm not close to completing all the achievements for them.
  5. I think gathering essences completes some achievements which are listed in the Hero panel. If you don't care about those then you can pass on those.
  6. I've played GW2 since it first came out years ago and I still play it as a new player. My first character was an engineer. Since then I've created several characters up to my current Druid but for every character, I've never played them exactly as they were designed (engineer, thief, druid, etc.). Never got close to getting legendary gear only ascended. So yeah I'm in the same boat as "new players" because of my play style. My recommendation, is to complete your personal story, complete every map (vistas, points of interests, waypoints, etc.) and especially join groups in meta events. You can do the strike missions, fractals too if you wish. Doing all these will gain lots of experience points to get those achievements and masteries. I've done this for every character I created and goes by rather quickly if you keep doing it.
  7. If you're referring to the Minor and Greater chests, don't worry. They just contain typical loot. I haven't gotten anything of any importance yet or anything that is related to a quest. Maybe others here have but so far none for me. As others here have mentioned, participate in events and definitely complete the maps. Those will certainly aid in your progression and completion of the masteries.
  8. Don't worry. SOTO will be around for some time and I'm sure the price will come down after some time just like the other expansions have.
  9. One of classes I played for a very long time is the Deadeye which also mastered all the crafting professions. I use that character to craft for my other characters. When End of Dragons came out, I created a Druid which has been my primary character ever since. However, about my experience with the Deadeye, it can be a very tedious character to play. Fights can be tough alone against 3 or more enemies close by but not so much if you're part of a group. Having said that, if one of your goals is to complete as many of the achievements as possible, some achievements are only completable by specific professions. Some necessary items drop only if killed by a specific profession. This is especially the case if you want to complete Specialization Collections. In general, you should enjoy playing any profession.
  10. Personally, "what you need" depends on what your goals for your character are. It can vary for each profession and the quests your are embarking on. When I first started, I did not know either until I began to realize I had to have goals. For example, one of my goals was to have one character master all the crafting skills. So, when I was in that mood, I had that character only gather materials and maximize every crafting skill. Many players may not choose this option as it is very tedious and time consuming. After that character mastered all crafting, my next goal was to craft ascended gear for my other characters. So once again, I had to gather materials I didn't have in inventory and the bank. Anything else I don't immediately need I sell. If I am unsure, I just research the items if I might need them later on. Sometimes you may know right away if the description says it is used in crafting Ascended or Legendary gear so that it may be something to keep for later on. Some players may just sell everything to get as much gold quickly to buy the gear. There's no wrong or right way because each player has a different style of playing the game. However, since you will need higher level gear as you progress, buying or selling items will be necessary whether you craft items or not. These are just a fundamental concepts of managing inventory and the bank.
  11. For me, I maxxed out my Thief character with all the crafting skills. I use my Druid primarily now, but I turn to my Thief to craft items for all my other characters.
  12. For several months that happened to me too and the only way for it to stop was to complete the achievement, but I wasn't skilled enough to complete the New Kaineng Strike Mission. However, after completing the latest Gyala Delve map, I realized I could purchase the item only previously available by completing the Strike Mission. Once I got it, talking to Rota in Arborstone unlocked the Siege Turtle ending it from following me around. I only wish Arenanet could update the game with more workarounds for users having trouble in certain parts of the game like I did.
  13. It sounds like you're doing pretty good. As others have already recommended earlier, exploring and getting 100% completion in each map is one of the primary goals I usually go for first. I always complete all the Level 1 maps then upward from there to the Level 80 maps. Along the way, your character would have gotten to Level 80 and acquired a lot of experience and upgraded gear. This is the typical method to play. But by all means, join groups to complete achievements and beat enemies faster than doing it alone. Maybe you'll meet friends too. The GW2 community is very welcoming and helpful.
  14. My first character if I recall was an Engineer and it was a tedious grind to get world completion in the original game. I created other characters trying different professions and one of the longest running was the Thief. When End of Dragons came out, I created a Druid character which I'm still using. Point being, I think you may create different characters depending on what goals you want to accomplish. You develop different skills with each profession and will have different strategies for each too. Its also fine to stick with the one you're most comfortable with. But back to Thief, I had a lot of fun playing that character. That's the only character I mastered all the crafting skills with so I switch to that character to do all the crafting for the other characters.
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