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  1. You know what, I feel stupid. I just checked. I already completed it lol
  2. I tried that. I tried the wiki and Dulfy, no luck yet. I'll try ayinmaiden though. There's gotta be some info as to whether or not this is a bug or just user fault somewhere lol
  3. 3 of my characters have done it. Tried all 3 of them, still doesn't work.
  4. Anybody else experiencing a bug during the fight against the Facet of Strength that no matter what you do, even if he doesn't stun or pull you, you can't collect the achievement Strength Without Sacrifice?
  5. I half agree with you. I did lose a bit of confidence in their ability to tell great stories. I mean, for a while now they’ve rushed some potentially great stories, 2 great examples in my opinion are Zhaitan and Palawa Joko. So much of the core story’s plot felt rushed and as an original Guild Wars player I felt as if they killed off Palawa Joko way too soon. But to kill 2 elder dragons in such a way was probably the biggest let down from this game. Especially with Primordus who’s CHAMPION, forget Primordus himself, his champion, the Great Destroyer got an entire expac in the original game (Ey
  6. This may have been mentioned before but as much as I love getting newer maps, I would really love to see them expand older/existing maps. There are a lot of really cool maps that have been around since the game first released that just haven’t had much to do with the story and because of that, other than for world completion, there’s really not much reason to visit these maps. Anyone else think it’s possible to see them going back to and possibly expanding older/existing maps?
  7. I think this would only conflict with perma harvest tools. I can see maybe craftable legendary glyphs being a potential thing but even then I doubt they’d provide that much of a harvesting benefit without screwing up the economy which already fragile at best.
  8. I mean yeah sure that works but that only means I have to buy more shared inventory slots which I'd be more than happy to, I love supporting this game but I just don't have the money to spend on that unfortunately at the moment.
  9. The devs said a while ago that they were going to introduce the legendary armory at some point but I'm curious if they'll ever think about something similar for stuff like unlimited gathering tools bought from the gem store, or season tomes, festival tomes, etc. It's kind of annoying shuffling them around different characters and I'm dealing with it but since they were talking about the legendary armory I thought that maybe they could look into having something similar for those sorts of things as well. Kinda hoping a dev sees this too just in case they weren't thinking about it already lol.
  10. Welcome both of you, yes we do use our discord for voice chat not just texting, as we grow the chat will definitely become a lot more active. We're more than happy to welcome both of you into our family! See you guys in game.
  11. Feel free to ask questions here as well. I will be checking back as often as I can.
  12. If you haven't already found a guild to join, join us in The Black Flame Legend. We're in the process of rebuilding after a hiatus. That being said if you want to contribute, there's plenty of room to do that. We're taking any suggestions on how to make the guild better, we still need people to volunteer for certain roles that will allow us to offer new members more fun and what not. I'm the leader and we'd be happy to welcome you to our guild as we continue to grow. We focus mostly on PvE content such as dungeons, fractals, and meta events and so on however we have some really good PvPers in
  13. The Black Flame Legend is a PvX guild that is rebuilding. We welcome anyone to join and encourage new players to join as well. We are looking to build a friendly atmosphere among our members. If you are looking for a guild that is flexible and willing to get into any content the game has to offer, look no further. We will be doing daily meta events, once it’s all set up, the leadership has been talking about setting up guild parties and events such as arena tournaments in our hall (we just recently finished building our arena) where we will hold raffles to win unique prizes such as weapon skin
  14. I don't remember being this hyped about a content release probably since the Guild Wars 1 days. Please keep the good stuff coming.
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