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  1. All of the champion bandit bosses are on 10 minute respawn timers and aren't triggered by anything in your inventory or by interacting with the crates. The only bandit boss that is triggered by something in a player's inventory is the Legendary Bandit Executioner, who will spawn if you or others near you have the Bandit Death Mark in the inventory. So if you don't care about completing the achievements tied to defeating each bandit for the bounty, you can just delete them.
  2. Ok, I just took two of my toons on a run of each capital city. Toon A is the one that bought the node, and Toon B is an alt who hasn't touched the latest story stuff. Divinity's Reach - Toon A and Toon B could see the node, and it wasn't under anything.Rata Sum - Neither Toon A nor Toon B could find the node.Hoelbrak - Toon A and Toon B could see the node, and it wasn't under anything.Black Citadel - Toon A and Toon B could see the node, and it wasn't under anything. The mini map icon is slightly covered by the HoT chest icon.The Grove - Toon A and Toon B could see the node, and it wasn't unde
  3. You can probably get your second 50g back by contacting support. Just be prepared for a bit of a wait, since they're backed up.
  4. It's only been about 10 minutes. It's never guaranteed to hit exactly on the hour.
  5. If I were new to the game, I wouldn't boost a character to 80. I would level a character the standard way so I can learn to play the game. That's how I play every game I've ever played. Obviously, not everyone will play that way, but choosing to jump right to 80 and right into a level 80 map without learning the game comes with drawbacks.
  6. The April Fool's event was yesterday, April 1st (at least April 1st here in the states). It ended at the end of April 1st.
  7. The Dark Horse page for it has this at the top now: "*Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, on sale dates are subject to change. New on sale dates will be determined soon. Please check back at a later time. Thank you for your patience. "
  8. Much love to you, as well! Try to take care of yourself as best you can during this extremely weird time.
  9. Anytime a name I've wanted has been taken, I just got creative and amended the name. Add a surname, add a title, change the spelling, or use accented characters. Players who have to take extended breaks from the game shouldn't have their character names revoked just because they haven't been able to log in, nor should the players who have low level characters that do nothing have their names revoked just because other players can't be a bit more creative.
  10. There's a Palawa Joko name plate floating around in northeast Bjora Marches that only appears during the Kodan banners trial.
  11. I encountered this bug four different times over the past few days. It's maddening.
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