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  1. Likewise. I don’t play thief either, but there is literally not a single thief/espec build that I’ve played against and thought “this is significantly unbalanced”.
  2. There’s a major master trait that grants 1 stack for 3s when you enter shroud, yes, but typically only power builds run it, and they’re much glassier than condi/support builds.
  3. Harbinger is almost fine. It needs a slight shave to quickness uptime per pulse for Deathly Haste, and the other two GMs need a slight radius buff; then, reduce the blight bonus power damage multiplier for Shroud 4 (maybe 100% -> 50% bonus, so 2.1 power coeff) and voila, Harbinger will be fine. Strong, but fine. CC them in shroud and it’s GG. The harbinger mechanic removes Necro’s main defense, shroud HP, and also has the courtesy of reducing max HP. The damage to survivability trade-off is there.
  4. Better than round one, but still missing a few things. One, I think Willbender NEEDS cripple somewhere. It’s too hard to stick to targets once you get there without that soft CC. Two, Willbender flames need a tweak. They’re clearly an intended feature of the spec, especially with the Adept trait rework now all involving them, but their static nature clashes with the intended mobile nature of the spec. Perhaps they should reproc whenever the 5-hit Virtue active occurs? Perhaps they should follow the player? Not sure what the answer is here, but something needs to give. Three, the
  5. As an obviously melee-intended spec, Willbender NEEDS soft CC. I’d ideally like to see it baked into a minor trait. There’s a ton of ways to do it—they can double down of theming and have attacks apply cripple while dual wielding swords, they can have WB Flames apply cripple on hit (probably the best option IMO), they can have physical skills apply cripple, but they need SOMEthing so WB isn’t just kited to death.
  6. Anet is sort of forcing dual swords due to theming, but I wonder if scepter/sword is the way to go for PvP, especially with the Executioner’s Calling (EC) changes. You can stack the scepter immob and with OH sword immob to land big symbol/EC damage stacks while the opponent can’t dodge, yielding good power damage and lots of multi-hit for burning procs.
  7. I really like this one and play it all the time: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAg2lZwiYSMIGKW2XbveA-zZJsMyMB6tA0YA It’s a more sustain-focused version of LR. Power-based damage, lots of PBAoE, and excellent staying power means it can function well as a duelist, +1, or teamfighter as needed. Plus plowing through a crowded node with lightning rod-boosted Tornado 5 is so satisfying.
  8. Agreed! 120s is my conservative suggestion, haha.
  9. If they don’t have the resources or wherewithal to design new active traits, I just wish they’d do a pass and lower every 300s CD trait to 120s. Literally nothing gamebreaking would come if it, it would take almost no effort, and a lot of traits/lines would become a lot more usable. It would not be the perfect solution, but it would certainly be an easy improvement.
  10. Let me first say that I love the core concept of Specter - the “single target support” is a really interesting take on a playstyle not currently available to to Thief while still keeping the spirit of the class. It’s also nice to open up some more condi options for Thief as well. That being said, I worry generally that a large part of of its mechanics just… straight up won’t work if you don’t have another friendly target around. Other support-oriented specs like Druid and Tempest still allow the player to benefit from their unique mechanics even when solo, so it’s a little strange that th
  11. I’m sympathetic to some of the points made about making Unravel more universally useful (e.g. sword), but that’s more an issue of sword being designed with weaver mechanics in mind, and the dual attunement skills being slightly shoehorned on some of the core weapons. To a degree, this is inevitable due to espec design - overall, I think weaver is incredibly fun and quite elegant. My favorite class/spec in any MMO I’ve ever played for sure.. On a broader level, though, I’m okay with some utility skills being good on some loadouts and less good on others - isn’t that, like, the whole poi
  12. Yeah, Unravel is fine as-is. I take it on my main PvP and roaming builds (I play power LR dagger/focus) even over LF and stone resonance. FWIW, I wouldn’t take it with sword builds. Is it the strongest utility in the world? Probably not. Does it do its job and allow for clutch access to abilities in key moments? Yes, definitely.
  13. Conditions are negative effects with red backgrounds, such as Burning, Bleeding, and Chill. Boons are positive buffs with gold backgrounds, such as Might, Fury, and Swiftness. Unlike unique buffs, such as the ferocity boost when you attune to air using the Fresh Air trait, boons are shared across classes. Same for conditions.
  14. Renegade is in a weird spot where it is fundamentally mechanically clunky but became viable because the numbers are (or were, in the case of the stance) so good. Shortbow has seen some cleanup in regards to actual skill behavior, but issues like the one in the OP allude to some of the awkward root design choices of the spec.
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