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  1. It's been over a year (maybe 2?) since strikes were introduced into the game and we still don't have a way to get the daily strike reward chest, the same way we can get dungeons or weekly raids. I thought API development was dead, but I just noticed today that new endpoints for /v2/account/legendaryarmory and /v2/account/buildstorage were recently added, so they are not dead at all. if strikes are going forward in EoD with CMs, definitely giving some love to the GW2 API for strikes makes sense. Thinks that I would find useful would be: 1. daily completion (gold, silver, bronze
  2. is it the flame wall? are you standing where it spawns?
  3. oh I thought this was just me cause I haven't seen anyone else report the same issue. same thing happened to me last night in Mai Trin fractal. so far Aetherblade and Mai Trin are the only 2 ones that do this for me.
  4. I remember a while ago it was posted in some release notes that they fixed the Clock Tower putting you in an already completed instance... then it broke and they never fixed it... guess this year isn't any difference. I just joined the clock tower in an instance that was already finished, time left: 0:00.... is 2021 the year they fix it? I doubt it.
  5. Today's update (120,060) PoF Guild Hall seems like an epic battle went on and all the floor is covered in blood... https://i.imgur.com/hGSo6UM.jpg
  6. eh that bug is old, happens to me rarely but if you have a very low character model limit, this can happen. try setting it to High or something like that
  7. YES i just noticed this while on Mystlock Sanctuary. Music volume seems to be oscillating up and down
  8. Today while doing fractals, specifically the Aetherblade one, my UI started flickering and crashed. I had to ALT+F4 and came back and it started doing it again and this time not just the UI crashed, but most models did not render:
  9. I crashed 3 times yesterday at the point where a cutscene was about to be loaded during the next to last thunderhead peaks story instances. seems to be a recurring issue for me while replaying the LS4 instances and it's always when it's trying to start a cutscene in the middle or near the end (most frustrating one) of an instance. game just closes. no popus or anything. hard crash. seems to happen most when I have other stuff running at the same time and CPU is near 100%,
  10. hmm i actually noticed this yesterday as well, something felt odd/different and i had to increase my master volume way higher. i'm also using dx11 beta
  11. sorry some people work for a living and don't have time to sit down and watch streams hunting for bits and pieces of information that should be made public in a better way. this is an issue that will be introduced with the wvw restructuring and after having to buy gems to transfer to play with my friends, now i wont be able to do so again so that is a new problem added that can easily be fixed with increasing the guild cap
  12. when my personal guild is maxed out level 69 I don't think so
  13. I'm doing the last part of All For Nothing (no spoilers) and there's a lot of LEGO blocks on the floor (see screenshots). I'm pretty sure those were not there last time I played this story, unless they are Taimi's 🙂 https://i.imgur.com/1tL2auH.jpg https://i.imgur.com/TuTEUg9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/AaoDHxY.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RYwEuwW.jpg Running latest NVidia Drivers Version 472.12 (release date: 09/20/2021), on an NVidia GeForce RTX 2080
  14. yeah i used to do CMs+T4+daily everyday, but i recently took a break from that 🙂
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