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  1. have they even acknowledged they are aware of this bug? I haven't found anything that would point to it...
  2. didn't get fixed with today's update. sadface
  3. and the lifeforce bar is green and not yellow, unless you swap to another class (like reaper) and back and it turns yellow again
  4. I had an issue the other night with some raid troll spamming join my squad after I blocked and kicked him from squad... I had set the "Allow uninvited players to join" to "No" and they still would be able to join. Here is a video with a repro (not the actual troll) Thanks
  5. Not sure if this is the only item with this issue, but today after getting the update, the Corsair Sharpening Stones that I'm getting from my Black Lion Expedition board no longer stack with the ones I already have in my bank. I even mouse over and the tooltip says "106 in Bank" they no longer stack :(
  6. It's pretty ridiculous. I just tried to join the JP today and it put me on an instance with 35s left... like seriously, why even bother putting you in an instance that you obviously can't even complete 1 run of the JP, or even participate on a song in the Bell Choir cause it's the last round and it's already happening so you won't be able to participate. Coding that logic shouldn't take that long and having that in place saves system resources because people don't need to join and leave and rejoin until they get into a good instance, and also saves us from some frustrations...
  7. OMG I rejoin Bell Choir... it put me in an instance that was already completed!!!
  8. So I thought this issue was fixed before, regression? I tried to join the JP, put me in an instance that has less than 2 mins left.... I exit. I rejoin and put's me in an instance that's just a little over 2 mins... so I give up and join the Bell Choir... I end up in an instance that is in the middle of the 5th song and I can't join... So what's the deal? I remember reading patch notes in 2019 saying that these issues had been addressed... I think it was around Halloween, and yet this past Halloween I had the exact same behavior with the JP... It's so annoying
  9. yeah I ran them with my guild. as other CM content we do, you would expect better rewards than doing the normal mode, like fractals for instance. these don't have any additional rewards besides the achievement points for completing 5 of each, which really doesn't make them repeatable content after getting the achievs.
  10. constant disconnects in Malchor's Leap and Siren's Landing... cant do my Daily Orr Miner :( and yeah when I log back, we get put underneath the map in Malchor's Leap
  11. They can be summarized in the following points: I know 2020 sucks, but did we travel back to 2012-2013 where instanced content had an owner and if they D/C or leave, everyone get's kicked out? And on a similar note, if someone accidentally leaves the instance or dc's they cannot get back in. Also requiring everyone to be in the same instance of EotN to start it is cumbersome, side effect of the way these old type of instanced content works.The timer at the beginning of each mission, it should not make you wait the remaining time once the 3 tasks are completed.NPCs get sneezed on them and they
  12. I know there's a handful of recipes that are only unlocked on the toon you consumed it when you bought it. maybe this is one of those?
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