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  1. Hey, thanks for starting a new thread. Maybe we can finally get this achievement to work properly. I've had troubles with one rift in metrica province since this got released and been trying to get it ever since with multiple characters, after reset, after a patch etc. I've also been reporting it ever since, I've talked to support people etc but they never seem to even care a little.
  2. I reported it in intervals, got a basic respons every time, but it never really got anywere. I've done all of the rifts plenty of times and yes the blue icon is important, its always there, but the achievement never ticks, so there is a problem for some of us.
  3. This is still bugged. One of the Skyscale Reality Rifts in the Skyscale Rider: Tarnished Coast is still bugged after a whole year since they were released. I just did all of them and I still only have 11/12. I've reported it probably 25 times now and its getting annoying that ArenaNet is just ignoring it.
  4. This is still bugged. I just did the API key on the wiki and the one I've been trying to get for months now (daily on several characters multiple times) is the one showing up on the wiki as incomplete (the north one in Metrica Provice). I've reported this to the devs once every month now plus several times ingame from time to time but still they give me none answers. Its getting really annoying as a AP hunter to not get this just because of one annoying buggy rift and Anet refuses to fix.
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