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  1. Hi all, I'm really stuck on what outfit to choose from the supply drop. I don't have any Cathan-related outfits (that I know of) and I'd like people's opinions on what to get. I asked my guild and... everyone had different opinions. Most of my characters are female asura, so it has to be an outfit that suits them. Thanks in advance
  2. Some of the spawn points are easier than others. The DS ones only work post-successful meta. If you're on that type of map, all 3 should respawn before the map closes - so you get two chances at each one for a total of six. The VB one is horrible because of all the mordrem in that area. For TD - before and after the main part of the meta is a good time. The chak are annoying in there, but timing it around the meta normally means multiple people waiting for the TM.
  3. Which then becomes a race to the bottom for sale prices, if adopted. The next seller will undercut you, then the next will undercut them, and so forth.
  4. Do you have Nuhoch Stealth Detection as a mastery? https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Invisible_Scrapper's_Mushroom_Spore They have specific spawn points in each HoT map. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Treasure_Mushroom Have you been going to one of the spawn points? They respawn roughly every 10 minutes.
  5. Cheeky! An example: not all areas in VB seem to have a bottom. Some, like the flax farm area do. Other times, if you go too low, you are insta-dead.
  6. Yes, in a situation in the Claw when you need to break the bar, but I can't access the EMP because I have the essence over-riding the EMP. The current target should prioritise which special action is active.
  7. If I had an email from every company that I do business with, informing me that there is a survey out even though I'm not included in the sample, and gave me the list of questions in the survey, my inboxes would be flooded. More so as I am on a respondent panel for a market research company that does multiple surveys a week. Wanting the questions in a survey, every time a survey is sent out, smacks of entitlement. Anet aren't going to add in responses from non-respondents, who post in the forums, to their survey results. That would create bias, as the sample is specific
  8. Drakkar (Bjora Marches) and the Claw of Jormag (Drizzlewood Coast) are both immune to the special actions from the three essences, such as https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spirit_Nova_(Tier_4) Can they stop activating when I'm attacking either of these bosses? My impression has been that the essense skills are overriding the EMP option. This results in me tabbing through the enemies trying to find the one on which I can use the skill. And being unsuccessful because something else has happened, e.g. it moved out of range. If this is going to remain, please let me dischar
  9. I'm not sure why you seem to be upset. 1a. Companies do surveys all the time. They don't tell their customers. For example, sometimes I get a survey from my main bank. They're not sending out emails to all banking customers to let them know there is a survey. 1b. I don't think/recall if there was a non-disclosure on the one I did. The only thing I remember is being asked not to forward the survey. 2. Because that's the email associated with the account. They're doing business standard operating procedures. Your issues are your issues. There's nothing susp
  10. 1. Samples are taken because they are representative of the population of interest. They eliminate the need to sample the entire population. For the number of players that GW2 has, a sample size of 2000 would give highly accurate results. 2. There are multiple ways for Anet to cut the sample. Time in game is one option. Another option is to sample based on information recorded in their database - for example, achievements. The latest survey that I was sent was about DRMs. I had played all of them, information that is contained in their database. Because there are achievements associated w
  11. Not the poison places. You can be flying and then suddenly you're dead.
  12. Survey questions, and their options if multiple-choice, are written by people with training in these areas. They also run a random sample so they can get a range of views (although the largest demographic of players will always get the largest number of questionnaires unless they do an alternative to random sampling completely at random). Methods are normally implemented so that the same survey cannot be answered multiple times by the same person, or forwarded around for other people to answer. Doing either destroys the randomness of the survey and thus biases the responses. This is
  13. Because the below area of VB only exists in certain places. If you go outside these areas you instantly die.
  14. And they can be kicked from squad by the comm. I hadn't thought of this until now, but if you drag everyone but 1 person down from sub 1 then you will easily see a force merge because a huge number of empty boxes will appear in grid view. I haven't seen this problem for ages, when it's my squad or someone else's. Is it common? I'm on NA.
  15. About 2.5 hours ago I was commanding a squad and we came encountered a very odd and exceedingly irritating bug. In Frostvein Watch, the https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Rescue_POWs_by_killing_Dominion_gatekeepers event started while we were there. The gatekeepers spawned, but were invulnerable. The event then immediately changed to https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Use_explosives_to_destroy_the_Dominion_camp The invulnerable gatekeepers remained. Then the Tribune turned up. The invulnerable gatekeepers remained. Now, while they were invulner
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