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  1. As per title. She's not moving and the world boss alert was up. IP 102. No choykarr today ;.;
  2. Thanks, will give this a go. But my harddrive died a couple of weeks ago, and I had to get a replacement drive. And I completely reinstalled GW2 (it took quite a few hours). Which is why I am surprised it is a cache problem.
  3. For months, I have the TP show completely blank when I first load it, although the tabs on the side are there. I either get an error I can barely read because it has little contrast with the colour of the TP background, or I get the rotating circle of not loading. Today, I discovered all my favorites have disappeared. At the moment, the TP isn't loading at all for me.
  4. This is the same with friends. I have friends on multiple servers, and sometimes we are faced up against each other. If they are on a linked server, I can still see what BL they are on. It would be great if all WvW map information could be completely disabled in the friends' list - and we can find where people are at via the guild information.
  5. At this point, they might as well just give everyone permanent swiftness, regen, stab, aegis, ... Would at least even the playing field.
  6. There is at least one troll who does this. I've entered into a map with something like 15-20 golems at spawn - not for ages, though.
  7. In both the comments you made above, you have stated that people don't know what a hack/exploit is. People are making suggestions because there's no way to deal with them. That some suggestions are down the not-so-good end is a reflection of how difficult it is to counter players who are cheating. Also, it may be only 2% of game play, however having a t3 keep flipped by a single hacker/exploiter in under 30 seconds has a large impact on scoring. It's miserable to play against, especially after time has been spent tiering up those keeps. It's very hard to counter exploits through terrain, unless you want to keep 5 people (it is difficult to kill a terrain hacking player with less than 5 people of all their movement options for the cheater) in each keep to try to intercept the player. And that's if you can even target them, which you can't do if they are inside the terrain. Hence, I can see where the OP is coming from with their suggestion.
  8. I'm at the point where I guess you're not reading what I wrote. Watching a thief use a weapon skill to get into fire keep, and then watching them use the same weapon skill to get into inner, up a wall, is exploiting. I really don't care about the difference between hacks and exploits: both are cheating and against the ToS. The end result is the same - the player ends up in a place they shouldn't be, if the game had been played as intended. The exploits are all on YouTube. Anet has been repeatedly given videos of how to do the exploits, by multiple players, but nothing is done. I am not going to post a link because that is against the rules of the forums. You can quit with the "it was a good player playing the game".
  9. We had problems with one or two people who were on a server link with us, us being JQ. Our problems lie with a server on a sad large pool of water.
  10. 🙄 Yes, a thief using a skill exploit to get from outer to on top of a wall, and then from there to inner through a second wall is "havoc playing smart".
  11. We have watched them hack in front of us, when we are scouting.
  12. We saw two daredevils hacking/exploiting into air and fire keeps last night (my time). Caught them between outer and inner and then saw them hack/exploit into inner. Really getting sick of this, particularly when this behaviour seems to be mainly associated with one specific server on NA. No idea how bad it is on the EU servers - I'm assuming you're all getting this as well. If you want to keep the keep, you have to keep one player on each lord at all times so the keep isn't ninja'd.
  13. There was a thief, and another player whose profession I can't remember, on the undamaged wall with a cata up. And the keep was not showing as contested.
  14. Not just thief, I watched a mesmer go through a solid outer keep wall.
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