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  1. Would it be a crazy idea to implement any levels youre working on, right now, as a sort of 'Bug Tester' event? like, story-wise, it could be Moto's been working on levels for ages, but has been running into problems left and right, and lets us help test them, in their unfinished state? other than that...I think I like Storm Top, if only because the music has this great 'uphill climb' sound to it that gets really intense as it goes on.. really exciting stuff.I think for the weekly vendor, maybe a black lion key for 50 bubbles or something could be nice.i'd love to see new levels as anyone else
  2. QoL for me at least, would be vastly improved if you created farmable methods for obtaining ultra-rare drop cosmetic items, gated behind difficult to farm items. as an example:Chak Egg Sac, but account bound.Purchasable from the Merchant after Gerent for the cost of 1000 Chak Eggs.currently the only way to get these eggs is to do the Gerent and a few other events, with the only way to really farm them being Caches throughout TD, which of course need Keys(Chak Acid)Merchant could also sell them in various Colors, so people could have Blue or Green lightning trails. maybe even make some sort of
  3. we will most likely have a huge underwater area when we eventually go to fight the sea dragon (which is still unnamed) which was exactly what i was getting at. but until we DO get that, i say no. as of right now, with what we have available, no. if things change, i might.
  4. Honestly I think we're kinda good on mounts. Griffon for high speed flying and getting around wide maps with tall tower like structures.. beetle for large flat open maps.. jackal is great for tight spaces and short distance bursts, raptor is good for that too. springer for climbing most stuff, Skyscale can do that too, while also being really good at moving around areas with large gaps without the need of stamina(like the raptor) and generally just the best afk mount since you can hover in place forever. Skimmer is great at moving over water, but if we needed ANY mount right now, it would be a
  5. yeah, same. asked why they couldnt. its not like its my fault it happened. i mean, this exact situation is why customer service exists.. when a problem occurs that is entirely not our fault, its to assist us in fixing it. like buying food only to get home and find the internal packaging was damaged... its not their fault, thats a problem they couldnt have foreseen, so you replace it. but yeah, just waiting now.
  6. happened about 5-7 minutes prior to this message. then a network error on any character i tried to log in as. upon logging back in, entire meta reward was rolled back. sure glad i didnt get a chak egg sac this time, i'd have been livid that it was stolen from me.
  7. i still have to grind 1000 kralk ore and powdered rose quartz, so i personally dont mind a little more waiting. i think once its been a week, i might get upset.
  8. well looks like its been patched. now just gotta wait on that ticket.
  9. once a full set of 1 weight of the tier 1 is obtained, theres invisible text on the achievement "go to traveling trader in dragonfall and pay 5 gold for the achievement unlock"rather obnoxious hidden small gold sink.
  10. yep, same shit happened to me. i crafted 6, did 4 different events no problem, but then event 5 was Ley champions. i killed 2 of them, so the game decided to eat BOTH of my final encapsulators. didnt find out until i was fighting the boss of the Specimen Chamber for my 6th. already submitted a bug report, and i better get a refund for it.
  11. they shouldnt have used RNG for this. its like using a dice roll in dnd, its poor planning. they should have used a Token system. every world boss drops a token, and then you can go to a merchant who sells each of the items for like 250 tokens EACH, but its an account bound version. that way people could actually work towards getting an item they truly want and would use, and not just to make a quick buck. but then again, why would they ever reward hard work and effort, right? and to answer your question, i didnt get anything (probably obvious)
  12. Never as a select license, it'll be rng gambling only (I'm sure the rng licenses have come back to the store a few times since). I still would rather go without than gamble though, especially for just one skin. I see their logic on not wanting to revert to select licenses to avoid upsetting people, but at the same time in any retail industry prices/deals/how things are offered are always being altered, so I don't see why anyone should be upset if select licenses became available after this length of time. Yeah, I meant never available to me, because I won't buy the random licences, so if
  13. wait, im not sure i follow.. never as in never, never? like i will never have a chance to get the Starbound ever again? or just never as a Select?
  14. So, it contains a choice of Istani, Desert, or Distant.... OR a random of the new exotics... but, no choice from the original, first pool of Adoptions? bit of a huge missed opportunity.. i get that theres never been a Select version of that, and possibly never will be, but if you had bundled it into this, im sure a lot more people would have grabbed it, just for the opportunity to get a specific one out of that huge pool of 30 mount skins. all I want from it, personally, is the Starbound Griffon, and I cant even try to gamble on it since the license hasnt been available in a while.
  15. Has anyone made the suggestion of just making the Warclaw utilize the masteries of the Raptor in PvE? I get it, its a wvw mount, but i'd like to run around on my big kitty, and not basically be penalized for it. I mean, its actually slower than the Raptor... I would suggest a mastery you have to get in PoF, like as an addition to the Raptor mount line of Masteries.. could take 4 more points, and just be like "The Warclaw now benefits from Canyon Jump, and moves faster in Tyria." or maybe even just its own Mastery in the PoF tab. i dont mind the 1 skill not being much more than just a big spike
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