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  1. Skyscales fall into QoL territory tbh. It's not strictly needed for most open world content outside of Dragonfall (i think?), but it's neat for convenience. Skyscales are kinda like... a raptor, springer with flying rolled into one. It lets you do what a raptor and springer can do (to an extent) without needing to switch mounts. Being able to hover in the air is a nice plus too since it helps with repositioning midair. If you missed your mark when jumping with springer, you'll have to land on the ground (or anywhere with a foothold) and retry it, for example. Griffon wouldn't be comparable sin
  2. Considering how leviathan was always spawned that way since release and ambergris wasn't included until the EoD rewards update, and only once per day in the map meta event... I'm inclined to think that its repeatable nature was unintended. Please read the thread, I'm talking about how it's affecting those who need to stay in the same instance or lose their work. In many cases, it doesn't happen often enough to warrant concern about. But the map closing problem is currently being exacerbated by the passage of large levi farm squads in and out of different instances outside of meta schedule
  3. True, it is multiple problems at once. Especially the map closing problems, which is prominent when a large levi squad enters and leaves the map, since the EoD map population cap is so small. At least those caused by meta squads are predictable to an extent as the metas have a schedule. Outside of the collections, fishing is fairly rewarding at the moment because it's being carried by Ambergris. The worth for lower rarity stuff has fallen a lot after the initial release (as expected tbh). Lack of sinks for Ambergris outside gen 3 crafting is driving the value down since it's so easy to fa
  4. On the contrary, if we're talking about "intention", I don't think the intention was for a one-off group event to be more rewarding than the map meta-event by hopping instances. Edit: Unless any of us here are devs, we can't say for sure after all
  5. It literally says on the fishing power tooltip that increasing FP increases the chances of catching higher rarity fish. The point about FP requirement for fishing in holes becomes irrelevant when you're talking about fishing as a farm. It's become a standard to max out FP (a large portion comes from Fishing Party stacks) if you're farming for ambergris through fishing coz you're aiming for legendary fishes (and other higher rarity fishes). I agree about the lack of sinks though, lots of EoD stuff need more uses. Hopefully it gets expanded on as more content gets released.
  6. Recently, the Leviathan event has been getting a lot of attention as a mindless ambergris farm as it gives ambergris per kill, instead of once per day like from the Seitung meta event. This has led to the start of Levi farms in Seitung Province and New Kaineng, and it is becoming a menace. Especially during prime hours, it involves hopping from instance to instance to search for fresh Leviathan events and leaving for another instance once it is cleared. With the small map population for each instance, it ends up generating a lot of closing maps that often don't refill. This combined
  7. HoT: Lost, eaten by locals. PoF: Got my mounts. Now farewell! EoD: End of Dragons? More like End of Tyria's Fish Population!
  8. EoD meta rewards need to be improved in general, then balance out the rewards for less "impactful" events. I fail to see how Anet wanted their metas to be staple and repeatable when stuff like levi farming is becoming more mindless and profitable than it deserves to be. It's a menace >~>
  9. Yes please, i have 16 stacks of otter memories from my drizzlewood comm days. Spare me from this otter madness qwq Let me buy extra otters!!!
  10. Fair enough, I misunderstood it. Thanks for the clarification!
  11. I wouldn't use fast-farming's fishing stats as a credible source. Their sample size and fishing duration is abysmal for something RNG-related. 40-60 samples per map and 13-24mins duration for fishing is not enough to extrapolate average gph from. Take it with a grain of salt. It would need a lot more data to be conclusive. Hopefully we get more definitive research on it. It has personally been very profitable to me, but some hard data wouldn't hurt xD
  12. For a low intensity farm, fishing is pretty profitable tbh Of course, it's still prone to RNG. But the longer you fish, the more it evens out. Some map have relatively high legendary fish drops e.g. Kaineng (day+night), Seitung (Night), etc Gph seems to range between 20-30g depending on your RNG, which is pretty good considering that you can afford to afk/multitask without inconveniencing others while fishing. Edit: And I love how it's not an afk farm either since you still need to engage with the minigame. Edit2: Also, I do not understand fast-farming's fishing stats. Du
  13. Elder Dragons cycle: Gone. Mists entities: It's free real estate. Probably xD
  14. I have not noticed any purple indicators yet. Might have been lost among all the clutter I need to pay attention for. I'll keep an eye out for them from now. 🤔 Thanks!
  15. I have my graphics set to lowest as well. Although I can see the telegraphs most of the time, there are times where the highlighted area of effect doesn't show up. So far, I've only noticed it going missing during the slam and that attack where the boss swings in front of her. As a regular comm, I've learned to pay attention to her model animations as well since the aoe and dialogue aren't always reliable (overlapping dialogue, missing aoe circles, etc), but I can understand why other ppl can't keep up if those telegraphs don't show up for them. Also, the small aoe circles that appea
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