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  1. Awesome, I'm just going to make a masterlist of everyone's findings at the top so we can compile what we find so far. I've been thinking about that, but I'm not sure what 3rd entity it could be. A nasty force even ED is afraid of? I wonder...
  2. Oh really? That's cool! And creepy...I'm not so sure it's Almorra's ghost as much as it is Jormag taunting us for not being able to save her.
  3. I've been wondering if other people saw the hallucinations around Bjora's marches. They seem to happen at random and are clientside (meaning you are the only one who can see them), but tend to favor certain places over another. I've personally seen: A crying norn woman around Claw's PerchA dark giant (same one you see in the last instance of the story) marching through Abberant ForestAn Icebrood Charr(?) that turns into a Cypress Sapling near a small camp to the west of the Northwest Svanir Camp (Not certain if it is an icebrood, but it is definitely a charr) / In this area, the tree that the
  4. I would love repise of the dark version of Fear Not This Night, but sung by Jormag.
  5. While I do see some similarities between this single episode and the entirety of HoTs, I ultimately feel that it's going to go a different direction.Jormag and Modremoth use different tactics to get people on their side. Modremoth uses forced enslavement while Jormag rather converts people to followers (which is a big reason why some of the Svanir are not Icebrood yet). In a way, this makes it seem that Jormag has this superficial respect for it's minions, turning them to his side but not corrupting them right away (though he seems perfectly capable of doing by force if he wanted to). With th
  6. While I do think that's definitely a possibility, I'd still like to think it's some sort of foreshadowing of some kind. I mean after all, they went through all that effort in The Departing during PoF to change the player's name to 'Lost Spirit', which I would think is harder to do. I don't know much about programming, but in theory, it shouldn't be hard just to change the name of someone talking in text chat, just change the variable for text display.
  7. Even if this is not the case, the Commander is still pretty special to Aurene. She cared enough for the Commander that she flew from Auric Basin to Elona to try save them from Balthazar. In short story Requiem: Rytlock, he akins Aurene to being like the Commander's daughter (and I'm sure the sentiment is the same from Aurene's side). I think she should be a bit worried if her 'parent' was getting manipulated by another Elder Dragon. And even if she doesn't care about the Commander anymore, since the Commander is still Aurene's representative in the world of Tyria, wouldn't she also be worried
  8. As a player who mains a Sylvari character, I liked that little detail. I wonder if there will any more future dialogue mentioning Modremoth, due to the similarities of a 'voice in your head'. I must say though, I like the differences between the speaking patterns of Modremoth and Jormag. Modremoth was forceful and his voice was loud and commanding. It was clear that he wanted you to think that he had the authority. His influence was oppressive, painful. Sylvari could completely lose themselves to him, the end result would be turning into a monster who had forgotten what they once were. It's p
  9. Though short, I actually found the atmosphere and the story really interesting. I've always been a person who enjoys dark, creepy themes like this, though I wouldn't give this episode a full 10/10 (maybe a generous 6.5/10?) , but still, nice visuals and feels. I really liked that Jormag was talking to us throughout the entire story and anytime you're on the open map. It just adds to the creepiness level. I don't know if it's the whispers that are getting to me, but I actually ended up thinking that Jormag was prettying convincing in the last instance. I feel like we should at least hear him o
  10. Hello there, are you still recruiting? I am indeed looking for a social guild to join and I'm interested, though I do have some questions. I'm not that much of a skilled player. I have never gone on raids before and fairly noobish (even though I've been playing for almost 3 years now). I enjoy PvE exploration and achievement hunting over any other type of game mode. Will that be a problem? Thank you kindly.
  11. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since I've gotten it about mid-2015. I used to be part of a friendly guild who I was active in playing with, but sometime before Heart of Thorns came out, the guild went silent, all the members one by one, left, and I've only managed to keep contact with only one of my guildmates, who is the only one who still plays to this day (but even then they aren't very active). So far now, from the time I've been playing mostly by myself, sometimes accompanied by my old guildmate (who isn't on often) or sometimes by my S/O (who isn't as crazy as me when it comes to this ga
  12. Hmm, if I were to describe it, if you use a skill, it takes a little more than half a second to a whole second for the action to take place. I usually have to end up spamming the key to make sure it registers, because sometimes it doesn't. I've never had the luxury of instant casting it always has a delay, depending on what mood swings my internet decides to have at the time. Recently its been gettinf worse with up to 1k ping and I have to relog. Playable, but not good for things like PvP where skill usage and timing is important. That's why with my second delay I like running away since its
  13. Since you sound like you know your stuff, your advice would work much better. Personally, I could never time my stuns or CC on time, maybe because I play with 200-300ping constantly since I'm in NZ and the servers are in Europe, so there's always a bit of delay when casting spells/skills. But maybe thats just a silly excuse in a futile attempt to defend myself and my strategy; Maybe you guys play with that ping and are good, I wouldn't know. I opted for a more 'complicated', but I guess 'easy to understand' (for me at least). By all means, both these two folks, Spiro and Maximus, sound very we
  14. That's great! Once you figure out the rhythm this boss is quite easy actually. It's actually figuring out that's the hard part.
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