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  1. Just pick a class that looks cool and give it a shot. You can always use your second character slot to create and delete characters in different classes to test run later.
  2. I did it with a power-greatsword Chrono build. Long range attacks and phantasms allow you to keep moving away from the boss while applying damage, and dropping wells for CC and extra damage.
  3. Wonder why they remove stuff like that from the game. Glad I got my greatsword skin.
  4. I have a Necro and I don't like that part of it either. I'm eventually going to unlock the Reaper specialization in Heart of Thorns content - so I can ditch the minions and run around with a high-damage greatsword build.
  5. Do you have a skill rotation posted somewhere? Also, I admit I don't get your choice of weapon sigils. Sigil of Energy doesn't seem like it would ever proc - since you never swap weapons as an Elementalist. And what does Sigil of Corruption really do for you? Do you really get bonuses from stuff dying that often? Edit: Sorry, I missed your response to your own video on YouTube where you said the following about the rotation: "I'm pretty free-form on account of not participating in any organized group content. No practice golems or meta builds for me! But to deal damage I know I need to stay
  6. I really like that video. But... don't look at the screen - just look at the skill bar. Look how many different skills that Elementalist is going through. That's not really easy to do for a lot of players - myself included. I mean, I'm still tempted to try it out anyway. But I've never been that great at playing the piano in GW2.
  7. I have two mains. Both female - because I like the more graceful aesthetic on female characters (if you want to think I'd prefer to stare at a hot girl for hours on end instead of the alternative, I won't stop you). One is human and one is Sylvari. I prefer the Sylvari because I really like the voice actress - could listen to her all day, seriously. One is a Mesmer and one is an Elementalist. I like the Sylvari Elementalist for her really flashy skills that just nuke things - but her low survivability has made her really hard to enjoy in expansion and Living World content. The other is a human
  8. You already know about throwing the boulders, so the only thing I can tell you is - you probably just need a lot of practice with moving, timing your dodges, and camera management. Camera management is something that some lower-skilled players just have a rough time with and the only way to get over it is lots of practice. Until then, I'd suggest joining a friendly active casual guild and begging for help from your guildmates in downing the instances. That's what I did for the fight with Mordremoth in HoT on my Elementalist (which is a lot harder than the Mouth of Zhaitan).
  9. Get familiar with this gal on YouTube. She has YouTube video guides to every jumping puzzle in the game, as well as a lot of points of interest and all mastery points as well. https://www.youtube.com/user/AyinMaiden
  10. I wouldn't necessarily level grind every class to 80. But I would level grind the first two classes to get a good feel for the game, unlock armor skins, see the story through a couple variations and so on. After that, sure - use a booster if you like. Or blow some of those tomes of experience to speed things up.
  11. Another thing to keep in mind. When you complete a golden heart on the map by doing quest tasks in the area - it unlocks an NPC with the heart over their head. You can talk to this NPC and they will sell you special items - trinkets, armor, weapons, miscellaneous stuff... You purchase this stuff with Karma - represented by a purple triangle. You accumulate Karma by completing heart quests and completing the events that spawn around the maps. When you are a first-time player, it is sometimes worth doing these heart quests in order to unlock the NPCs - not because the equipment is any good for y
  12. Bunker ele works I assume - if you've mastered that piano-playing style with the keyboard. Otherwise, you're screwed.
  13. You've already looked at the resources I would have recommended. Can you give a more detailed example of a typical fighting encounter where you are struggling?
  14. If I had it all to do over again, I'd probably main Mesmer and Guardian. Not so simple they get boring, but not so difficult that I'm unable to ever play them at full potential. I got a wife, work and kids... so I don't exactly have time to become a true MMO master.
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