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  1. at this point you may as well just give harb regular shroud. Needs a pocket healer either way.
  2. you guys are just haters, they did give us something in return. We got additional regen on heal skill, that changes everything!!1!!1!
  3. what is even the point of this spec?
  4. somehow you made harb worse than it was in beta 1, which is a pretty astounding feat if I'm honest.
  5. you know it's bad when you can't beat a core necro with no traits equipped oof...
  6. wow another spec that needs a pocket healer, way to break the mold.
  7. so I watched tpot's stream with cmc and they are not even aware there is an issue with power harb... did no one give feedback?
  8. looks like they only had time to make 6 fully realised elite specs for this expac I guess makes sense why they showed the half-done ones first.
  9. For such a core mechanic, "blight" is certainly not very interesting. It just stacks up and sits there. Get rid of the afk pulsing gm traits, and add something interesting using blight?
  10. The traits (esp the gm's) and the elixirs are boring, the power build sucks thanks to no good power main weapon. Shouldn't have made it focus on so many things at once, power, condi and boons. It is a "specialization" after all.
  11. meh looks like most of the damage in shroud are from your projectile attacks? Given the copious about of projectile hate you are already on the backfoot.
  12. The only way this will work in pvp is via a quick get in and out power burst build that minimises your time in shroud to prevent blight build up. Ofc you wouldn't take most if not all of the elixirs as they pretty much suck. You'll be too dead to enjoy your massive 12.5% dmg mod at 25 stacks of blight in pvp.
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