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  1. To be fair, the game is missing some serious direction right now. And the new elite specialisations are a direct reflection of it. When HoT came round, I knew exactly what I was going to do with the new elite specialisation. Try out some 5man content, enjoy the new healing class. Go into raids and figure out boons tables and how to beat raid bosses. PoF gave us some more flexibility in instanced content. WvW took a hit, as the combats became way more ranged and ultimately less fun to play. Now EoD is going to come out. And I honestly don't know what to do with those elite
  2. I don't know. But it might be. The game feels like it's lacking direction at the moment.
  3. I'm sorry but the reverts mentioned in the main posts are not enough. A lot of people here argue that having to play with open inventory was unfun, but this argument is invalid. Because the people who "actually" do speedruns here, are well aware that you'll still play with open inventory in order to change food & utility for each encounter as well as use feather, stealth kit, spykit, hylek poison, CC consumables. NPC's in GW2 litterally sells you consumables to use as part of the game. If you truly think this is an exploit then you might as well wait for GW3 to come out. Like t
  4. Actually quoting 9 y/o changes is not entirely fair. Wepon swap is indeed a 9 y/o mechanic however gear templates which are really the source of the issue here are not. I don't believe that any kind of boons should be removed for simply swapping a weapon, precasting 25 might with Staff in WvW has been in the game for a very long time and is not an exploit, it's a preparation before zergging and more or less part of the game already. However swapping the entirety of your gear template is a serious issue. I think it would be better to look at restricted scenario/area as to when one can fully swa
  5. The real issue here is that, this is hiding a bigger problem. Being build/gear templates have many flaws, their most apparent one being literally breaking game performances as it seems. And now niche communities are going to pay the price, with having 9y/o mechanics revoked for what is going to serve as an immediate fix, when the real problem still remains. Build and Gear templates "NEEDS" a serious rework.
  6. Will Anet then address legendary weapons impossibility to keep their sigils, stats and infusion? Also since you're at it, in all fairness, what about addressing mail and guild transaction system wouldn't you say that limiting the mail system to a maximum amount of items, adding a 20% tax fee for every transaction, and lower the maximum gold is "necessary for positive improvements to the stability of the trading post, and to safeguard against tax evasion exploits lowering greatly the initial production cost of some items in the trading post, and then using those items as a currency as oppose
  7. That's not true, there are YouTube video with every single tricks that you can achieve. Just check any video from Ns members, or follow SC members Youtube channels you'll see that those tricks are far from secretive. There is even a website listing most speedclears that were achieved. https://www.speedrun.com/gw2 There is an entire website called the "raiding league" which has PoV video of all the speedclears records, for each team that partaked into it. dT website gives extensive details about how to execute your precast what's important, and even give a comple
  8. Actually there is a "NEW" precast you can still do. Windows ---> Apps and Features ---> GW2 ---> UNINSTALL.
  9. It's okay to have MAJOR changes to precast in the game if new content is being released, but if you are not gonna release any new dungeons, fractals or raids until EoD. What's the point to start changing those now. Those "tricks" were mostly used to speedclear dungeons, raids or fractals. Content which only a very small percentage of the game partake into, yet you removed that. Like... I don't understand. Could there please be some honest and actual information as to why make changes literally destroying how speedruns content were achieved.
  10. I was attempting to find someone nice to say regarding toxic people in Fractals but... there are so many wrong things in fractals nowadays that I don't even know where to start. So I guess just let toxic clowns be toxic
  11. Yes it's April's fool at every balance patch it seems. I guess the current nerfs are in preparation for the new elite spec, although I'm not entirely sure.
  12. Nope, I'm a power chrono main, and with the latest change, power chrono is currently dead. The Time Warp (TW) changes makes it playable in extremely niche scenario. Not many class gives a good amount of slow, Renegade gives descent slow uptime but you'll need at least 2 to achieve 80%+. "TW" now only giving 6s of slow it making it too short to throw in your burst whilst having slow on the boss. Danger Time also got a nerf and now only provides extra 15% extra crit chance. You can play Improved Alacrity (IA), but that's significantly lower DPS, and due to how Chrono work (most of
  13. As of right now salvaging ascended gear is really not worth it. You're barely getting anything for it. But with Armory is there really another alternative? other than hoarding our characters with ascended gear? As more and more player progress in the game, everyone will at some point have a couple of legendary items (weapon/armor/trinkets) and armor pieces will be rendered useless. In the long term it would be great if some kind of system was added. or if salvaging ascended items could be made more rewarding? I guess it could lower the current market price of some items, by too much but wi
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