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  1. Just the usual SnowCrows HFB builds with a few changes (see below). Gear & Runes - Replace Harrier with Minstrel or Giver to have as much toughness as possible (I personally prefer 4stats vs 3 stats but you won't see much difference between the two; especially on HFB you have too much passive healing to notice anything). - Mace instead of Axe. Mace will give you some extra block and its symbol does passive healing. -Monk Runes are great, but you can also use Water/Durability/Herald/Altruism depending on the need. If you don't have legendary armor, I'd suggest just runn
  2. SnowCrows does theorycrafting, and figure the best build to play in Raids. I'm not too sure how theory crafting is destroying raids. You also have to take into consideration that this game as moved from a traditional MMORPG with raid release to a speedclearing game almost due to its slow content release.
  3. I don't think it's ever gonna happen to be fair. Guild Wars 2 has established itself as an Open World MMORPG by now.
  4. haha, yes indeed; We need "legendary" patience it would seem.
  5. I don't know if it was a bug or something but I could pick up the chaos staff bundle at the end of "Whisper of Jormag" strike today. I actually wondered what it was xD
  6. More and always more on Build/Equipment Tempaltes, I know but there are several things which are problematics, I'll list them below: Would it be possible that when you delete a character with build template you get them back somehow ? Cause right now if I delete a character I just loose the template I bought.Build storage should be free imo and just be given as community rewards, or for playing the game etc.... I don't know the numbers, but I don't really know anyone who buy build storage.Would it be possible to have an extra window just for equipment/build template as a list (which could be t
  7. I used to use Staff quite a lot for Open World Content, before the Shattering change, but now that it's back you could use it again.Staff scales really well with chaos traitline and a bit of boon duraiton. You're pretty much perma boons all the time.
  8. No, Tim! I want to get them done with people who know how to dodge. I do not want to spend 1hour or an eternity teaching people who are well in their masteries that there is such a thing as dodging red AOE. I learned how to dodge 4 years ago when I started this game. I had 0 hold handing. I just was very interested in the game and how I could improve and I did. Got into a raid guild, tested with beginners, learned raids, and then found a static, then another one. And now I am at a place where I can dodge red AOEs and perform normally in general content. Nobody taught me anything until I put in
  9. In the "targeting" section of key binds, there is an option to toggle autotargetting on or off (see link below), you might have a key bind assigned to it. Hence why your character sometimes target a random person. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Options
  10. I did Thunderhead Peaks achievements a while ago, but it wasn't as bad, since the mobs which had to be hunted for the collection were way easier to defeat, even with a bit of lag it was doable solo or duo. It's hardly the case for Sandswept Island, by the time the skill lag end, you're already dead, and were almost unable to dodge/cc the mob in time.
  11. GW2 is really not a hard game (if you're not trying to reach the top 0.1%), with a bit of explanation, most people can perform very well. I'd just wish more players would be willing to give noobs a chance to learn, and teach them. Training groups can be tedious, and Guilds can be slow to form a group. To be fair, I'm not really sure what to write anymore on this topic, especially after reading all those comments. Whilst I do think that no li should be asked for strike as they are really not that difficult, I also understand players valuing their time. However GW2 is a game, and a game is made
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