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  1. DX11 runs just like the DX12 mod just with some annoying crashes with sparkly animations, but then I turned those to low and it didn't happen again. DX9 on my old pc (4th gen i7) is downright atrocious. 15 FPS vs 30-40 with the beta mod.
  2. Explain to me how it works then please. Are the numbers lying to me? I made a full glass cannon core mesmer and mindwrack was doing 2.5k damage each while people hit me for 6-10k.
  3. This is hilarious, so a spec that heals to full effortlessly, permacrits and has perma stunbreaks is underpowered or something? Absolute joke of a game.
  4. I wonder why I play this game when my 'nuke' spells do 2k damage and a true shot with zero effort behind does 10k on a 4ish seconds cooldown.
  5. Wait is bladesworn supposed to be weak? LMFAO
  6. I'm aware, this isn't about guild halls though.
  7. Has this ever been suggested? To have the ability to set up race markers in a squad or maybe as a guild activity? The world of gw has a lot of neat locations to build racing or even flying courses. Would it be too hard to implement in a expansion?
  8. Again, core and tempest (soon catalyst) will continue being easy versions. OP wants to change even Weaver.
  9. The people who aren't having fun can play other classes. No need to come change already existing stuff as the post suggest ("I truly believe ele needs a massive tweak to being it in line with other classes"). Now, I'm not against easy mode new specs but Tempest already exists so... a bit confused there. What does that have to do with Weaver requiring 'piano' mechanics? To some, even core ele is too difficult because you get 2x more abilities than regular classes, so to some extent you could keep up back then but refused to improve later on. It's not rocket science, and
  10. By now it's clear that weaver has a happy accident. A fluke if you will.
  11. Then we have rebound lol. The main point is that it's impossible to reduce their cd and it's far too long. Shouts, conjures, stances and now augments. Fgs could see a 150s reduc, weave self 80s for the nature of its duration and this new one needs to be scrapped entirely or get rid of the "1 second" interval. I tried to aoe golems with meteor shower hoping I'd get at least 2 meteor showers off in quick succession but no, interval lmao. It's an ELITE SKILL for crying out loud, it gives you a pitiful boon and 8 seconds cd reduction. That won't be enough to refresh any ability from
  12. The elite is par for the course for elementalist elites. Long cooldown, does little to nothing, cannot be reduced with traits. Spinny hammer 3 things reactivation is too kitten long for what it does. Spinny hammer 3 does way too little for how much it requires you to put at least 1 more attunement on cooldown. Lots of hammer abilities have long cooldowns with pathetic damage. Like look at hammer rev. Long windup timers but can nuke for 8k damage or higher if you get hit. On a good day, air 2, earth 5, fire 5 will do 5k damage. Augments should be instant to activate. The fac
  13. Preach. This whole "screw everyone who is having fun, I WANT to have fun" mentality is often overlooked and not seen as extremely vile and disrespecful, because that's all it is.
  14. Not even Melandru with Dwayna and Lyssa fused are going to change ANet's vision on Staff.
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