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  1. I noticed this too - In the meantime you can use the mount dropdown(drop-up? haha) menu to the right of your hotbar to have siege turtle selected. Kinda sucks, but I hope Anet addresses this soon. Edit: This has been recorded on the list of known issues.
  2. BLESS! Thank you for this information. Much love Arenanet!
  3. I had never considered this, perhaps ANet could include something like this in the future? At minimum, they could give all account-bound Eternity owners on July 13th Twilight and Sunrise in-armory, which would be making the assumption that *everyone* who has a acc-bound eternity crafted them both... but atleast its not alienating those that did craft. Just as like a one time thing? I don't know.
  4. I asked support about this in my thread regarding Eternity - The current plan seems as follows: Current account-bound Eternity Owners: - You will only receive Eternity in-armory for use, even if you crafted Sunrise or Twilight yourself. After July 13th/Armory Release: - You can craft account-bound Eternity using the tokens provided after account-binding Sunrise and Twilight (This would give you all three greatswords for use in-armory. They will not be removed) - You can craft a unbound Eternity by mystic forging a unbound Sunrise and Twilight (Y
  5. Its two copies of each Legendary Greatsword according to the blog post by Anet (They used the example of 2 Bifrost and 2 Nevermores, so for greatswords it would be: 2 Twilight, 2 Sunrise, 2 Eternity, 2 Exordium)
  6. Would they though? Every Eternity has a Sunrise/Twilight inside it, the only thing that makes it 'free' is that its been converted into one greatsword. Regardless, they would be account bound and it wouldnt fluctuate the market. This is solely for armory collection purposes, as it would cost a current Eternity crafter almost 5,000g to reobtain Twilight and Sunrise.
  7. Thats the solution I would like to see implemented, but we'll see. It doesn't really add anything more to the game (even if you bought Eternity from the TP and bound it). But as a current Eternity owner: If this isn't implemented, I'm better off building Exordium for GS #2, then at least I get a new skin 🙂
  8. I spoke to Anet Support today as I requested some details about Eternity owners and how that will work with the armory. For some backstory, I crafted and bound Sunrise back in 2015, and crafted Twilight to create my Eternity on 7/29/2020, so one year ago. I was a returning player and didn't know about the legendary armory, otherwise I wish I had waited. 😞 As it stands right now, future Eternity crafters who create the weapon using the new token system will keep their Sunrise and Twilight to pull out of the armory at anytime, giving them 3 Legendary Greatswords. Anyone who have alr
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