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  1. I just got gold rank and I'm a bit disappointed about this change. I saw it as something to strive for while collecting the needed Items to make it legendary. now I feel, surprisingly, a bit robbed.
  2. Thank you for nerfing the ranger class even more. A few more and you can remove it entirely. Well done. This IS what you want, right?
  3. Long ago, for ages, like years, there were a little human girl in Gendarran Fields, that proclaimed "For the iron legion!" in the voice of a adult Charr woman.Just saying that things like this may take a very long time before they bother to change it. ;)
  4. Don't know if this has been up before, but TP seem to mix up my inventory bags. Some item's don't show at all and other can be found in other bags then those they actually are stored in.
  5. I was diving for mussels in Desolation the other day, in the waters just to the left of the entrance from Elon Riverlands when I was greeted with an odd notification that I was leaving playable area. And I wasn't even down at the bottom.http://penniegrim.eu/misc/gw646.jpg
  6. Yes! I have a human mesmer, can't really get the feel for her. Rolled a Asura mesmer for HoT Beta and for some reason it was way more fun to play. I guess I could use the lvl 80 scroll I got with PoF, we'll see...
  7. I'm quite happy with the amount of extra ori-/ancient nodes in the new areas. It feels like it's an area for lvl 80s where you would expect to find more high tier resources. Also I'm happy because I feel like I can afford making one or two extra armour sets without going broke. Thank you ANet. The extra nodes are much welcomed. Oh PS. On the subject of price changes. Tier 6 Blood has dropped over 10s
  8. Can't log in on any character, Tyria and Elona maps doesn 't matter.
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