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  1. Update: Its been basically an entire day that my husbands account has been blocked. No response on his ticket. I emailed on my ticket given the issues are likely related and was told more or less to bugger off and mind my own business.
  2. My husbands account, altair.2846 is still blocked. He has opened ticket 8147607 for this issue.
  3. Update I've lost count: Both of my accounts are, currently, active again but still unable to purchase anything from the gem store. My husbands account, Altair.2846, is now blocked without explanation. I suspect its because he too has used our debit cards to buy gems. To the previous posts regarding the legality of this, I am already speaking to counsel as I believe its discrimination and a violation of fair access practices. More to come.
  4. Not sure what part of they continue to tell me to "retry" you're not understanding, but I follow instructions given to me by the people who own the product. Your comment here was completely unhelpful and honestly I could have went without it. kthxbai.
  5. Update 3: Tried on both accounts to use a debit card that is in my name. Result? Blocked. Again. This feels like discrimination.
  6. Update 2: Both accounts have been banned, unbanned, banned again, and unbanned again. Keep being told its ok to purchase gems and the expansions then the process starts over again. GM tells me to purchase, it doesn't go through, I'm banned, have to plead with Anet to unban me, GM says its fixed and to try again, start all over. I've now went through 3 GMS, GM Skaarf, GM ScarletWinter, and GM Oreo Flurry. This is insanity. I'm prepared to give up and just not give Anet any more of my money.
  7. So some background. This issue started when I attempted to purchase the expansions on my alt account, dropkick.7451. I used my husbands debit card as mine is currently being replaced. We have used each others debit cards before with no issue whatsoever. When I attempted to purchase the expansions, I was blocked. I opened a ticket with CS and immediately things began to spiral out of control. Before I knew it, my main account, alphawolf.2709, was blocked with no explanation. After literally hours of back and forth with GM Skaarf, we got my main account unblocked and I was told all was well on b
  8. I am posting here as a effort of last resort. I am a veteran player since launch. This evening with no explanation my account was blocked for security reasons. I've put in a ticket (8133575) and have received no response from customer service hours later. The only comment I've received from support is on a ticket from my alt account (8133457) instructing me to keep conversation regarding my main account to the ticket I opened for it. I am hoping the visibility will help get this issue resolved as there are absolutely no grounds for my account to be blocked or banned.
  9. As leader of the [PINE] community, as someone who has lost family to colon kitten, and as someone who ran with Canis, I send my respect and the energy of my entire community to help usher Canis to his rightful place in the mists eternal. Rest in peace friend.
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