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  1. Builder: Building turrets that can be manned. The basic turrets can be used with f and do more dmg than basic attacks, but less than a proper rotation. (fits in a rotation) Defensive: Survivability buffs through external armor which you can cast on allies. Offensive buffs: again applying external armors that buff others, sort of like one wolf pack does. Something in the order of: allies slap on sticky mines with each hit for a period of time which explode after a delay causing a big boom. Is also usable for applying poisons or bleeding in some way.
  2. Whoa whoa whoa, chill down on the saltiness. This was completely not what I expected, as I thought you'd talk about the power specs on both classes. Now that would have made slight sense. They literally just fixed this. Mirages can maintain 10 man alac, and the druid spirits are good enough to keep druids in every raid atm. Torment is kind of busted, its not even Rev's that are insanely op.
  3. The further we get into delving into scrapper and its variants heal and dpsquickness, I read that the scrapper has to take too many gyro's to make it viable. I'm not really on board with it, since I could maintain full quickness with 50% boonuptime(diviner), nades and 2 offensive gyro's. I could even get 25 k dps LN style, even though I never get that close to a benchmark. I love reading all suggestions, keep it up. It shows people are really involved in what is supposedly the least played profession. 😄 I'm gonna mention a few changes I dabble in mentally. Single Handed We
  4. 1) idk, I understand your sentiment, but if there was an option I'd rather have something unique. If they put it in firearms you could have perhaps a condi damage buff. 2) neeeh 3) yes please 4) god yes 5) please see your point 4. Imo ele's skill is ele's skill. 6) how about shared ammo for elixers and its corresponding toolbelt skill? They changed mantra's to ammo, so why not elixers as well? All in all though I'd wait until the dust settles. It is a major change and I think ANet had decided that scrapper will b
  5. Wait did you actually move this thread to engineer? Lol. Sad. I post from a point of view as engineer main, but it you could replace the word engineer with 7 other classes.
  6. So if I admit I dabble in 6 other classes I am in the clear? I have 7 classes geared for raids yet only 5 for fract cms Also I have 6 classes with open world builds. I play pvp on only 3 and wvw on only 1 (because I can my Engineer on both elite specs there actually) I just hope that ANet realises that inherently people will look for something that fits their personality first, or just want to play something that they find cool. And currently if you read about balance and balance patches theres a lot of noise coming from frustration because a
  7. Lets me start off with: I main Engineer. I love its playstyle. I love the utility. But I say this because I will compare the patchnotes to this. And hope to explain some feelings people with main classes have when reading the patch notes. On this forum, and on Reddit, with high frequency there are posts of someone starting GW2 and asking a question along the lines of: "Hello, I'm new, I like this playstyle, what class would fit this?" And in line with that thought, you will get some decent answers of people explaining playstyles and what kind of endgame the class has (love
  8. These are 2 different questions. But ok, I'll bite. There will not ba mobile version. It is not currently planned.
  9. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dragonrender_Heavy_Helm I apparently also thoight it had a different name. Fixed title. . Dragonrender helmet.
  10. The ears of my asura stick through the helmet. I have encountered this "problem" like 5 times now because I like the skin on an asura, but the ears are offputting to me apparently.
  11. The Fractal Instability social awkwardness could be renamed to social distancing
  12. I know, but that was also part of my useless opinion.Tbh I dont think there is any real fix for it. Even if you put all 5 bosses of 1 dragon in a row where noone could leave (so kind of force people to have multiple roles on 1 toon) it wont work, cause you can cruise it with 1 group anyways. Theres no reason to take condi over power. Or there is no reason to use anything but an hfb and maybe an alac to finish everything as fast as you can. Yet, I still like doing them to relax my mind I guess.
  13. Doing 3 DRM'S completes the daily achievements is what I meant. But I also do them CM. Of course it's arbitrary to say I dont find them hard, but compared to fractal cm's and raids, they are... well... easy.
  14. I have played DRM CM's for quite a bit because I enjoy the kind of brainless gameplay which it brings for 75% of the instance. (I buy 5 deldrimor boxes almost every day, except for when I have raid days because I tend to have to choose between raids and DRM's to not overplay.)Lets face it, the first event where you have to do X, X and X in 5 mins have lost any form of interest after the first 5 times you play it, and have become a mindless race to get it over with.Next up is the "escort". You get to meet the faction that will "aid" you in your quest to destroy the true danger. The escort in it
  15. I had to look them up because those are uncommon. I didnt know they existed. If you dont need them anymore, you can either destroy them or stall them somewhere, but thats it. Im afraid there is no hidden use as most people get agony or wvw infusions (maybe some raid infusions if the build is only used in raids).
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