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  1. @Hightop.8294 personally not a fan of it. ofc for roaming it is consistent dmg boni you get with every +1 you do with full hp, but its again just a low effort passive trait (so boring for me) but even worse, egotism is a pretty selfish trait (surprise surprise with that name). no matter what boon you remove with your shatters, your whole team will benefit and i think that benefit is also pretty consistent and overall higher. it is only less consitent for yourself but not for the whole team/ match. so egotism is a good trait for pve or when all you think about is being carried by broken dmg as much as possible by yourself and when you plan on dueling on a roaming build for whatever reasons. imo it is even less necessary to use that trait atm , since atm you already have insane dmg on mesmer (esp with zerker amu). at some point of current dmg in your build even more dmg has less of an additional reward than going less one dimentional with your build and add some team-usefulness and utility instead ("law of diminishing returns" is it called in english i think. basic economic law).
  2. for chrono not rly, for mirage you ofc use the vigor trait in dueling instead fury for phantasm now (first slot in dueling line) and you use the new wayfinder relic, so you can use another rune than lynx and for that also no need for marauder amu anymore. i would need to try ingame what rune/amu i would use now. i prefer mara amu in general, since it is a better balanced amu than the one dimentional too high dmg giving zerker amu (mara vita does not make you tanky, it just counters a bit what should not be in the game anyway, for example perma condi spam you cannot actively outplay, you still die if you eat the key condi skills) but its pretty much self-cripple at this point, since you can have precision on rune now and i dont rly need the vita for surviving on mirage. so makes no sense to give up that much dmg, even tho zerker amu makes mirage (mesmer in general) so much easier to play. everything else stays the same for mirage, pb, ih/de and blind on f2 trait (since i prefer active traits with skill ceiling over low effort passive dmg multiplier, and the blind is also super useful sooo often), and renewing oasis trait (its a pretty passive trait so meeeh but at least less unhealthy than self deception, since instant clone generation should not exists, also not mirror images btw).
  3. they sponsor the channel and giveaway not a specific vid but ye rip portal 😞 why wow? my portals lead to valo 😬 dislike is a hard word, i just prefer higher skill ceiling builds personally, does not mean other builds cannot be fun too tho. also for conquest i think that ih/de build is a way better roaming build. its the least selfish and most team-supporting variant (you do not take passive dmg multiplier as in illusionline or sup. complex trait, which only work for you but instead you use active traits which also buff your team with more vulnstacks for example). yes, ih should be baseline and the major gms and the ambushes (esp the condi ambushes from axe,staff, scepter) should be reworked and balanced around that. without ih, mirage is more a core with just some more passive extra dmg on dodge (and mobility in case of sword). funny is, that ppl often think (not directed to you, but more in general), that de/ih is a less shatter oriented spec and more a dodge+1 style which better keeps clones alive as long as possible, what is kinda correct for condi mirage but completely wrong for power gs/sw mirage. quite the opposite is the case for gs/sw mirage, since you just prebuff your shatters as setup with de/ih what otherwise passive dmg traits do for you without any player effort and if you want to spam ambushes for dmg (the so called dodge+1 playstyle) on power mirage you better go sc trait or illu line since your own ambush will do more dmg than 2 -3 clones do with ih. but you stack less vuln, so your team will not do more dmg. ih/de is clearly just as shatter orientated as every other power mes build, i do shatter just as often as on core or chrono (outside of chrono having lower cds ofc). but you need to understand how to play ih/de correctly, to see, that it is the least dodge+1 oriented playstyle for gs/sword mirage. atm the too high dmg on ambushes/shatters, sig of illusions and zerker amu cover the need to play it correctly since you still can have good impact with playing it mediocre and ambush spammy. one reason i prefer to play gs power chrono atm. ye indeed 😞 big thanks for enjoying my content tho. maybe i come back some day, who knows! anyway one day left to join the giveaway! \o/
  4. oh nice hey o/ long time no read!!! big thanks for your bumping ❤️ im rly well just pretty busy irl with having a doggy 😉 how are you?
  5. hehe big thx for your feedback, much appreciated @phixion.9428! ❤️ but to participate in the giveaway you need to put your answer in a youtube comment ye sry for no new content, but im still in a gw2 break (only touching the game here and there for some games with friends who are still playing) and see no reason to play it more again atm and enjoy valorant pretty much. sure its great that mirage has its second dodge back, but my other main balance suggestion for mirage was, to make ambushes (and with that also ih) mainly utility based and waaay less direct dmg based. but latest changes just go into the opposite direction (reducing might stacks instead direct dmg on gs ambush for example). and i dont have fun in playing a core mes on steroids with some dodge+1 gs ambush spam for 3-7k on berserker amu+dmg rune +also too high shatter dmg, without the need to utilize any high iq combos and setups you can do with ih/de. so the moment i run out of good giveaway quiz ideas and need to record new footage, i would probably do it with power chrono over mirage in current gamestate (if you just could play chrono with portal.. but short dura portal on anything else than lynx rune sword mirage just feels meeeh... sad eyes...). at least my next giveaway quiz most likely will be a power gs/sw de/ih mirage guide, showing tons of examples of cool combos and setup possibilities with ih/de, since just spamming gs ambush for some low effort extra dmg and sword ambush for mobility and some random extra daze as side effect, is clearly not even near to the skill ceiling/ cap of that build, means what mirage is able to do (and also should not be as rewarding as it is right now). not to mention that signet of illusion should be completely deleted and reworked imo.
  6. GW2 PvP/ WvW Giveaway Quiz. The footage in the PvP Mesmer portal guide is older, but for the topic of the guide (how to use portal in advanced ways) and the giveway it does not matter! Good luck to all who will join the giveaway! 🙂 If you want to skip the giveaway instruction part and only watch the guide you can start the vid at mins 0:55! 800 GEMS + 2 COMMUNITY CHESTS GIVEAWAY! https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Community_Chest Participation rules: 1. Add the correct answer to your youtube comment (the numbers of tactical portal uses explained in the guide with # as first letter): Be careful, there is a trick to it, the summary at the start of the guide is not complete! Put in some more effort 💗 2. Insult, troll, flame, hate and racist comments will be disqualified 3. 3 winners will be randomly picked 27 may 2024, 8pm cest 4. Pls recheck your comment at 28 may or soon after that date for an answer of me, since yoututbe sometimes fail the notifications Sponsored by Arenanet!
  7. Pls notice the vid description/ pinned comment under the vid. greetings o/
  8. it might make more sense to post it here since its pvp pov (also the suggestions can be compensated easy by simple number splits in pve, so that pve playstyle of mirage and its benchmark will not change. made another mirage/ mesmer related post bit later on same side in the profession subforum follow up thread. i also dont like at all that power chrono gets even more dumbed down now with the increased amount of quickness (game rly needs quickness reduction all over the place and not more, esp not on a burst class like mesmer) and the deleted counterplay to phantasms with distortion. just my 2 cents.
  9. Changes to EM and what should happen with IH I dont rly like that IA got buffed with that EM change. This utility is imo still very braindead and spammy (just adds up on the dodge+1 spam gameplay) and doesnt need a buff at all. Quite the opposite. Same goes for Desert Distortion/ Mirrors. Mirrors are a bad mechanic in general and the trait Destert Dist. is already super strong without a broken synergy to EM. IMO 2 condiremoves on dodge were way too strong anyway even with only one dodge. 1 condiremove on dodge with 2 dodges would be fine, esp with the nerfs to IH to make it a pure utility trait (no dmg on clone ambushes for all weapons). EM and IH could compete, just both on a lower power lvl, just as they compete now. Overall better would be to make IH a minor trait (since IH with correct utilitybased ambush design adds way more compos and setup abilities and with that adds skill ceiling/cap and uniquness esp compared to core gameplay). Then you can rework all major GM traits around IH being a minor and only utility based. But since anet has no will or ressources for skillful balance IH becoming a minor prob will never happen. So i leave that idea for now. Changes that still should happen with mirage getting the dodge back, since they are not only broken on mirage but also on core and other specs Signet of Illusion still needs to lose the f4 reset. Core instant shatters are a very strong mechanic and giving too many and too powerful ways to reduce the cd esp on f4 is just not healthy for the game. That should happen no matter if Inspiration traitline and Desert Dist trait in mirage get reworked/nerfed too or not. I would remove the retargeting mechanic completely (Axe, IA and esp the core skill Mirror Images). Mirage is unique enough without that (at least with correct designed utility ambushes) . Desert Distortion should give less Mirrors or give a lower amount of endurance per clone instead. Overall it needs a nerf to the mirror dodge-ambush spam. Rework Blurred Inscription trait in Inspiration. Or split the trait when mirage is equiped so mirage doesnt get the ambushes on distortion. Self-Deception trait should not create clones (just unhealthy with jaunt). maybe turn it into: "the next attack after using a deception skill removes a boon" (1 target, ofc the one the mesmer has targeted in case of aoe skills) or something. so condi builds can have access to boonremove without the need to take domination. Condi dmg on normal clone autoattacks should be reduced to the same amount power clone autoattcks do (around 10 dmg per hit). There is no reason why condi mes should have such an insane amount of passive dmg pressure from clones. Give the dmg back to condi weapon skills (mostly) and maybe shatter skills (slightly), so the overall condi dmg benchmark doesnt rly change but will be more active bc in the players hand not just clone autoattack spam. Some of those changes are less easy compensated in pve by simple number splits. But there are ways. For example losing clone gen in self deception mirage trait can be in parts compensated by adding even more dmg to clone ambushes in pve only. So pve mirages have less clone gen but each living clone does more dmg with their ambush attack. Mesmer and even more Mirage has so many buttons you can adjust to balance it out and compensate mechanical changes, there are always ways! Also not only pvp player should be able to adapt. i think also pve player should be forced and are also able to adapt some changes which will affect them, it worth it, for a more healthy mirage/ mesmer mechanic in all game modes. I will stop here for now. Furster mesmer balance suggestions i have written down here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hI5r9mpx94DJEj2LoZzc0Knicqk5SLmC/view?usp=sharing NOTICE: I make suggestions refering to an overall less power creeped, higher skill ceiling/ cap and healthier gamestate. I dont support the current gamestate by providing balance suggestions to make mesmer just as braindead, op and power creeped as other classes to compete with the low skill demand metas of the last years. Imo inspi and chaos in general need complete reworks to fit a more skillful and healthier gamestate instead just nerfing them into uselessness.
  10. NOTICE: All following suggested mechanical changes to mirage ambushes can easily be compensated with just number splits to the dmg on clones and mesmers ambushes (dmg parameter in the formular near 0 for clones and low on mesmers own ambush in wvw/pvp and whatever dmg you want for mesmer and clone ambushes in pve). The playstyle and the benchmark in pve will not be affected at all!!!!! Why mirage still needs a mechanical shift on some ambushes even after mc-nerf? With mostly dmg focused ambushes you have the problem that pure dmg needs way less tactical timing and less setup/ combo work than specific utility rewards (for example a short daze or might/vuln stacks). A short daze needs timing since a short random daze doesnt rly do that much except for being annoying and vuln/might stacks need follow up work from the mesmer or his teammates to get reward from those stacks, so requires setup). Means: With mainly utility based ambushes you force the mirage to dodge more tactical and pure offensive to time the utility ambush reward for max impact (for ex. daze) or to go offensive with a burst preparation (might/vuln application before a shatter burst). Means only with maily utility based ambushes you create real opportunity costs and harder decision making between offensive and defensive dodging. On the other side: A mainly direct dmg orientated ambush reward doesnt need such tactical and offensive timing. You can mostly just dodge pure defensive and be happy about some mostly passive extra dmg spam after your dodge. So with direct dmg focused ambushes the mesmer equips a whole traitline just to get a reckless dodge in a ranged version and is overall (esp when played without ih) just a core mes on steroids with some passive dmg on defensive dodges added (passive in a sense that the player doesant rly need to work tactical with the ambushes nor the clones). That is an insane potential wasted to make mirage more healthy, balanced, unique and skillful with way more mechanical deepness and complexitiy. What needs to happen for staff/scepter/axe Reducing the dmg on those ambushes is the correct step but needs to be combined with adding decent utility rewards to the ambushes. What those utility rewards could be i will talk about later on, since not every utility would be a good choice. Atm you just nerf the dmg but doesnt add anything back, so the ambushes become even more just a passive side effect dmg spam from pure defensive dodging. since no one would waste a dodge pure offensive for barely any reward. Clone ambushes need to lose all their dmg and get the utility part of the mesmers ambush instead What needs to happen for greatword As for gs ambush reducing the might stacks is the totally wrong step. YOu need to reduce the direct dmg part on gs not the might or vuln stacks. Delete the direct dmg from clone ambushes, compensate with utility buffs (more vuln stacks) if needed. What needs to happen for sword Sword ambush is in terms of mechanics the best desinged one, since its mostly utility based and with the daze has an utility reward which requires timing. Also the clones ambushes do not provide any remarkable dmg, only have a weaker form of the mesmers ambush utilities. That is exaclty how it should be for ALL ambushes: Utility is the main reward not dmg, clone ambushes dont have dmg at all. IH becomes a pure utility trait (only indirect a dmg multiplier by might/vuln etc). The only change to sword ambush you could argue about is, if sword provides too much utilities and is with that a bit too strong/ rewarding and with that power creeped. IMO: Compared to what other classes have? No. Compared to a balanced not power creeped and skillful gamestate? Yes maybe. I think it would be absolutely acceptable (also not needed in current gamestate, even with 2 dodges back) that the clone generation on sword ambush gets removed. You already get a leap and a daze+bit dmg, that is more than enough reward to worth dodging for, esp worth pure offensive dodging (when not in need to avoid an attack). Dont get the idea to remove daze from sword ambush just bc you added it to dagger too. It makes more sense on sword and is more balanced there (since you have the downtime of going melee for it and it is better animated). What needs to happen for dagger I think having 2 weapons with daze ambushes becomes pretty daze spammy and there are enough other options for a good utility reward on dagger (see later). The only reason dagger on mirage isnt stupidly op atm is bc dagger 2 and 3 kinda suck. Also it makes no sense to add condition dmg on ambush to an otherwise pure power dmg orientated weapon. Give it a bit of power dmg (for the mesmer ambush only), delete the condi dmg and add a useful utility reward to it (clone ambushes ofc also have no dmg only the utility part of the mesmers ambush in a weaker form). You could test immob as utility also it might be too op (it needs at least 0,5-0,75 secs casttime then), also the investment for the mes to create a stun with dagger/sword main hand combo will maybe balance that out. What kind of new utility ambushes would be good? The best way to make dodge-traits more active, add harder decision making, more tactical deepness and higher skill cap into the dodge management is by avoiding pure defensive utilities/ boons (so no protection, blind for example, dont go the holo explosives way pls). Best are utilities with not only defensive but also offensive abilites (for ex. short daze, short immob). Or short duration (3-5 secs) non-dmg utilities like vulnerability or boons like might, fury which require further actions to capitalize from them and with that create the need to combo those dodge trait ambush rewards with other skills like weapon- and f-skills (just as it is on mes sword/ gs ambushes already). Clone gen is another alternative (when removing it from sword). You could add the clone gen to one of the condi ambushes instead (scepter maybe? + some condi dmg stat increase ih clones would stack on the mesmer) to compensate for the recent dmg nerfs and to add some more utility to it. Other possibilities are 3-5 secs stat increase (for ex. condi dmg stat, power dmg stat increase), expertise buff (while ih clones would stack a debuff on the target not on themself that higher condi duration for x secs which are on the target when getting hit and stat boni ih clones would stack a buff on the mesmer or something). There are enough ways to turn staff, axe, scepter, dagger and rifle into more utilitybased ambushes for some interesting, more active, less spammy and unique weapon-ambush playstyle. Mirage Mantle trait Same utility focus ofc also needs to count for the new Mirage Mantle trait. For example it should add might and not a direct dmg boost to split surge!!! Otherwise you turn gs more and more into the more passive dmg spam weapon after defensive dodges as axe/scepter/staff. For rifle (what hopefully will not be another condi spam weapon... ) it also should not add simple torment condi dmg but increase the utility reward of the rifle ambush instead. Regarding utility ambushes and timing: An issue for some ambushes in regard of makign them reactive with utility rewards is cast and travel time. For greatsword its fast and an aoe beam, and for sword the utility can be managed via clone positioning. But for example for staff ambush the cast time plus travel time only further incentivises passive use/spam - because you cant plan to take momentary advantage of some window of opportunity with such a long wind up. So some QoL improvments in that regard would be good in addition. Also consider to rework scepter ambush to have less hits but each hit has more impact, so it doesnt overperform with core traits like Sharper Images and doesnt force overnerfs to this core trait anymore.
  11. yaddayadda o/ enjoy the game as long as you can! Edit: also the words were barely correct. acting as is mc is the most unhealthy thing in the game and can't stay in any case is not only narrowed but simply wrong. 1. there are less healthier things in the game than mc on a squishy class like mes with barely any resustain (Ele has some, bladeworn, to just name 2). 2. and as explained a lot already: mirage ambush design (at least on sword and gs) already included since pov release the needed trade offs to balance the strong defensive abilities from current mc out if balanced correctly in mechanics and power lvl. As said I don't mind them splitting mc, but acting as if mirage with current mc is the most evil just shows the lack of understanding of mirage mechanics and explains pretty well why they still nerf/ buff the wrong things in the wrong way for mirage (for ex nerfing mightstacks instead the direct dmg part on gs ambush buffing mirrors indirectly with em etc) but also mesmer as a whole.
  12. first of all i am sure you know more than me about programming, codes and management so i will take everything you say as most likely true. but the points are no one forced cmc to make a promise. he did it by himself and then didnt deliver. and that after not only me but the whole mesmer community + x non mains put months of effort into a doc (i would not care about me that much, but activating the whole community, wasting their time its just a horrible feeling for me. devs dont care about wasting other ppls time while those ppl try to help to do the work in their freetime devs are payed for and not doing well or not doing at all) no one complained that the mirage dodge could not be split like that. we had tons of different ideas to balance mirage quite well around the current mc version. even more, some ideas also solved additional balance problems from mirage which are still unsolved in the upcoming patch. and some of the concepts were also easy to compensate by simple number splits in pve. so no need to worry that pve player run wild over those mechanical changes. but instead we were cut to an objectively insanely bad low effort one dodge change that didnt even solve the problems of mirage (not even the mc problem). i am not a drama queen but i cant find any excuse or justification for a lot of things happening since years with the game as a whole and with mesmer in general in terms of balance and management of competitive gamemodes and im surprised you can find them. also i really hope they have a server roll back point saved (preferable back to 2018 where, so it seems, the last dev with balance talent and knowledge and a professional unbiased mindset left the game) for the moment the game is so ruined that its not even gw2 anymore, esp when the same devs who developed eod touch the core mechanics. that will not end well i would bet. yes i am mad, very mad about a lot of things, cant deny. this game and the mesmer class was pure art (ofc also not perfect on release but still) and seeing both getting destroyed piece by piece over the years (mostly since 2018) just hurts hard. in case the game would have died to just being old i would have been the last one on the sinking ship but this is not the same ship anymore (and it will get worse). i still care for the game but im happy i finally found another game challenging in terms of skill ceiling/cap with a bigger playerbase and finally some real competition and a balance that isnt a pure joke. gw2 as one and only game doesnt cut it at all anymore and i can see the day where i dont look back. and that makes me sad.
  13. well if it is like you say then they should have communicated that way waaaay better and sooner. esp after they (here cmc esp.) let us down after doing months of work as a community to provide ideas how to balance out mirage and mc better than with deleting one dodge. and that after he promised to take a look and give feedback to the doc. Overall i dont mind that they removed the ability to dodge while being stunned/immobed, but i dont think that solves all balance problems the spec has and mc also only was a problem when looked at in a vacuum, means outside of the whole mirage mechanic it was put in. if you look at the whole mirage mechanics (at least how it should be in terms of mechanical ambush design) then you see that even the old mc could have been balanced out without removing the (by itself) broken ability to dodge while being hard cced. The sad thing is, that the changes i (and also others in the document i sent to cmc) suggested would have balanced out mc without removing the ability to dodge while being hard cced while also fixing the other problems mirage still has. Means more value for the same amount or even less work for anet than re-coding the split of mc.. But even if the mechanical redesign of ambushes and some traits (like making IH a minor trait after nerfing it to a pure utility trait with deleting the dmg from clone ambushes on all weapons as we have it on sword already) and balance the major gm traits around that) is a bit more work: that more effort would benefit the game and the spec insane by making mirage more balanced, fair and more skillbased, less braindead spammy with all weapons. And the simple key to do that is (to name only one concept of the document), to make ambushes mainly utility based, instead direct dmg being their main reward (no matter if condi or power dmg). This still needs to be done so badly, even with the new mc version!
  14. thanks for the flowers ❤️ im happy to see you too 🤗but im not rly back, playing here and there a bit also on power mirage but actually getting into valorant. they have 2 agents with a bit of mesmer feeling and high skill ceiling/ cap (what i actually care for the most when it comes to defining fun for me in a game, so gw2 is no option atm). but its weird being in the last 1% of player skill lvl atm luul. touching a shooter kind of game the first time in my life and sucki sucki hard. but its rly fun, since you also have meaningfull utilities and the game feels way more tactical than i would have expected from a shooter type of game. and it actually has players and competition. can recommend trying it out (its free on top). ah i see, they do the effort for rev (i guess bc its favored by the best players and they tend to win 🤣) in a blink of an eye after eod release compared to years of suffering on one dodge mirage. no bias to see here i guess.
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