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  1. that's valid! and i said that i expect that to happen. I just was trying to relate my experiences where hopefully the devs could see them. my main point isnt necessarily that the event itself is too hard, but that it's very difficult for disorganized groups because there's so little room for error, if that makes sense? because in my experience leading metas it's very hard to get every single person organized and doing mechanics, and that's what this seems to require. i hadn't meant for the post to come off as ungrateful or aggressive, i just wanted to share my concerns
  2. Now, let me just preface this with saying that i do expect this to get better as the community adjusts to the new content and a widely accepted strategy is developed. That being said, I just finished attempting the twisted marionette several times. it's a really fun boss fight! i like it a lot! But as a person trying to lead it in the LFG for the community, it's virtually unwinnable with a disorganized or semi-organized squad. here are the things that made it impossible: the small number of available players in one squad (50) is simply not enough to complete the boss fight un
  3. I understand that the prologue is unavailable to replay, but entire chapters worth of dialogue and conversation seam to be missing the option for replay. is this a bug? I really hope this is a bug
  4. There's a really interesting ambient dialogue between two norn locals in the fighting pit in Holebrak (technically there are 2, the other one is about S, but I'm talking about this one) and it goes like this: Now, I have no idea who Visin is, the wiki had nothing on them. But the implication of resettlement efforts to the north suggest that the Norn are taking back their ancestral homeland now that Icebrood saga is over. Thoughts?
  5. anyway,,,,,,,, i just want to say, as a story and lore nerd, Champions has be absolutely FEEDING me. like.... gosh i could go on and on about the character drama, the lore implications, the world building? EOTN is an absolutely incredible little hub of interest. we have all 5 races and the pact, along with all of the factions we're recruiting. it's so great! Logan telling you that the Pact is strained is so good because it's conformation of the pact's trajectory. the ambient dialogue and the npcs that are there are just so cool. it's so cool to see the orders and the governments and the factio
  6. ok ok ok here's my only question. Is that all for this chapter? Totally cool if it is, but it feels like something should come after the bonus event. I'm mostly just confused because the trailer made it seem that we would at least have the Crystal Bloom AND the Ebon Vanguard this chapter, and there's an achievement for buying Ebon Vanguard support boxes. I don't know if that means that content is for the next update and just slipped through the cracks, or if that's part of this update but coming later. I'm genuinely happy with the content already, it's really really good! i just am a little b
  7. I just want to take some time and say how much I appreciate the work all of the wonderful devs do! it feels like the world has been falling apart lately and I know I've been using gw2 as a lifeline and i'm willing to bet that a lot of other people are too, so here's a heartfelt thank you to all the ArenaNet staff :) you guys are amazing!
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