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  1. Hi Splat! I know I'm late to the party, so you've likely already found your new home, but I'll join in on the action regardless because I think I might have just what you are looking for! πŸ™‚ We are [Envy]; a community consisting of 3 guilds - Total [Envy], Totally [Envy] and Total Wrath Of [Envy]. The first two are both close to full, each having over 450 active members, whereas the 3rd only has a good 100. It is our WvW guild (formed for the upcoming Alliances beta). Not to worry you too much with details, what we offer is a very chill and active environment, filled with people who do
  2. Is this the new alliance beta πŸ₯΄
  3. Same thing happened to us. -Blacktide Best, Z
  4. I think you'd lose on way too much utility if you swapped the bubble for rampage honestly. I think warriors make pretty good commanders, but Id run bubble since its one of the strongest skills in the entire game for a zerg v zerg scenario, even more so when the commander is the one placing it (better coordination and map control). Its kinda like as a firebrand you could always run the invuln meditation, but it's generally not worth losing the stability (at least in my experience). Thanks for your input! Best, Z
  5. Thanks for your input Hannah! Honestly though, what I feel like is a very strong trait of Firebrands is the amount of stability we can put out. Cause a large part of leading your squad is avoiding CC and being able to always move forward / backwards, at least from my experience. And I am kind of afraid to run tag on other classes, since if I dont have a good firebrand in my party, things can go sideways pretty quickly. I was thinking spellbreaker could be a decent alternative cause of the bubble and the decent amount of stab and tankiness it has. I would probably be afraid of running
  6. I guess the biggest benefit of a chrono commander would be the use of veil and the pulls right?
  7. Hey guys, I was just curious from your experience, are there any (and if yes, what are they) good alternatives for commanding on Firebrand? I am genuinely curious to see any builds that could match (or perhaps even out-do) the firebrand in the role of a commander. What are your experiences? Does anybody have any "off-meta" builds they like to command on? I've seen some spellbreaker commanding, scourge and even elementalist so far, but Im not sure how viable they really are. Best, Z
  8. A discount on additional character slots would be great to match the spirit of the upcoming Mad King Realm event.... I'm super excited to level my alts and spend time in the event, but I sadly only have one character below 80, other slots are full.... Id definitely buy a couple of additional slots if they were discounted! πŸ™‚ Best, Z
  9. The issue I'm seeing is, "in a few months". Alliances have been first announced in 2015 if I'm not mistaken, which is 6 years ago. Since the beta we've had only included the most basic features of the alliances (it only included guild selection - it didnt include any matchmaking processes, it didnt include the forming of alliances, it had no GUI changes aside from the one menu that wasnt functional anyways...), and even so none of the features were really working (the guild you selected didnt actually lock in for some people, there were overflows of maps there shouldnt be, some objectives were
  10. But for a fee, right? The thing is, I know some of us got free server transfers, but apparently not everybody did. So a lot of my guildmates do not have this for whatever reason. And transferring 90 people, 500 gems per person.... Well, you do the math hehe πŸ˜› I will give you a scenario. No guild wants to be on the same server as every other guild, since that means infinite queues and 0 content to fight against. Im not even sure if you play WvW at this point lol... Not sure about your alliance comment - it has nothing to do with transfers unless Im missing somethin
  11. I need a discount on bag slots, bank slots or character slots. Thats all. I need this desperately to sink my paycheck somewhere. Best, Z
  12. Hey mate, thanks alot for your input! I've asked around a little, and it seems like not everybody has the server transfer. I am not sure when it was given and/or under which conditions, but it seems as if either older accounts dont have it, or newer accounts dont have it. They have assured me they've never used one yet, and they do have all (both) expansions, so I thought they should have it but allegedly they dont. Not sure tbh - I know I've had it, and I've swapped servers to the one where most of my guild lies. But it's still only about 10 of us, as opposed to 100ish. Fingers cross
  13. Hey PseudO, I really like the inovative ideas in a way, but I feel like most of them arent really in the interest of the majority. At least thats my assumption. From a player who plays WvW exclusively, I can tell you that one of the definite largest reasons for the lack of satisfaction amongst the playerbase, is the fact that PvE players are sometimes "forced" into WvW to get their gifts of battle. While originally a very cool thing, it results in people afking at spawn, or moving around solely for the purpose to reset their participation (e.g. kill a sentry every couple of mi
  14. Hey guys! Please note that this is merely a suggestion from my particular point of view, and you are more than free to disagree with it and point out any flaws it might have for you. We are all different, play for different reasons and in different communities, so there might be something I am missing from your PoV here. Anyways, a little bit of a background; I have been a member of a large PvX guild (2 guilds both with 450+ members) for a while now, and since the recruiting has basically been done only in PvE, the people are scattered all over the servers. We have a lot of people who en
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