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  1. nope restarting dont work it just get stuck on that character only solution is delete character and do it all again
  2. So basicly bring mm and let its minions kill boss for you
  3. The weps is gonna be pistol pistol rifle for all classes and engi gets a mace
  4. Ranger in wvw is limited reason spirits isnt used un zerg is spirits are fragile and rangers aoe is not great and aswell you arent helping playing a skirmisher in a zerg
  5. Before raids there was toxic dungeons. Raids failure is mainly due to most gw 2 players arent hard core or really bother that much in what gear they use they are there for open world and story and to relax. Gw 2 is a game wich does poor job of telling you where you failed in a fight hell i know alot of ppl who dont even know what theit skills do and picked them for their name or animation seemed cool. Raids has a high skill and mechanics you must fill so its not as open to play whatever so meta happend but meta was in dungeons aswell meta builds are not for new raiders as you need to understand how to use it but game dont really say much if you actually your job or not
  6. Reason public is so empty alot of time is due to aloy of ppl dont know the encounter or expect someone else to do mech (no joke you will most likely get 1-2 who will auto attack not blaming them for its hard to do mechs) boneskinner yeah its a buggy fight most ppl want to avoid for its hard same with whisper)
  7. i tried to do shoulder to sholder and its stuck at listen to the next orders from krecia after map closed suddenly and now it wont progress
  8. Jormag unlike other dragons . If you think of it caithe is acting as a mouth of aurene , commander is aurenes eyes and ears and champion. As aurene has shown to be able to see what we do. Also jormag has much more interaction but isnt exactly dominating its servants. So yes jormags corruption directly from jormag is more akin to aurenes link or blessing as choice is involved problem is its servants are zealots and was so before jormag did anything so they will spread the corruption in anyway as their belief is such. They even defied orders without repurcussions for jormags goal isnt domination but more into Relation jormag if you noticed rarely striked first its servants like drakkar can act without jormag saying for isnt it strange that jotmag is so close to the lost spirits dont directly feed on them but let drakkar do it. Not all elders are the same jormag also shown to be very reclusive like we did not see much of jormag precense and thr fact only one minion had traits of otherDragon spectrum can be that jormag had atleast some knowledge of the danger of overfeeding so no i dont think jormag is good in a way aurene is but jormags actions are less agressive than most old eds and the fact we only kniw prim and jormag has fighted and that primordius dislike the idea of life and made destroyers to mock it. Jormag also seems to be into making deals i got the feeling one of those backfired and thats why jormag got us for its strange that ryland did not hear whispers but everyone else did wich can be a hint they already made a deal before and keep appearances. So yeah my theory is jormag made a deal wich was in rylands favor wich could explain ryland not hearing whispers during fs as he already been convinced . Most other dragon minions has sentience and sense of self most of are rabid then left alone or follow the will of its dragon . Another thing could be jormag dont want to die or see cycle repeat as jormag is quite a talker . Can also be a sign that jormags weakness comes from that jormag dont eat as much magic and might be more sane. As it has shown that eds goes insane then eating to much magic
  9. Onlu place i did not have a issue with afk farmers was bitterfrost as theh made harvesting berries so much easier
  10. Jormags nature is opposed to destruction tho as it us the elder dragon of ice and persuasion how can jormag. And the fact primordius is hostile to most life . So i guess out of the ed s jormag is the least hostile
  11. Strikes and raids are abandoned already as those like dungeons(who also was picky in lfgs needing ap, specific classes.) Fractals seems to be the only end game content wich gets constant updates and is played more most ppl only do icebrood construct,fraenir and kodan strikes as boneskinner and whispers is not friendly towards the casual player. I rather see anet look where most players actually play and spend more on that more as its most logical
  12. Boneskinner and whisper is due to they are not easy bosses (wich anet should fix)
  13. Raids could be reworked to function like open world bosses . But atm raids looks like it will go the same way as dungeons
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