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  1. Ty all for feedback, sadly I cant edit/change poll to add some new option (or I didn't realize how) but it is good to see in your comments many other things that people do most often.
  2. Alrighty. Its more easier sometimes check info's from voting polls rather than to read and remember for many posts what they said. Since we mentioning some other thread I want to make clear that I don't have anything against that thread. For example, when you reading voting poll results its not always information that you seek that one option in voting poll that got the most votes but you can for example check through other options how many people reacted to it and check if there is interest for something. I was heavily involved in organization of some guild
  3. You are persistent in intention to turn this into negative discussion. I tried to respond to you in normal way on previous question. Just let it be. Maybe I'm just curious about numbers. Don't be so eager in spreading negativity. You are risking of making negative emotions in way you are writing on this thread. Some stuff can be written in better way.
  4. Feel free to write your feelings about your answer.
  5. I think it is great. I never had opportunity to see those when they are trendy, it is really good feeling when you visit those maps and they are full of people. Not only that I don't feel like I play solo game, I also can do my achievements (like for example Chalice of Tears). I cant wait for time when LS 4 will become active, I like it the most. I think it is great that they made that big achievement connected to those stories and older maps because it motivated people to return and maps again have some life.
  6. Compared to other MMO: - I think GW2 have best combat system. - Gemstore is more like quality of life thing, game is still not ruined so you could use store to avoid tedious part. - I like how raids and pvp are not only group content to play. World bosses for me are great thing in this game for example. - Mounts. - I like how exploration here is rewarding. - Some jumping puzzles are the best. - Revive system I really find nice here. It was big change for me after playing MMO in which just certain classes can revive with special skill.
  7. But we enjoy the game in the same way. This thread and some of you just making victims where there are none. All this just making that when someone will want to in the future make some change for some real problem people will be angry and not want to listen just because they constantly read complaints everywhere. This is just example why people starting to react like "oh just another snowflake".
  8. I'm left handed and I don't feel that this game marginalizes me at all. Many of us even use mouse with right hand. You can see it as brain training and ability to adapt. Situation where we should really care is for example some machines, tools... But often it is already taken care of. Like graphic tablets, they are designed that if you turn them so left handed people could use them they end up with buttons in position like it would be with right handed people. If this thread is not a joke I think you are too sensitive. We really don't suffer because of that in modern wo
  9. I started to play about year ago. All this time I was questioning myself how is that I havent started to play earlier when this game is so nice compared to some other MMOs. After learning about game and after watching some videos that sometimes mentioned history of GW2 I think that if I started earlier like in 2013 that I would not like this game so much. I really think that HoT, PoF and LS4 saved the game. This game have the best mounts that I ever saw in MMORPG, I having so much fun with it. Also I really enjoy in gliding. Could be also that people from WoW, LOTRO
  10. They also respawn after some time. I sometimes go to smash piñata then do some event on festival then smash piñata more because they respawn.
  11. 1. I want to see this game stay like this in terms of making money and not become microtransaction heaven like LOTRO and some other games. 2. I would like to see more cool world bosses like Claw of Jormag, Tequatl or event like Dragons Stand. 3. Better story.
  12. Yeah, Joko was really interesting character. And they should really cooldown with taimi a little, she is making story very childish.
  13. About icons... I also think that they look too similar and I hope they will think about our feedback and change icons to be more different.
  14. I dont play raids and fractals or pvp. Im doing dailies and landscape group events + story. I have some events that I really like so I often do them. For example Claw of Jormag. Sometimes im spending time in HoT, while sometimes on Central Tyria events, and sometimes mixing both. I like PoF as expansion but didnt find any extra event there that I would often aim to do. I must say those events like Dragons Stand, Claw of Jormag, Tequatl, that big one in Auric Basin... are right up my alley. What gives me more fun is doing achievements for something good. Like some gear or like atm Im doing skys
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